President’s Message and Invitation for ALL previous Board Members

“Long, Long Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….” Nope, that one was science fiction.

“Once Upon a Time…” No, no – that was a fairytale.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…”  Caught you humming?

Well we can’t all sing like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, but she did have a point. So where did the Vancouver Island Chapter of ICF start? How has our story unfolded? The Board recently held a second retreat to plan for the remainder of the year and beyond. We got curious about the chapter history.

A Vibrant Future

To make plans for the future, it is helpful to know where we came from. As part of ensuring we continue to have a strong, vibrant chapter, we are looking at succession management.  Here are some of the pieces we are working on:

  1. Recruitment Strategy 2018 – Nomination Committee      
  2. Revised Board Role Descriptions
  3. Revised Chapter By-Laws
  4. Updated Onboarding Handbook and Materials

We realized that nowhere in our existing documentation is there a history of the Vancouver Island Chapter.  Rather than dig through boxes of old musty files, sleuthing out information that may (or may not) be captured, and trying to fit it together like an old puzzle without the lid to guide us…. We thought it would be far more fun, and effective, to ask our previous board members!

Breakfast with the Board

If you have EVER served on the Vancouver Island Chapter Board, we want to hear your stories, insights, and perspective on the amazing development of our local ICF chapter.  We would like to arrange your registration to join us:

Event: Breakfast with the Board

Date: Saturday, September 9th

Time: 10 am – 12 noon

Location: 1803 Douglas Street – Suite 500*, Victoria

To get your TICKET to BREAKFAST please RSVP to

*We would like to thank BDO Consulting for their generous sponsorship of providing a beautiful, creative space for us to explore our history, gather stories, and nurture our connection.

Don’t Miss Out!

Check out the remainder of this newsletter for more nuggets such as an upcoming Virtual Learning Opportunity (webinar) on Relationship Systems Coaching, reflections on the recent Magic of a workshop on Salt Spring Island, details about our new Community Outreach initiative, more insight into our member perspective on a potential Coaching Conference and a save-the-date for our Annual General Meeting.

Isn’t it delicious?  



Message from the President – the half way point

And just like that, half the year has flown by!  From ethics to conversational intelligence, from polarity to inner critics, from strategic planning to hosting great conversations about the future of coaching… it’s been REAL.  By that, I mean it has been a time of building great RELATIONSHIPS, exploring and supporting a wide range of EVENTS and ACTIVITIES and of LEARNING about both coaching and leadership.

RELATIONSHIPS are the Foundation

I have had the opportunity to welcome new board members at the start of the year, to connect personally with many of our members at events in both Nanaimo and Victoria, to meet global leaders (ICF presidents) from around the world, and to build potential partnerships with other chapters.

One of the many things I love about the coaching community is the generosity of spirit.  When we reach out to one another, someone always steps in or up; for example to lead a coaching demo or offer laser coaching during International Coaching Week. Our members have offered workshops, training, and even door prizes for our events (gift certificates for coaching services, or handmade coaching cards). And a big thanks to the board members who have been supporting one another to ensure we deliver the quality services and experiences that we so mindfully committed to at the start of this year-long journey.


As we strive toward the goal of advancing the coaching profession on Vancouver Island, we know that events and activities are a cornerstone of our development.  Having opportunities to network with one another, to share ideas, best practices, case studies, and resources – this is critical in a profession that depends on a code of ethics that maintains confidentiality.  We work alone, yet we belong to this incredible gracious community.

As members (and don’t forget, your board members are also ICF members) it is easy to get lost in our daily tasks or to keep our eye firmly fixed on the next set of deliverables.  We can quickly beat ourselves up for missing a workshop, not networking often enough, not taking advantage of everything that ICF offers, not, not, not.  Today, I propose that we take a moment to breathe and reflect on what has occurred, what has worked well for us, what we wish to celebrate or acknowledge:

