As ICF coaches, the quality of our coaching is our most valuable asset, which is why this year our chapter is partnering with WBECS – the World Business and Executive Coach Summit to provide you with this terrific opportunity to expand your coach training.

What is WBECS Pre-Summit?

WBECS is a complimentary, live-online summit featuring over 40 of the most brilliant minds in the coaching profession who share their best tools and strategies and even do live coaching demonstrations (which we have found to be especially valuable).

By registering through our Chapter, you’ll be able to earn up to 5 CCE Units attending your favourite sessions at no cost.

Benefits of Attending the Pre-Summit:

You’ll also receive personalized concierge email service and an exclusive ICF membership area hosted by the WBECS Team including complimentary access to all 2020 Pre-Summit session recordings, available through the end of June 2020!

WBECS attracts the most amazing presenters covering a wide range of topics and have added in themed learning tracks this year to make it easy for you to select the sessions that make the most sense for your practice

Here are just a few examples of the live classes you’ll be able to attend when you join the complimentary Pre-Summit:

  • Easy Change versus Hard Change with Michael Bungay Stanier, the #1 thought leader in coaching
  • Coaching Widespread Fear: Using Non-Reactive Empathy To Uplift Perspective with Dr. Marcia Reynolds, president of Covisioning LLC
  • Understand yourself (and others) with the ‘Four Tendencies’ Personality Framework with Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author

We promise you will gain incredible value from it!

Reserve your spot for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit now
Seats are filling up quickly.

Cheryl Joslin,

ICF Vancouver Island

Conversations on Ethics in Our Profession Webinar Series

The Conversations on Ethics webinar series continues and it is not too late to participate.

Session 3 of this 6 part series is coming up on May 2, 2019 and even if you missed the first two sessions, you can still participate, but will have to listen to Session 1’s recording first.

ICF – Vancouver Island Chapter members Lily Seto, May Prefontaine and Janet Sheppard kicked off this series in January of this year with the intention of helping coaches deepen their understanding of the nuances of how ethics come into play in our profession and day-to-day interactions with our clients.

The purpose of the series is to support coaches’ development of ethical awareness (maturity), and to introduce and engage the powerful tools of reflective practice. The experience will be facilitated through exposure to the theoretical framework of ethical maturity, and the learning will emerge from coaches’ participation in rich, stimulating, and respectful conversations in each of the webinars.

This series is designed to be accessible to a range of coaches, credentials, and experience levels. Each session offers 1 Core Competency CCEU.  Please consider participating in as many webinars as work for your schedule!

To Register for Session 3 Click Here


Individual Eventbrite invitations will be posted for the following dates/times:

Session 4: July 9, 2019, 9:00-10:00 am Pacific Time (changed)

Session 5: September 9, 2019, 12:00-1:00 pm Pacific Time

Session 6: November 12, 2019, 6:30-7:30 pm Pacific Time

More About Your Facilitators

Lily Seto, MA, PCC, ESIA, Certified Mentor Coach and Diploma in Coaching Supervision, is Past President of the ICF Vancouver Island Chapter. Her practice includes individual and group coaching, mentor coaching and coaching supervision, and facilitation. She is a member of the Global Independent Review Board (IRB investigates global complaints against coaches) and often explores ethics with her coaching supervision clients. She also teaches Intercultural Competence and Global Coaching as an Associate Faculty member with Royal Roads University in the Advance Coaching Certificate Program. Connect with Lily

Mary Prefontaine, CPCC, Co-Founder of Brew + Past Events Director of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the ICF. Mary specializes in leader development of individuals + teams. She is a trained associate of the Ethical Lens Inventory and encourages her clients + fellow coaches to stay alert to the conscious and unconscious biases we each hold when it comes to ethical dilemmas we face in our lives.

