President’s Message: Engaging for Transformation

Last week’s International Coaching Week (ICW) was a great success.

Thank you to all of the Vancouver Island coaches who volunteered to coach new clients and to the ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors who pulled together to help make this event a success. Many of the coachees who participated in ICW had never experienced coaching before and this event is a great way to promote the profession and our coaches in our communities and organizations. I received feedback from coaches that participated that it was an amazing experience.

On April 17, ICF Vancouver Island hosted Alan Seale for a wonderful Transformational Presence workshop. Alan guided the group through several powerful exercises including the 4 Levels of Engagement, Pushing Against or Partnering With, and the Deep Simple. If you missed it or want to revisit some of the learning, a link to a recording of the workshop is being sent to all members via the Spring 2021 edition of the newsletter, so be sure to watch your inboxes.

Our Communications Director, Annette Siewertsen and the Website Committee (Delaney Tosh and Sherry LeBlanc) have been busy building our new website. This is amazing news! The Committee is bringing our Chapter’s online presence into alignment with ICF Global’s updated branding.  With the ICF branding guide and the Chapter’s survey results in hand, the committee has finalized the navigation structure, fine-tuned a design direction and has most of the website built.  As the work progresses, the committee will be developing a new and improved Find a Coach member directory that will bring ease and access to our members in creating their profile and provide a good platform for marketing our Chapter members.

You may have noticed that ICF has announced a new ICF podcast channel that is available here:
This is a great resource for learning and development brought to you by coaches like yourselves, the incredible talent and expertise of our network of more than 35,000 ICF credentialed coaches worldwide.  It is also another platform to promote your coaching business and share your passion and knowledge about coaching.



Kieran Harrop
ICF Vancouver Island Coaches Association

ICW Communication Kit for ICF Members to Promote Your Own Pro Bono Coaching During ICW 2021

Thank you to our Chapter members who have volunteered to provide pro bono coaching during this year’s #ExperienceCoaching event for ICW2021. We’ve put together a Communications Kit to help you market your involvement.

What this is:

Communications kit for ICF members to promote your support of International Coaching Week from May 17-23, 2021 through pro bono coaching. This is an amazing time to profile your unique offering during times of complexity, uncertainty and change. You can demonstrate the significant impact of what you offer in your community through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Materials included:

  1. Promotional messaging
  2. A link to the local chapter website for more information
  3. Photos you can download for your social media posts (right click on image to ‘save image as’).

1. Promotional social media messaging for coaches:

Here are sample messages that you can use to promote your pro bono coaching offering. We’re thrilled for your participation in support of ICW and community in this way!


Experience #probonocoaching with me during #InternationalCoachingWeek! DM me to book a time May 18, 2021.

Facebook and LinkedIn:

Want to experience coaching at no charge? Need support during change? During #InternationalCoachingWeek May 17-23, I will be offering #probonocoaching so you can understand and benefit from the impact of professional coaching. To coordinate a time, DM or email me at (COACH CONTACT DETAILS) to secure your spot!

Blog or Permission-based Email Regarding ICF-VI Event:


Needing support during challenging times? Want to experience coaching at no charge from an ICF professional coach?

Now is your chance and we have seats open for you! On May 18th during #InternationalCoachingWeek (May 17-23, 2021), you can benefit from #probonocoaching so you can understand the powerful impact of professional coaching on a topic of your choosing.

#ExperienceCoaching pro bono event May 18, 2021 on Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands from 12 noon to 3pm is a virtual event requiring pre-registration during which you will connect with a professional ICF accredited coach for a session over the phone or video – whichever you prefer. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis, so register soon! This will be your opportunity to get clear on a goal, move from inaction on a situation into action, bring focused clarity to a decision, or perhaps identify your blind-spots on an issue or opportunity. To register:

When you register, you will receive a brief set of questions to help you prepare for your #ExperienceCoaching session.

Find out for yourself why people who receive coaching report improved productivity, confidence, focus and so much more in their work and lives, especially in these times of increasing complexity. #ExperienceCoaching!

Questions? Write Annette, Director of Communications, Vancouver Island Chapter, International Coach Federation.

2. Promotional Links (Website, Events page, Registration Page)

ICW 2021 on Website Blog:

Registration page for Coachees to Sign Up to ICF-VI’s ICW #Experience Coaching virtual event:

3. Photos for social media posts:

Here is a collection of ICW 2021 branded images you can choose from and use in your social media posts.









Call for Volunteers for International Coaching Week 2021

International Coaching Week is approaching and will take place during May 17-23, 2021.  ICW is a week-long worldwide celebration of coaches and the coaching profession. Following the tremendous success of last year’s virtual #ExperienceCoaching event, ICF-VI is organizing another invite our members to join in to help increase the visibility, understanding and impact of coaching.

#ExperienceCoaching is a pro bono coaching event on May 18, 2021 hosted by ICF-Vancouver Island from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. #ExperienceCoaching will empower communities to experience the impact of coaching at no cost while building awareness of local ICF coaches across Vancouver Island. We need your help to contribute to what will be a highly impactful #ExperienceCoaching event in our communities during a time when our communities continue to need support. This event will be conducted virtually in light of world events.

We are inviting Chapter member coaches to volunteer for our #ExperienceCoaching event as follows, with a request to confirm your interest by May 13, 2021 please.

How it will work:

  • We will market this event via traditional and social media, inviting participants to register online and sign up for a time slot to experience coaching.
  • Slots will be determined by how many volunteer coaches we have.
  • Coachees and coaches will be matched via a set of basic criteria, including time slot.
  • Volunteer coach and coachee will arrange, between themselves, which platform they will use for their coaching slot (Skype, phone, Zoom).

Participation in this event is a great opportunity for Chapter members to broaden your reach and increase awareness of the profession of coaching while providing much needed support in our Vancouver Island communities. Join your colleagues in co-creating a meaningful International Coaching Week in our region!

How to get involved:

Please contact Annette Siewertsen, Communications Director, for more information and to get involved.

With appreciation for our amazing community!

Your ICW2021 Committee