Service Topic Mechanism Location Timing
Chapter Activity Strategic Planning Face to Face Victoria Jan 2017
Chapter Event Ethics Part 1* Webinar Virtual Jan 2017
Chapter Event Ethics Part 2* Webinar Virtual Feb 2017
Chapter Event Networking Social Face to Face Victoria Feb 2017
Chapter Event Ethics Part 3* Webinar Virtual Mar 2017
Chapter Activity Call for Proposals Email/newsletter Online Mar 2017
Communication Chapter Newsletter E-blast Online Mar 2017
Chapter Event Prep for your PCC* Webinar Virtual Apr 2017
Communication President’s Special Message E-blast Online Apr 2017
Chapter Activity Membership Renewals Mixed Mixed Apr 2017
Chapter Event Postcards from Poland Face to Face Nanaimo May 2017
Chapter Event Postcards from Poland Face to Face Victoria May 2017
Chapter Event Postcards from Poland Webinar Virtual May 2017
Chapter Event Member Benefits* Webinar Virtual May 2017
Chapter Event Lunch and Learn Face to Face Duncan May 2017
Chapter Event Coaching demo & laser coaching Face to Face Nanaimo May 2017
Chapter Event Conversational Intelligence* Webinar Virtual May 2017
Communication Chapter Newsletter E-blast Online May 2017
Chapter Event Polarity Thinking* Face to Face Victoria Jun 2017
Regional Event Quieting the Inner Critic* Webinar Virtual Jul 2017
Communication Member Survey (re: Regional Conference) Email Online Jul 2017
Communication Chapter Newsletter E-blast Online Jul 2017

*CCEU’s offered

Between January and July 2017 

Events and Activities

~ 15 events

~ 8 webinars (virtual – anyone can attend from anywhere)

~ 6 face to face (3 in Victoria, 2 in Nanaimo, 1 in Duncan)

~ 3 activities (1 for the board, 2 for membership)

Communication and Engagement

* 3 chapter newsletters

*  1 President’s Special Message

*  1 member survey

*  Numerous targeted communication re: specific events

NOTE: Don’t forget the behind-the-scenes work to ensure financial tracking and reporting, governance and records management, and succession planning for 2018.

 LEARNING … I just can’t get enough

I took on this role as a way to get more involved in this amazing professional community. I wanted to connect more often, be challenged in my thinking, and expand my understanding.  I honestly do not believe I had any idea of the depth and breadth of professional development opportunities that ICF makes available to us!

Now having the privilege of sitting in the President’s role, I want to support as many of the events and activities as possible, having a personal presence that models the learning organization that I believe us to be.  While it has not always been easy to carve out the time, as I reflect on the various sessions that I have attended, I am blown away by the growing I have been invited to do.

What is really weird is that I keep showing up at the sessions, and it seems as if each time, there is something going on in my professional or personal life that really needs that specific learning at that moment.  A shout out to Diane Lloyd for the conversational intelligence workshop (the 3 levels of conversations continues to resonate), and to Laurie Hillis for the polarity thinking workshop (my infinity loop could benefit from this new “and” perspective).

And if this wasn’t enough learning, my role as President offers a whole new treasure box as I delve into leading a volunteer board, strategic planning, connecting to the global organization, linking to regional activities and navigating all kinds of new technical tools.


What About YOU?

And there is more to come!  Roll up your sleeves, or slip into your metaphorical swimsuit and jump right in.  The coaching water is truly fine.

Join us for a workshop on Salt Spring Island in August (check out the article in this month’s newsletter), a new community outreach initiative in the fall (stay tuned), more webinars, at least one more networking event and of course our December AGM.















President’s Message for May and June

Happy June!


I am excited that we are choosing to focus this newsletter on the many International Coaching Week events this year that brought our membership together and also served to reach out to our business community.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity – proudly supported not only by your Board, but also several committee members.

Striving to create a mix of awareness for members and the community, and ensuring a balance of face-to-face and virtual options, the ripple effect was felt from Comox, through Nanaimo, in Duncan and down through to Victoria.  From a lunch and learn to a Chamber of Commerce, to a coaching demo and laser coaching sessions for a business – a big thank you to our members who stepped up to offer the experience of being coached.  Your efforts have expanded someone’s understanding of the power of professional coaching.

In case you missed the opportunity to participate, I hope the short articles in this newsletter about the many ICW activities will give you a reason to celebrate this amazing profession and organization you have joined.

As with all experiences, there was learning for everyone, including for us, your Board.  We appreciate the feedback around not only the effectiveness of the events, but also around the trickiness of our communication about ICW week.  We are trying to balance our desire to reach out, with some compassion for email overload, and in that endeavor, some of you may not feel as if you had enough information about what we planned for the week.  We are reviewing our approach and will launch our week differently next year.  Please share your ideas with Carol at  on how to best loop you in!