Dr. Janet Sheppard, CEC, ACC, Past Director of Community Relations, Mid/Up Island for the Vancouver Island Chapter of the ICF. Janet comes to her practice in coaching from a thirty year career in counselling. After retiring, Janet turned to coaching as a way to continue her passion for lifelong learning, while contributing to the learning, growth and change of her clients.  Website:

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Chapter Events and Workshops – March 2019

Connect with your colleagues or immerse yourself in professional development – The 2019 Board of Directors is kicking off the winter season with a packed calendar of events.

March 4th: Mid-Island Coaches Connect – Conversations with Coaches, Duncan BC 
Join ICF-VI Coaches’ Beth and Jenna at the networking event for Mid-Island coaches where we’ll explore understanding our moment-to-moment experience to promote presence and gratitude.

March 12th: ICF-Vancouver Island Presents: South Island Coaches Meet-Up, Victoria, BC 
Join your fellow ICF Vancouver Island Chapter members (and non-members) at the Bard and Banker in Downtown Victoria for an informal coaches meet up. Connect in robust, meaningful conversations about coaching.

March 16th: Pro-D Workshop – Resilience for Coaches: Building Your Capacity, Victoria, BC 
Join Beth and Sarah in this experiential half-day session in Victoria, BC, which offers an opportunity to learn and ‘play’ with seven interrelated components of resilience to support building personal resilience at work, capacity to adapt to change and uncertainty, and maintain personal wellbeing.

March 18th:  Pro-D Webinar – Cross Canada Coaching Series – Part 5 0f 5 – Coaching Presence 
The fifth session in the Cross Canada pilot project* created by ICF chapters Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Quebec features Quebec’s own Dr. James Gavin MCC discussing the competency of Coaching Presence. Deepen your learning and understanding of this ICF Core Competency during this interactive and engaging webinar.

Be sure to visit the ICF – Vancouver Island Chapter’s Events Calendar for more upcoming opportunities to connect and advance your professional development.

Stay tuned for exciting news about the Chapter’s plans for International Coaching Week (April 29th to May 5th).

Announcing: Cross Canada Coaching Series

Mark your calendars! The Cross Canada pilot project, created by ICF chapters Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Quebec is ready to take flight.

ICF Vancouver Island members will have exclusive free access to five webinars offered across Canada during the Fall of 2018 and Winter 2019.

The presenters are outstanding ICF credentialed coaches. These experts will deepen your learning and understanding of select ICF Core Competencies during these interactive and engaging webinars.

Please visit our events calendar page for further information.

Another Impactful Workshop on Salt Spring Island!

An early Saturday morning ferry with coaching colleagues is always a great way to start the weekend. The sharing, laughter, curious questions and learning vibe filled our car as we left thoughts of the week behind and moved toward a coaching workshop that beckoned us on Salt Spring Island.

The beautiful space was warm and welcoming (thanks to the magic of members Emma-Louise Elsey and Lynda Monk).  The room was awash in positive energy. Old friends reunited and new colleagues were welcomed.  We introduced facilitator Marlena Field and she grounded us into our bodies with an opening meditation.  When I heard the invitation to “breathe from the heart,” I knew it was where I was supposed to be that day.

For the next three hours we explored Body Centered Coaching in this workshop called Using the Wisdom of the Body in Decision-Making. Marlena offered that this approach is adding to what we already do (being present, listening deeply, building relationship).  She encouraged us to embrace “not knowing” and guided us to be comfortable in our own skin as coaches, not needing to know what’s going to happen.

Knowing the power of words, she enticed us to consider “an experimental attitude” and like a child, to “wonder what would happen if…”  And so, we were introduced to coaching people to listen to what their body knows. And as the session progressed, not only did we experience a demo, we were invited to apply the learning right then and there.

We partnered up to be a coach using this approach or to be a coachee, experiencing this approach personally. We found ourselves “standing in the decision,” acting as if we had made a decision and then paying attention to what was going on in our body and our hearts. We then stepped into another space in the room representing a different decision. And we were reminded that it takes time and space for the body work to unfold.

