President’s Message: Using Our Coaching Hearts to Support Change with Courage


#I Can’t Breathe

I have found it challenging to compose a message during such a tumultuous time.

We continue to experience the effects of COVID-19; the public loss of black lives Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Breonna Taylor; the history and legacy of systemic racism towards Indigenous Peoples in Canada; as well as the continued perpetuation of systemic inequality.

Our world will be forever changed by the events of this year. The challenge is how to show up in a world that has become more complex than ever.

In March 2019, I attended a Dare to Lead training with Brené Brown. During this training a conversation erupted around diversity and inclusion. Multiple people stood up in the room to express their pain from being excluded. At the time I was not sure what had started it, but it was definitely overwhelming. I understood, #I Can’t Breathe, as I sat and listened to everyone’s pain. After the event I connected with the person who had started the conversation. I remember thinking how brave she was to stand up and communicate her pain in such a public way. It also highlighted the fact that you can never understand someone’s experience unless you are willing to have a conversation with them.

I am making a conscious decision to notice our differences and challenging myself to be more curious about the struggles of others. I am questioning my unconscious biases and blind spots. I am open to having uncomfortable conversations with both my clients and those around me to change the inequality in our community and our world.

We are seeing fears about the future and altered mindsets from isolation. I am asking myself how do I support clients at this time? How do I prepare them for September as we go into what is predicted to be the second wave of COVID-19? How do I assist leaders to find the courage to lead with more heart and to find empathy for their teams? The only antidote to fear is love. To get through these challenges we need braver leaders with the courage to not have all the answers.

I invite you to join me on my journey of exploration and to start a conversation in our community. Chapter members can use the Chapter’s private LinkedIn group to post and comment on what you are experiencing and how we can use our coaching hearts to support the change that is happening in the world.

Here is a link to a test created by Harvard University. This will assess your own unconscious bias.

Know you dare well enough to sit in the dark with other – Pema Chödrön


Cheryl Joslin
Vancouver Island Coaches Association

ICW Communication Kit for ICF Members to Promote Your Own Pro Bono Coaching During ICW

What this is:

Communications kit for ICF members to promote your support of International Coaching Week from May 4-10, 2020 through pro bono coaching. This is an amazing time to profile your unique offering during times of complexity, uncertainty and change. You can demonstrate the significant impact of what you offer in your community through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Materials included:

  1. Promotional messaging
  2. A link to the local chapter website for more information
  3. Photos for your social media posts.

1. Promotional social media messaging for coaches:

Here are sample messages that you can use to promote your pro bono coaching offering. We’re thrilled for your participation in support of ICW and community in this way!


Experience #probonocoaching with me during #InternationalCoachingWeek! DM me to book a time May 4-10, 2020! 

Facebook and LinkedIn:

Want to experience coaching at no charge? Need support during change? During #InternationalCoachingWeek May 4-10, 2020, I will be offering #probonocoaching so you can understand and benefit from the impact of professional coaching. To coordinate a time, DM or email me at (COACH CONTACT DETAILS) to secure your spot!

Blog or Permission-based Email Regarding ICF-VI Event:


Needing support during complex times? Want to experience coaching at no charge on Vancouver Island?

Now is your chance and we have seats open for you! During #InternationalCoachingWeek May 4-10, 2020, you can benefit from #probonocoaching so you can understand the powerful impact of professional coaching on a topic of your choosing.

#ExperienceCoaching pro bono event May 5, 2020 in Victoria, BC from 12 noon to 3pm is a virtual event requiring pre-registration during which you will connect with a professional ICF accredited coach for a session over the phone or video – whichever you prefer! Availability is on a first come, first serve basis, so register soon! This will be your opportunity to get clear on a goal, move from inaction on a situation into action, bring focused clarity to a decision, or perhaps identify your blind-spots on an issue or opportunity. To register: 

When you register, you will receive a brief set of questions to help you prepare for your #ExperienceCoaching session.

Find out for yourself why people who receive coaching report improved productivity, confidence, focus and so much more in their work and lives, especially in these times of increasing complexity. #ExperienceCoaching!

Questions? Write Eva Van Krugel, Community Relations, South Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island Chapter, International Coach Federation.

2. Promotional Links (Website, Events page, Registration Page

ICW 2020 on Website Blog:

Registration page for Coachees to Sign Up to ICF-VI’s ICW #Experience Coaching virtual event:

ICW 2020 Event Link:

3. Photos for social media posts:

Here is a collection of ICW 2020-branded images you can choose from and use in your social media posts.





Meet the 2020 ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors Team


The Chapter is kicking off 2020 with an incredible team of volunteers!

Meet your 2020 Board of Directors who are excited to make this a year of dynamic expansion.


Cheryl Joslin

Vision for the Chapter: That the chapter continue to encourage inclusion of all members at all levels and provide engaging opportunities for members to connect.