And finally, what a dynamic organization!  I am thrilled to see members stepping up to share their expertise, helping is to grow in our understanding and skills.  The exchange of knowledge is gracious and generous. So far this year we have experienced Ethics (in three parts) with Lily Seto, Mary Prefontaine and Michael J. Marx, Preparing for your PCC with Tracey Burns, and Conversational Intelligence with Diane Lloyd.  That’s one per month, not even counting the ICW events!

Thanks for breathing life into our chapter,

Tracy Houser


Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Special President’s Message

It was such a great privilege to represent you, our Vancouver Island Chapter, at the ICF Global Leaders Forum in Warsaw, Poland, in late March.  It was a delight to share the work being done here on the island, to acknowledge our fabulous Leadership Team and you, our committed and passionate members.  I am so proud of the wide range of events, the gracious sharing and deep sense of community (including our outreach projects) that helps us advance the profession of coaching on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands!

The Poland experience was such an extraordinary opportunity on so many levels.  I couldn’t wait to share my hope and inspiration regarding you, my fellow coaches, as well as how I benefited in many unexpected ways.

Global Perspective

As I listened to coaching leaders from over 70 countries, I was reminded that our membership brings us connection to a huge and powerful coaching presence and energy in the world unlike any other—one that is completely based in helping humanity flourish all over the globe.

My eyes and ears were opened broadly; my sense of perspective about the fantastic coaching that is going on worldwide was greatly expanded.  I left Poland in awe of both global coaches and the Polish people.  There were astonishing projects tackled by both large and small ICF Chapters: projects with non-profits or in communities that extended way beyond individual coaching offerings.  Prism awards were given to many chapters; it was staggering to hear what these collective groups of coaches were able to accomplish in just one year.  (Go to to read about these fantastic accomplishments)

Western Regional Advisory Committee

The Western Regional Advisory Council (WRAC) did great work and produced many new coaching connections.  Our 17 Western regional chapter leaders met Sunday afternoon where we dug into strategic priorities and how to tackle them on a regional level over the coming months in a way that will enhance the work of each chapter. Several of the ICF Global Board members dropped into our meeting, giving us the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback.

Check it Out for Yourself

I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Janet (UK), and Greg (Edmonton), Jude (Texas), John (Kelowna), Jennifer (Portland), Suzan (Tasmania, Australia), Diana (Romania), Denis (Ottawa), Barbara (Ohio), and the list goes on to include amazing coaches from Kenya, France, Hungary, Singapore, Spain, Poland and so many more.

Please join me during International Coaching Week for Postcards from Poland’ either in person in Nanaimo May 15th Postcards from Poland or Victoria May 18th Postcards from Poland or online May 24th Postcards from Poland.  I am planning to share some of the specific coaching projects, initiatives, learning and next steps from around the world. I was inspired by Quebec’s one-day coaching conference, humbled by the communication challenges in China, and intrigued by the work being done in Mumbai and Kenya.  I interviewed four global board members and captured their video messages to Vancouver Island chapter – fervently wishing you a sense of the excitement and hope for the future!

Our Wish For You

Your ICF Vancouver Island Leadership Team (Board) has launched the 2017 work of the chapter with our theme of ‘Infinite Possibilities’. Check out our 2017 Strategic Vision & Actions.  We have been busy offering learning opportunities (Ethics in 3 parts, Preparing for your PCC, Conversational Intelligence), writing up communications (2 newsletters, social media and event notifications), building community (February social event), administering renewals, welcoming new folks to meetings, offering support and guidance, and driving special event planning such as International Coaching Week – whew and it’s only April?

We will keep doing all those things and with the new connections through this Global Leadership Forum, we will tap into our peers in other chapters in our region as well as global best practices. To really take part in the smorgasbord, however, we need to do a better job of engaging you in something you are excited about. That’s my takeaway from GLF2017. Let’s see what we want on our plate that brings more of you to the table, hungry to engage. 



