The Hidden Benefits of Your ICF Global Membership

Support and Connection

Communities of Practice are, in my opinion, a well-kept secret of the ICF Global website, and a benefit of membership that I’d love to know how many local members take advantage of.

The term “Communities of Practice”, meaning “groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly”, comes from the work of Etienne Wenger, a consultant and researcher who studies and consults with organizations and professionals as learners.  Wenger actually started out researching apprentices, to understand how they become more expert.

As professional coaches we are expected to be lifelong learners, to be upgrading our qualifications and deepening our knowledge of what promotes learning, growth, and change in our clients. There are many things, though, that are unique to the context of our individual and organizational clients that we need to be able to work with in informed and ethical ways.

In this brief article, I’d love to pique your interest, and invite you to check out the Communities of Practice currently available to you, including webinars taught by subject matter experts, and providing CCEU’s, all at no additional cost to your ICF Global membership.

Currently there are ten unique Communities of Practice for you to explore and join:

  • Team and Work Coaching CoP
  •  Life Vision and Enhancement Coaching CoP
  • Internal Coaching CoP
  • Health and Wellness CoP
  • Government Coaching CoP
  •  Executive and Leadership CoP
  •  Ethics CoP
  •  Coaching Science CoP
  •  Coaching and Human Capital CoP
  •  Career Coaching CoP

Please check these out and sign up for one of their webinars. To truly take advantage of your membership, explore the website and find out what other hidden benefits await. I’d love to hear your feedback and am happy to pass on our member experience to the relevant stakeholders at ICF.

Click here to access the ICF CoP webpage.

Further reading on Etienne Wenger’s concept of Communities of Practice.

~ Janet Sheppard, Director Community Relations (Mid)