Kieran Harrop, ACC
Vice President

Vision for the Chapter:  That our Chapter support, connect, and inspire both coaches and coachees in our community. That we increase the visibility and impact of the ICF Vancouver Island, bringing together coaches, coachees and organizations to flourish and become future-fit in dynamic co-creation within our social, political and ecological systems.


Fern Schultz, PCC

Vision for the Chapter:  A vibrant community of professional coaches supporting each other and contributing to the larger communities, which we serve.



Adele Fraser, ACC

Vision for the Chapter: Offering a valuable contribution to the profession of coaching and provide connection and growth opportunities for members.



Tamara Wichniewicz, ACC
Director of Membership

Vision for the Chapter: That the Chapter dynamically expand, that we efficiently and playfully collaborate, and that our Chapter and its members be seen and valued in the community.



Alison Dunatov
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter:



Olga Netchaeva, ACC
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter: That we continue to co-create a strong sense of community within the chapter and beyond, and support each other in furthering the coaching profession.



Johanna Stiver, ACC
Director of Communications

Vision for the Chapter:  To connect members across Vancouver Island and to make the coaching community more visible and accessible to coaches in rural communities.



Lynn Wark, ACC
Director of Community Relations North Island

Vision for the Chapter:  My vision is to engage with, and listen to, our members to ensure that we deliver the opportunities and services that our chapter is looking for.

Beth Page, PCC
Director of Community Relations Mid Island

Vision for the Chapter: To offer opportunities for mid island coaches to connect, share, and learn from each other as we come together in service of our clients and our practice.


Eva Van Krugel, ACC
Director of Community Relations South Island

Vision for the Chapter: To deepen connection with our growing ecosystem with integrity, support and inspiration.






Autumn 2019 Chapter Events – Don’t Miss Out!

Connect with your colleagues or immerse yourself in professional development! Your Chapter’s Board of Directors has planned an exciting Autumn season of events. Don’t miss out!

Click the Event title for details and registration

Sept 9th: Conversation on Ethics in our Profession – Part 4 of 5

Webinar: The purpose of the series is to support coaches’ development of ethical awareness (maturity), and to introduce and engage the powerful tools of reflective practice. The series is based on the book, Ethical Maturity in the Helping Professions: Making Difficult Life and Work Decisions, by Michael Carroll & Elisabeth Shaw (2012).

Sept 14th: The Energy Codes – The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life

Workshop: Join Marlena Field on Salt Spring Island for this experiential  workshop that will explore alternative ways to uncover deeper reasons for being stuck and practical techniques for releasing old patterns.

Sept 26th:  Coaching Social in Victoria

Meet Up: Join your coaching colleagues at the Bard and Banker for an informal coaches meet up. This event is designed to bring coaches (members and non-members) together to connect in robust, meaningful conversations about coaching in a relaxed atmosphere.

Oct 21st: Coaching Social in Nanaimo

Meet Up: Join your coaching colleagues at the Boston Pizza in Nanaimo for an informal coaches meet up. This event is designed to bring coaches (members and non-members) together to connect in robust, meaningful conversations about coaching in a relaxed atmosphere.

Oct 26th:  Reimagining Mentorship in our Coaching Community – Victoria

Workshop:  Join ICF Vancouver Island Past Presidents Sarah Evans and Tracy Houser in Victoria for a thoughtful exploration, group discussions, theory bursts, creative visuals, personal journalling, a curiosity wall, reflection and ultimately the development of a Personal Mentor Map for 2020.

Oct 29th:  North Island Coaching Social in Courtenay

Meet Up: Join your coaching colleagues at the Bayside Cafe in Courtenay for an informal coaches meet up. This event is designed to bring coaches (members and non-members) together to connect in robust, meaningful conversations about coaching in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nov 2nd:  Reimagining Mentorship in our Coaching Community – Nanaimo

Workshop:  Join ICF Vancouver Island Past Presidents Sarah Evans and Tracy Houser in Nanaimo for a thoughtful exploration, group discussions, theory bursts, creative visuals, personal journalling, a curiosity wall, reflection and ultimately the development of a Personal Mentor Map for 2020. 3 CCEUs – resource development.

Nov 12th:  Conversations on Ethics in our Profession – Part 5 of 5

Webinar: Join coaches Lily Seto, Mary Prefontaine and Janet Sheppard in a conversation on ethics in our coaching profession. The purpose of the series is to support coaches’ development of ethical awareness (maturity), and to introduce and engage the powerful tools of reflective practice. As in previous webinars, we will begin with a case study. 1 CCEU-core competency.


October/November:  Stay tuned for your opportunity to volunteer on your Chapter’s Board of Directors or visit the Chapter’s Volunteer webpage for information

Dec 7th: Save this date for the AGM and December Celebration and watch your inbox for the official notice, invitation and details.