President’s Message – Infinite Possibilities

This week finds our President, Tracy Houser, winging her way to the ICF Global Conference in Warsaw, Poland.  She takes with her our questions and contributions and of course, best wishes for safe travel.  The president from each chapter was asked to share their chapter’s strategic vision and plan.  Here is the graphic for ours:

Each level of the pyramid has intentions, goals and activities that the Leadership Team has taken on to support the membership.  For example, under Coaching Excellence, we identified:

  • Events to support Professional Development and Networking Opportunities – Creating opportunities for our members through strategic alliances with other associations – International Coach Week as the outcomes that we see as key to supporting Coaching Excellence.

2017 VICA Strategic Vision – Actions

The theme of Infinite Possibilities resonates throughout the Strategic Vision for 2017 and each communication we have with our membership reflects our commitment to that for every coach on Vancouver Island.

We will continue to tell you about ways to be involved, opportunities to learn and coach and reminders about how valuable it is to be in the company of other coaches.

Happy Spring!

President’s Message

Welcome to 2017 and all the possibilities the New Year offers us!  I am thrilled to be standing side by side with an extraordinary group of people who are committed to the Vancouver Island Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Strategic Visioning Session

Eager to leverage the momentum of the previous board’s work this new leadership team came together on January 14th to launch into a year of amazing and infinite possibilities of advancing the coaching profession.

Our Vice President, Maeve O’Byrne opened the day by thanking the traditional peoples on whose land we gathered for our strategic session.  Our focus moved to getting orientated to the global ICF perspective (vision and strategy), thanks to Past President, Tracey Burns.  The day moved quickly as we explored roles and responsibilities, a high level overview of our mandate, good governance, and a review of the VI-ICF 5 year strategic plan.


Because the team wanted to ensure solid grounding to guide us as we created a vision and plan for 2017.  As coaches, it was our curiosity that led the way: How can we best serve our membership? What previous successes can we build on? What learning moments will help us take coaching to the next level? How can we listen more deeply, involve the membership more meaningfully, hold the space for more creativity, and share our gifts effectively while remaining healthy and whole?


We wanted to ensure our hearts were engaged in the work; that this team of relative strangers could form a shared vision and learn enough about one another’s gifts and strengths to then bring that vision alive.  And so we bounced ideas and created a nine-panel vision board (see photo).

While there are many pieces of technology available to support us, it was the old-fashioned calendars on the wall, colour-coded sticky notes and conversation that spurred us to action. We drafted a high-level plan that includes learning, connection, exploration, communication and engagement.


Webinar and face-to-face Learning Sessions, face-to-face social events, regular newsletters, coach activism projects and International Coaching Week are but a few of the highlights.  Next step is to refine our plan with details so we can share it early – you’ll want to mark your calendars with all of the awesome coaching related goodies we are lining up for you.

So What?

So stay tuned for a high-level calendar for 2017 (due to you in early March).  In the meantime, this team knows there is much work to be done. So how do we get there from here? Each person was invited to choose one of the nine vision panels to take away and build the vision for their specific role on the flip side – always remaining connected to the bigger picture.

And the day wrapped up with each of us offering a single word:










Falling in Love….

I am honoured to be part of this amazing leadership team. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the coaching journey with us this year.


Tracy Houser



President’s Message, November 2016

Hello Everyone,

I know we often remark, “my how time flies”, but I can tell you, no truer words were spoken at the writing of this my last President’s Message. Truly… the year has been remarkable and has absolutely flown by. We have accomplished so much and yet I still see things to be completed and things to change. I’ve been hungry to meet every need, every suggestion and to harness your great ideas. I’m grateful for the conversations I’ve engaged in about the future of our profession and for the stretch of my leadership as I juggled all the balls that go along with being President.

At the beginning of the year I set the intention of being an ICF Brand Ambassador everywhere, all the time. My theory was that if I educated everywhere I went, I was laying a seed of understanding for our membership to step into as you looked for ways to connect with our community.  At every opportunity, client meetings, public speaking events, visiting other associations, I looked for ways to educate the public on the difference ICF credentialed coaches make in the world.  It is my sincere hope that you are feeling the positive impact of that. In addition, driven by my passion for coaches thriving, I’ve constantly looked for ways to refine our Membership’s resources, events and happenings to continue to promote education and create connection amongst our vast and diverse membership base. That work will continue as I move into the role of Past President.