It felt like the tip of an iceberg, or the opening of a treasure box where you only get a peek of the gems – yet what a start! Thank you Marlena for creating and holding the space for us to explore. It reminded me of a famous quote:

“The body never lies.”   ~Martha Graham

Creative Coach Salons

The first in a series of  “Creative Coach Salons” was held in Victoria on April 2nd. Approximately 16 coaches showed up to network with fellow coaches and to hear members of the Chapter’s Leadership Team report on the ICF Global Leaders Conference in Atlanta (Lily Seto) and explain the results of the last membership survey and its implications for the 2015 Strategic Plan (Shyrl Kennedy). There was an overwhelming display of support for the plan and an acknowledgement of the effort and involvement of Chapter Members it would take to bring the plan to fruition.  Many attendees offered their time and energy but it was acknowledged more support was needed.
Lily and Shyrl duplicated this session in Nanaimo on June 6th  so that up-island members would also be provided the opportunity to network, gain understanding of our current year’s strategic plan and hopefully provide insights and tangible support. Here is the presentation for you to view:
The Strategic Plan was represented by this pyramid….Questions/Comments?
Please email Lily Seto or Shyrl Kennedy


Forum on Coach Supervision

Forum on Coach Supervision

July 4-5, 2015 Royal Roads University

Last fall, ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors approved an international forum on Coach Supervision as a Chapter event,, to be held July 4-5th at Royal Roads University! This blurb gives you what we know now. Stay tuned for more details as they become available! An Invitation To Participate In A Global Conversation: The International Coach Federation – Vancouver Island Chapter, is pleased to host a global forum on an emerging trend in the field of coaching called “Coaching Supervision”. Globally, it is becoming a recognized practice for coaches at every stage in their coaching practice to improve their personal mastery through continuous development; both personally in terms of deepening their coaching presence and awareness, and professionally in terms of competencies, ethics and standards. One of the growing trends internationally for such development is engaging in the practice of ‘coaching supervision’; similar in concept to the supervision which supports many behavioral science professions. We are very excited to host this forum here on Vancouver Island, drawing international attention and global participation. What is Coaching Supervision? Coaching Supervision is described as engaging in reflective practice in order to further develop personal efficacy. It is an opportunity for coaches and facilitators to, in partnership, reflect, increase awareness of what their patterns are, clarify and explore the Coach’s approach, process, energy, beliefs and in turn, the impact that these elements have on their coaching, in service of the client. The practice of Coaching Supervision focuses solely on you the Coach and provides you with many benefits including but not limited to expansion of your coaching competencies, ethics and standards, identification of personal development edges, presence, confidence and an increase in your overall effectiveness as Coach. Who Are We Inviting To This Global Conversation on Coaching Supervision? For most of you, coaching isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling. Passionate about your clients and the results they produce you are keenly aware that your own development and self-awareness runs synonymous with those you work with. You are committed to continuous self-development, you thirst for expanded ways to work with your clients, you appreciate that like your own clients you too will always have your blind spots. If we’ve just described you, then consider this Forum as the possible next step in your Coaching evolution. You may have noticed a lot of hot chatter on the ICF Global website on this topic. Become informed and then you get to decide whether to continue with the conversation or not. Registration opens on March 31. Space is limited to 100 participants. You will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to be part

of the first organized conversation on coaching supervision hosted in North America. What Does Your Registration Include?

  • Conversations and sessions with international guests who are globally recognized as experts in the field of Coaching Supervision
  • The opportunity to hear an expert panel of coaching supervisors weigh in on the benefits of this emerging practice and answer questions on how supervision is used in other parts of the world
  • The opportunity to collectively explore, express, question and reflect on the topic of “Coaching Supervision”
  • Multiple Networking opportunities with your peers and fellow coaches from around the world
  • Breakout sessions designed to provide you with experiential practice in “Coaching Supervision”
  • Increase understanding and experience how Coaching Supervision can expand your coaching services, increase your client pool and provide you with more opportunities to thrive in your practice
  • Access to ICF Global task force on Coaching Supervision
  • One ticket to our VIP Event Wine & Cheese
  • CCEUs for ICF Re-Credentialing purposes – to be determined

