Thanks ICF-VI Coaches!


Thanks ICF-VI Coaches!

Bouquets to our ICF Vancouver Island Coaches for Creating a Successful ICW 2020!

ICF Vancouver Island coaches, you really stepped up, and your board is eternally grateful!

#ExperienceCoaching during International Coaching Week (ICW) can be considered a huge success. Over 40 coaches volunteered to provide pro bono coaching sessions to almost 60 individuals. Many of these individuals expressed how they couldn’t believe their good fortune in being offered this opportunity.

In light of the current reality, this couldn’t have happened at a better time. Many coachees will undoubtedly share information about their coaching experience. What a fantastic way to spread the word about the benefits of coaching to individuals and organizations in our Chapter’s communities. There is nothing better than a first hand experience and we have all of you ICW volunteer coaches to thank for that! Hopefully we will all be able to meet in person soon to celebrate.

The ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors look forward to more fabulous collaborations with you all in the future.



Eva Van Krugel
Co-Chair ICW 2020 Committee
Director of Community Relations-South Island

ICW Communication Kit for ICF Members to Promote Your Own Pro Bono Coaching During ICW

What this is:

Communications kit for ICF members to promote your support of International Coaching Week from May 4-10, 2020 through pro bono coaching. This is an amazing time to profile your unique offering during times of complexity, uncertainty and change. You can demonstrate the significant impact of what you offer in your community through social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Materials included:

  1. Promotional messaging
  2. A link to the local chapter website for more information
  3. Photos for your social media posts.

1. Promotional social media messaging for coaches:

Here are sample messages that you can use to promote your pro bono coaching offering. We’re thrilled for your participation in support of ICW and community in this way!


Experience #probonocoaching with me during #InternationalCoachingWeek! DM me to book a time May 4-10, 2020! 

Facebook and LinkedIn:

Want to experience coaching at no charge? Need support during change? During #InternationalCoachingWeek May 4-10, 2020, I will be offering #probonocoaching so you can understand and benefit from the impact of professional coaching. To coordinate a time, DM or email me at (COACH CONTACT DETAILS) to secure your spot!

Blog or Permission-based Email Regarding ICF-VI Event:


Needing support during complex times? Want to experience coaching at no charge on Vancouver Island?

Now is your chance and we have seats open for you! During #InternationalCoachingWeek May 4-10, 2020, you can benefit from #probonocoaching so you can understand the powerful impact of professional coaching on a topic of your choosing.

#ExperienceCoaching pro bono event May 5, 2020 in Victoria, BC from 12 noon to 3pm is a virtual event requiring pre-registration during which you will connect with a professional ICF accredited coach for a session over the phone or video – whichever you prefer! Availability is on a first come, first serve basis, so register soon! This will be your opportunity to get clear on a goal, move from inaction on a situation into action, bring focused clarity to a decision, or perhaps identify your blind-spots on an issue or opportunity. To register: 

When you register, you will receive a brief set of questions to help you prepare for your #ExperienceCoaching session.

Find out for yourself why people who receive coaching report improved productivity, confidence, focus and so much more in their work and lives, especially in these times of increasing complexity. #ExperienceCoaching!

Questions? Write Eva Van Krugel, Community Relations, South Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island Chapter, International Coach Federation.

2. Promotional Links (Website, Events page, Registration Page

ICW 2020 on Website Blog:

Registration page for Coachees to Sign Up to ICF-VI’s ICW #Experience Coaching virtual event:

ICW 2020 Event Link:

3. Photos for social media posts:

Here is a collection of ICW 2020-branded images you can choose from and use in your social media posts.





Experience Coaching May 5th During International Coaching Week: Events and How to Be Involved

About International Coaching Week

International Coaching Week (ICW) is an annual weeklong global celebration of the power of coaching. ICW 2020 is scheduled for May 4–10th. During ICW, ICF Members from around the world celebrate the positively impact of coaching for individuals, organizations, communities and the world.

International Coaching Week 2020:

We are excited to share the power of coaching with our Vancouver Island communities during ICW May 4–10, 2020! In these times of increasing complexity some of us are navigating uncertainty and change while others may need support with resilience or possibly something different. During ICW, your Vancouver Island Coaches Association have organized a virtual pro bono event for coaches and coachees in support of local communities and what we are all navigating together.

Vancouver Island #ExperienceCoaching Virtual Event May 5th 12-3pm.

#Experience Coaching will enable communities to experience the impact of coaching at no cost as well as grow awareness of local ICF accredited coach offerings across Vancouver Island.  We have an amazing group of professional ICF coaches lined up to offer 45 minutes pro bono coaching sessions during this time.

Update as at April 29, 2020: We’ve had tremendous engagement with this event and all the coaching spaces have been scheduled. Registration is now closed. 