ICF has been doing a great job on its own spreading the word and educating the public.  Another result is the steady increase in the number of coaches seeking credentialing.   You may have read that on September 28, 2016, the ICF reached an incredible milestone. More than 20,000 professional coaches worldwide now hold an ICF Credential.

Here is an excerpt from ICF Global on the matter:

“Increasingly, individual and organizational consumers of coaching are demanding practitioners who hold professional credentials. Among coach practitioners who responded to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, 77 percent agreed that people and organizations who receive or use coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed. Consumers agree: Among 2014 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study respondents who’d participated in a coaching relationship, 83 percent agreed that it was important for coaches to hold a credential. Among consumers who had partnered with a credentialed coach, 93 percent expressed satisfaction with the coaching experience.”

It can be frustrating at times distinguishing yourself in the marketplace, it’s nice to have some facts and stats to support the notion that things are indeed changing in our industry.


Speaking of change… It is now time to turn over the reigns to our incoming board and to allow their fresh eyes and vibrant energy to fill the space left by our amazing, completing board members. We welcome them with a spirit of gratitude.  As the outgoing board, we know the commitment that it takes to stay the course and fill our roles and we’ll be by their sides as they transition in.


As John F. Kennedy stated, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” I’ve certainly learned a lot about my leadership from this team of brilliant powerhearts and am grateful for them and the profound opportunity this year afforded me.

A heart felt thank you to each of our board members for the unique and amazing ways in which they contributed. The synergy was palpable and our meetings were full of laughter and accomplishment.

Tracey Burns, President VI ICF Chapter

President’s Message, June 2016

Hello Everyone,

I was sifting through my file capturing the high points of everything we have undertaken since my last letter. I was in awe of how much time has passed already and all that we have accomplished so far. Serving on this board is truly an honour and I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent you. It is also inspiring to work with such a powerhouse team of board members who are so full of ideas, passion and commitment.

Speaking of a powerhouse team… you may have noticed an increase in posts, tweets and emails from ICF Global, I know I sure have and it’s wonderful to have well researched, relevant material to retweet, repost and to gain ideas and insight from. I’ve personally passed on a lot of this information to my clients who have appreciated the quality of the information and the opportunity to better understand the complexity of the work we do.

And… we’ve stepped up our game too and hope that you’ve noticed an increase in our communication that we’ve been intentional about creating across many social media platforms.


In addition, because our Chapter is located in a province that achieved more than 100 survey responses, in July we will have exclusive access to the Pricewaterhousecoopers’ online data reporting platform that will allow us immediate access to the research study. I’ve had a sneak peek already and there are some really interesting findings with regard to coaching trends and facts to support us to understand our marketplace better. Once we’ve had a chance to digest the study we will create an opportunity to present the information to you via a meet and greet and for those of our members geographically challenged, via webinar. The findings will be great conversation stimulants!


This week was certainly a lot of fun, the kickoff we held at the VEC – Think Space was well attended. Special thank you to Ian Chisholm of Roy Group our keynote speaker who created the perfect container for a lively discussion on coaching. Noun or Verb? What do you think? The conversation was stimulating, expansive and deliciously uncomfortable, the kind of space from which breakthroughs are born!

In addition, a special thank you to our local Chapter Members, Lily Seto (Past President) for her webinar on Ethics and also her participation with Scott Richardson and ICF Romania’s Vice President, Daiana Stoicescu for their presentation on Mentoring vs. Coaching Supervision. Both webinars were outstanding, full of information, connection and what seems to be an emerging theme, lively conversation.

Thank you to all that attended, we’d still love to hear how you celebrated International Coaching Week so please continue to send in your stories and/or post on Facebook.


This project is now well underway, the orientation complete and the training begun for the volunteer coaches.  As I participated in the orientation webinar and saw all the faces pop up from all over the world my heart expanded and I was filled with gratitude. When I realized the extent of the ICF Chapters from all around the globe that have come together to support this project I got really present to the potential that exists for our planet through our coaches. We truly can be a model for what is possible when we collaborate as one. If you haven’t had a chance to check the project out please do so, there are still ways you can participate.


“had me a blast….” (Name the musical!) I know, I know, it’s an easy one. Summer is the perfect time to love you up and pay particular attention to self-care. When I say self-care I mean from every aspect of the word. Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual – the whole you. That unique, magical space that we create with our clients takes a special kind of coach-care. I’ve been paying particular attention to my own coach-care recently ensuring that I’m doing my own work.

