VI Coaches Board of Directors Establish Strategic Goals

VI Coaches 2012/13 Board of DirectorsIn alignment with the core purpose and vision of the International Coach Federation (ICF), your Board of Directors gathered in September 2012 to discuss the governance and strategic direction for the Chapter for the upcoming year. Your feedback from last year was instrumental in shaping our conversation – thank you for your insightful comments and candid suggestions. At the end of our busy and fun day together we came away with a robust list of goals and priorities that I believe reflect the values and interests of you, the membership of this Chapter.

The myriad of goals fell into eleven categories, and these were sorted into four overarching themes including: Value-Adding Membership, Strategic Alliance, Image and Awareness, and High Performance Chapter. Hopefully you’ve noticed that we continue to build on our past successes and that these strategic goals are well underway!

A Value-Adding Membership is about you, about providing the events, services, and array of learning and growth opportunities that make it worth your while to join this Chapter and participate in Chapter activities, including Board and Committee work. It’s about listening to you and encouraging you to share your creative, innovative and thought provoking ideas and talents as we build our coaching community together. It’s also about communicating to you in a timely and meaningful way.

Establishing Strategic Alliances is about reaching out to other Chapters and to organizations in the community, as well as creating collegial and collaborative partnerships. It also includes the creation of partner sponsors, in the business

and academic sectors. Creating and maintaining these alliances provide us with the unique opportunity of scanning our environment for opportunities to further strengthen the Chapter.

Enhancing the Image and Awareness of both coaching and this Chapter includes active participation in community-based events and philanthropic activities, such as pro bono coaching opportunities. It’s about the Chapter and its membership standing in service and being viewed as the resource of choice for professional business and personal coaching.

A High Performance Chapter and specifically a high performing Board strives for a level of excellence that meets and exceeds the expectations of members and the community. This includes clearly identified authorities, roles and responsibilities, as well as open and transparent operations.

As a Board, we share a unified purpose to stand in service of our membership. Our key priorities are to engage members, explore new ideas, expand conversations, and contribute to our community. This Chapter belongs to you and its ongoing success depends on your feedback and active participation.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our events and activities!