One of the volunteer coaches will contact you directly to arrange a preferred platform (e.g. phone, Zoom video, Skype) for your session time. You will be asked to answer a few preparatory questions in advance of your session to help with preparedness and maximize the value of the session with your coach.

We hope that everyone comes out to participate in this exciting event to tap into and experience the power of coaching! #ExperienceCoaching

Registration is now Closed – we thank you for your interest.

Information For Coaches & How To Get Involved with ICW 2020 Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island #ExperienceCoaching Virtual Event

We still need volunteer coaches the #ExperienceCoaching pro bono coaching event May 5th from 12-3pm.

Coachees will pre-register for their preferred session time and will provide contact information so you can connect directly on logistics and to ensure pre-session discovery questions are completed. Pre-session information and questions are intended to help the coachee understand what coaching is and isn’t and to reflect on the focus for the session of their choosing.

Please contact Eva Van Krugel, Community Relations Director, South Island before April 20, 2020 for more information and to get involved.

President’s Message: Special Chapter Message Regarding Covid-19

Dear Chapter Members,

Events related to Covid-19 have shifted things for each of us over the past few weeks in a myriad of unexpected ways. We want everyone to know that we are here to support you in these challenging and unprecedented times and have implemented some changes in the way we reach out so that we can help maintain our connections and learning together.

All events have been adjusted and will be held virtually until September at the earliest with a focus around bringing the community together to connect and offer peer support. 

Here are a couple of upcoming events:

To start this off we are holding the second Virtual Wine and Cheese on April 23rd from 6-7:30 pm. Big thanks to Tania Walter-Gardener for being the creator and facilitator behind this idea! These Wine and Cheeses are a great way for our Vancouver Island Chapter to connect across the region. The first event was a real success and we hope to see more of you join us this time!

We also have two upcoming Discussion Forums for you to check out:

The first: Discussion Forum: Marketing Your Coaching Business will be held on Wednesday 20th May from 12-1:30pm. Panelists include Delaney Tosh on Creating your Niche, Emma-Louise Elsey on List Building and Media Plans, and Eva Van Krugel on Direct Marketing to corporates. The format will include discussion and Q&A with the panelists and participants.

The second: Discussion Forum: Business Platforms to Support a Cohesive Coaching Business will take place at a date in June, TBC shortly.

Opportunity to Partner with the Chapter Board of Director to deliver Continuing Coach Education (CCE):

If you have online professional development that offers CCE units and would like to partner with the Board to offer this to our membership at not cost please contact Director of Events. You can visit the ICF Global website to learn how you can apply to have your training program accredited for CCE units.

Similarly, if you have other non-CCEU programs and offers that you’d like to share with the membership please go ahead and post to the LinkedIn Vancouver Island Coaches Association Members’ Group. This group is another way for members to connect and interact with each other directly to build community. Feel free to pose questions and create dialogue as well as share any relevant coaching related content with the group. Reminder to turn on your notification settings to stay current with what’s happening there!

International Coaching Week is coming up May 4-10th!

ICF Members from around the world will join and celebrate coaching’s power to positively impact individuals, organizations, communities and the world.

Our local Chapter has organized a few virtual events across Vancouver Island including a virtual Experience Coaching pro bono event on May 5th, demo coaching workshops for industry, and social media marketing materials for coaches to support community during ICW. If you are interested in volunteering to offer pro bono coaching during ICW please contact Community Relations. More details to come about that soon! Please refer to this blog post for details of this ICW2020 volunteer opportunity.

How can we support you?

And finally and most importantly, please let us know how we can support you. We are committed to providing our Members with the support and resources you need to care for yourself and meet the needs of your clients during this tumultuous period.

With sincere gratitude for our community of coaches,

Cheryl Joslin
Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Call for Volunteers for International Coaching Week

As you know, International Coaching Week is coming up on May 4-10, 2020.  ICW is a week-long worldwide celebration of coaches and the coaching profession. Join in and help increase the visibility, understanding and impact of coaching.

We need your help in Victoria, BC to contribute to what will be a highly impactful #experiencecoaching event in our community during a time when our community needs support. This event will be conducted virtually versus in person in light of world events.

We are inviting Chapter member coaches to volunteer for a core event as follows, with a request to confirm your interest by April 15, 2020 please.

#ExperienceCoaching is a pro bono coaching event May 5, 2020 hosted in Victoria, BC from 12 noon to 3pm. We’re looking for volunteer coaches. We are currently looking at a registration platform enabling coachees to pre-register in available time slots. Slots will be determined by how many volunteer coaches we have.

Participation in this event is a great opportunity for Chapter members to broaden your reach and increase awareness of the profession of coaching while providing much needed support in our Vancouver Island communities. Join your colleagues in co-creating a meaningful ICW in Victoria!

How to get involved:

Please contact Eva Van Krugel, Community Relations Director, South Island for more information and to get involved.

With appreciation for our amazing community!