So Much To Celebrate! Don’t Miss Out!

It’s been a very busy and dynamic year so far for our Chapter and we have a lot to celebrate and to share with our membership community.


We now have 143 members and are steadily growing! In celebrating this we recognize that we are maintaining an active, engaged and diverse chapter on Vancouver Island and would like to extend thanks to the Membership Committee for all of their energy to make this happen and to each of you for your dedication and commitment! ICF Global also recognizes this achievement and has given us a $2000 rebate. These funds go a long way towards the successful operation of our chapter.

Chapter Member Receives Award!

One of our long standing Chapter members, Betska K-Burr of Coaching and Leadership International Inc, was just honoured with the 2019 CEO Today Management Consulting Award of Top 100 Management Consultants of the World.

Congratulations Betska!


Meet One of our Newest Members: Rob Regner

Rob brings over 20 years of global business experience in senior management within the energy and forestry sectors. Leveraging his diverse background in business development, sales and marketing and operations covering six continents in both small businesses and large multinational corporations, Rob strongly believes in the power of people and maintains a relentless passion for the development of people and high performing teams. He now lives with his wife and two teenage children in Lantzville where he works with a major forestry company.

ICF Global Survey:

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the efforts of our chapter, we have achieved the goal of 100 completed surveys for the 2019 ICF Global Coaching Survey. This means that we’ll have access to a locally specific data deck when the survey results are published next year. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help us reach this goal!

However, we’re not done yet. The more data that we collect, the more robust and credible our results will be. That’s why I encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. If you haven’t already completed the survey, please do so today at
  2. Email the survey link to coaches, managers and leaders in your network and encourage them to complete the survey if they haven’t already.
  3. Share the survey link on social media. Don’t forget to mention that the survey is open to coaches and managers/leaders who use coaching skills, regardless of ICF Membership status!

Thank you for all that you do, every day, to help raise the profile of coaching and ICF in our community!

WBECS 2019 – Exciting News!

It was so great to see the level of engagement from our chapter for the WBECS Pre-Summit and hope everyone who signed up received value from the sessions they attended.

Since we had such great enrolment from the Vancouver Island Chapter we have been awarded 2 FREE EXECUTIVE SPEED LEARNER PASSES TO THE FULL-SUMMIT PLUS ACCESS TO ONE WBECS PROGRAM BY WBECS 2019!

For a chance to win these fantastic prizes, head on over to our LinkedIn Members Group Page (Our Chapter’s Private Forum) and tell us which Pre-Summit session was your favourite and your name will be entered into a draw!

And that’s not all! We have also been awarded the chance to HOST A ROUND TABLE SESSION DURING THE FULL SUMMIT. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us for more information.

Community Relation Directors Holly Grail: Strategic Direction

DSC_8699 (2)I want to convey to the team how humbled yet excited I am to assume
the Community Relations Director position for 2014. I want to extend
my support to the work of last years Board, Yvonne Mann (past
Community Relations Director), Barbara Thomas, Shigenori Murata, Maeve
O’Byrne and Kim Renee Cotes, as well as anyone I have missed, your
contributions however small or large have helped in coming up with a
Strategic Plan and actionable phases of work that are tangible and
clear. I ask all of you to continue helping out in whatever ways you
can or are passionate about. If you would like a copy of the Strategic Plan, please contact me at

I distinctly remember ICF representatives saying, as I was still at
RRU training to become a professional coach over two years ago now
,that the ICF will only have value if I put time into it. Besides
Annette encouraging me initially in taking my coach training from RRU,
she was instrumental in encouraging me now to take an active part in
the ICF. I am profoundly grateful for her leadership and I am
honoured to serve shoulder to shoulder with her…

There are a few thoughts I have around leading in my capacity as
Community Relations Director.

Firstly, I am approachable. Please find the time to talk to me, no
matter what part of the Vancouver Island Chapter you belong. The most
important part of my role is building relationships. It is hard to do
this without conversations I find. Seek me out in whatever way is
comfortable for you.

Secondly, I subscribe to the Toltec Wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz, and his
book on the 4 Agreements. I have worked on these for many years and
still have not mastered them.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Do not take ANYTHING personally
3. Do not make assumptions
4. Do the best you can

I will lead with these four agreements in mind.

Finally, I am a thoughtful leader and many who have known me understand that I am inspiring, empathetic and compassionate in my mindfully cultivated approaches.

Help me move from the impossible to the possible, one thoughtful
conversation at a time.. Whatever has held us back in the past will
no longer, yet it will take a concerted effort and action… I
believe we can do this, especially as we work together in synergistic



Contact Scott directly at: Director of Community Relations

Members in the News

Long standing VI Coaches member Betska K-Burr was featured in The Times of India, one of India’s largest newspapers and second largest English newspaper in the world. The article was featured in every major city in India on the first page of Ascent Magazine. Congratulations Betska!