I was listening to a podcast the other day that debunked the fact that we can have work/life balance and instead introduced the notion of “integration” which also happens to be one of my favourite words. My takeaway was that by embracing the notion of integration we create consistency and constancy in our lives.

For example, in Summer consider how you might integrate the great outdoors into your coach-care regime. What would be possible for you and your clients if you were to shift your coaching environment to one of our beautiful beaches, or out on one of our incredible provincial trails?

When I connect with nature my heart fills with gratitude and my creativity flourishes. Recently content has poured onto paper and I’ve been writing and creating beautiful projects from the ahas and ideas that are flooding my brain.

I’ve also given myself permission to play like the three year old that I once was, taking time to roll in long grass with my dog, gaze at the stars by night and the clear blue sky by day.

What are your coach-care plans this Summer? 

Tracey Burns, President VI ICF Chapter

President’s Message March 2016

Hello Everyone,

Since our Annual General Meeting in January our newly elected board have been diligently embracing their new roles. We held our Strategic Planning Meeting on March 11th, and as seems to be the way with coaches, we quickly discovered the powerful synchronicity of our personalities and skills sets. This year our team embodies, heart, genius, joy, power, playfulness, collaboration and drive! A huge shout out to Delaney Tosh of Surge Strategies who generously volunteered her time to facilitate our strategy session. She was artful in guiding our conversation, creating an amazing space for our creativity and enthusiasm while keeping us on track.

Our commitment this year is to capitalize on the strong foundation previous years’ boards have worked so hard to set and to further the strategic goals of the Chapter in each of the areas identified in the diagram.

Having just arrived home from attending the ICF Global Leaders Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was excited to communicate ICF’s vision for coaches worldwide and ensure that our own strategies were in alignment with the great work ICF is currently doing to maintain a solid direction, presence and professional voice for coaches.

It was truly inspiring to listen to the amazing projects that Chapters around the world have undertaken and even more inspiring to hear how ICF Coaches are having a huge impact in communities everywhere.


Here is a sneak peek at some of our goals for 2016/2017:

2016 Strategic Goals

Strong Community Presence

  • A “Coaching In Community Project”. A project that has us collaborating with other Chapters, offering pro bono coaching to those who work directly with refugees. This could include members of the United Nations, Doctors Without Borders and/or resettlement workers assisting the refugees to settle into our communities.

What this means to you… An opportunity to participate, coach, practice your skills, network, collaborate with other coaches and professionals while making a difference.

Multi-Channel and Strategic Communications

  • Improving upon our communications to you our members and to continue to be the voice and standard for coaching excellence in the public eye.

What this means to you… You will be better informed of upcoming events and opportunities to participate within our coaching community. The Chapter voice will be heard across multiple channels, mixed media and throughout the region via other professional associations.

Coaching Excellence

  • Everywhere, all the time our Board will seek out opportunities for our Members to represent:
    • Clarity – ICF Coaches worldwide set the standard for excellence
    • Consistency – ICF Coaches worldwide reliably embody excellence
    • Constancy – ICF Coaches worldwide are faithful, dependable and enduring

What this means to you… By providing high quality, relevant education for our coaches and creating events that connect our members with our consumers and collaborative professional organizations we strategically position our Coaches in the marketplace.

Strong Governance

  • Ensuring that the policies, procedures and the actions of our board continue to serve you, our members, with an eye on strength, expansion and continuity.
  • Document Management strategies, policies and procedures continue to be updated and created
  • We stay abreast of changes to our profession
  • Updating and amending our By-Laws in accordance with changes to the Society Act

What this means to you… Confidence knowing that you belong to a strong Chapter whose board members are committed and accountable.

Vibrant and Engaged Membership

  • Affordable events that are relevant, provide CCE’s and are accessible to all of our members. (EG: Parksville, Saltspring Island, Nanaimo)
  • Programs, webinars and speakers that contribute to your business development and every aspect of your well being whether you are an Executive Coach and/or Life Coach.
  • Networking opportunities to share best practices and create connection.

What this means to you… Happy, thriving coaches create happy, thriving clients!

My personal commitment this year is to see more coaches thriving in their practices and/or roles as coaches. I also see the opportunity to collaborate and integrate with other professional associations while giving back to our communities. It is going to be another fantastic year and I’m honoured to be leading the way as President.

Tracey Burns, PCC

Coaches – how will you choose to engage this year?

Dear colleagues;

How do you derive benefits from your ICF membership? What value does it offer you? How will you choose to engage this year???

I’ve been thinking a lot about my membership with ICF and what value I derive from it. I have learned that the more I get involved, the more value my membership has for me.

Here are just some of the ways I have chosen to engage as a means to derive value from my ICF membership:

I have the benefit of participating with ICF global peer coaching .

This year I have been coached by another ICF coach from Britain, and I have coached someone in Ireland. As a direct result I am heading to Ireland next week to meet up with five different coaches…the butterfly effect in action!

  • I have benefited by demonstrating and enhancing my leadership competencies.

Being involved at the Leadership Team offers me a keen perspective of how important it is to me to be connected in a larger way. Little did I know that when I set my goal two years ago to become more active in ICF, that it meant taking on a leadership role.

  • I have the benefit of using ICF Global and other Chapter resources in order to become a masterful coach.

I am able to remain current with emerging trends such as neuroscience in coaching, diversity in coaching, and coaching supervision.

  • I have the benefit of direct access to members and leadership teams across the world.

I have been able to find answers to questions from our Leadership Team and Chapter Members. The leadership team also has great and direct access to support through our Regional Manager at ICF Global.

  • I have the benefit of registering with the ICF Mentor Coach Registry.

This year I did register in the Mentor Coach registry.

  • I am able to attend other chapters events for CCEUs via webinar, or in person if I am in the area…this affords me a larger variety of choices.

I have taken advantage of this on numerous occasions. We also have others from around the world who are able to access our events for revenue generation and diversity of offerings.

  • I have the benefit of participating in ICF global panels and initiatives thereby broadening my reach and reputation.

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the job analysis panel and the Global Leaders forum and have added to my contacts around the world.

  • AND that reminds me……..I still need to register for our local Chapter coach registry!!

As our Chapter engages with the Business Community and reaches out externally through social media and our Chapter website, I will increase my reach and ability to solicit the right clients for me.

I am also appreciating how ICF Global is branding itself and stepping up and aspiring to be the coach association of choice across the world. I can only imagine how challenging this goal is, being one voice for such a diverse population! I have noticed how coaching and coach development is different in the various parts of the world.

Locally, our incredibly engaged and active leadership team is shifting the kinds of events we offer, the times we offer them, and the locations we offer them in. We heard that our members want opportunities to network with each other, with local businesses and with events on the Gulf Islands and up island. So we hear you and we will be offering an event on Salt Spring Island, and at least two events up island this year.

We are also building in time before or after our sessions to allow some time for coaches to informally network with each other.  Shyrl Kennedy, our Community Relations Director and her team, is also hard at work identifying business associations that we can partner with or present at, to heighten the awareness of coaching into our local businesses.


Here are some events that you might want to consider:


An event with the business community in Nanaimo – stay tuned for more information

A repeat of our successful Coaches Salon on June 6 in Nanaimo for up island coaches…although all Chapter members are welcome!! This event is free for members.

Coaching Supervision Forum – July 4/5 – participants and speakers from London, US, Singapore, and Canada. For more information and to register: Forum on Coaching

Business Development series using a group coaching approach coming this fall

An event on Salt Spring Island September 26 – combine this event with a visit to the Salt Spring Island Saturday morning market.

These are just a few of the exciting and ambitious initiatives that our Leadership team is planning. There are also “behind the scenes” work happening around Chapter handbooks, job descriptions, and all those exciting governance pieces…so if you find these interesting, we want to engage you!

If you are interested in volunteering or hearing more, please attend the June 6 event in Nanaimo (some of us are also planning to stay over at a spa if anyone is interested) or drop us a line. We would love to chat with you about what is happening and how you can become more involved!

And more importantly, we are seeking a Director of Events. If anyone is interested in stepping this position to the end of the year, please let myself or Annette Siewertsen know. We would be happy to let you know what the duties involve.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events…


Lily Seto, President, ICF Vancouver Island Chapter