Why is this event important to us? Why are we hosting it? We have an opportunity to engage in the discussion on the relevancy of coaching supervision to our practice. Royal Roads is sponsoring the event venue and it promises to be a sold out event. So far, the following have confirmed their participation and are donating their time and travel as presenters or panelists:

  • Pat Marum, PCC, Past Charter President (Arizona)
  • Janet Harvey, MCC, Past President, ICF Global (Seattle)
  • Damian Goldvarg, MCC, Past President, ICF Global (Los Angeles)
  • Colin Brett, PCC, Owner of Coaching Development and Coaching Changes (Britain)
  • Edna Murdoch, Coaching Supervision Academy (Britain)

Watch for more details to come! We are still confirming the speakers list, collecting hand-outs that we will make available for download before the event. We will also provide schedules, maps, and the number of CCEU’s available as we finalize these details. This is exciting stuff! Stay tuned!

Register Here

Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Supportive Community

Vancouver Island Coaches AssociationA supportive community can be critical to help you through the stress of tough times, whether you’ve had a bad day at work or a year filled with loss or illness. Since your family, friends, and colleagues are such an important part of your life, it’s never too soon to cultivate these important relationships.

People who surround themselves with support not only reach their goals quicker and with more gusto but they also experience more fulfillment while having fun getting there.

A perfect way to support each other in the coaching community is our September Coaches Café – Share Your Favourite Coaching Resources on Tuesday, September 9th. We hope you will be joining us. Even if you don’t have a resource to share come learn about what other coaches are using in their practices. Always lots of sharing, laughter and support!

Register Here

Don’t be shy to bring your favourite resource or tool. The more we help and support each other the more we gain help and support ourselves. You never know if what you are using with your coaching clients could have a major impact on someone else or their client.

To start us off, one of our Chapter Members, Anneli Driessen shared the following website that she though may be of interest to our membership: Thank you Anneli.

In the spirit of sharing – If you find this website useful, we would love to hear your comments below.

“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” William Arthur Ward

This year we have been focusing on the larger community of coaching. We have travelled to Saltspring Island to play, share and support our Gulf Island members and colleagues. In November we will be travelling up island to play, share and support our members who can’t always travel to Victoria to attend our events. These pockets of communities help to make ICF Vancouver Island Coaching Association what it is. A sharing, caring, supportive community of coaches. Thank you for being part of this journey and for supporting myself and our Leadership Team along the way.

On that note, I invite you to join me in welcoming our two newest members to our Leadership Team. Lily Seto is stepping in as Vice President and will be taking over my role as President next year. Maria Lironi has stepped in as our Director of Events so you will be hearing more from her very shortly. We are thrilled to be working with the curious, creative minds of Lily and Maria and are looking forward to what unfolds next.

Here’s to caring and sharing with a wonderful community of coaches!

Coaching Happenings in our Broader Community

heartinhandsVancouver Island Coaches Association has so many exciting things happening that involve our broader coaching community.


Starting with the International Coaching Events this month from May 20 – 23:

We are pleased to welcome Laurie Hillis who will be presenting ‘The Wholehearted Resilient Coach’ based on Brene Brown’s inspirational The Daring Way™ program on Tuesday, May 20th from 8:00 – 12:00 at the Victoria Executive Centre.

We invite people to experience the power of coaching with Coaching Demonstrations in the Square daily from May 20 – 22 from 12:00 – 1:30 in Centennial Square. Do you know anyone who would like to benefit the experience of coaching to help them understand how coaching can contribute to a vibrant community? Why not send them down Centennial Square to give it a try?

We have a series of webinars from May 21 – 23:

  • Coaching as an Essential Tool for Organizational Development
  • Happiness Works Best
  • Create Your Inspired Life
  • The 4 Key Ingredients of a Sustainable Coaching Business
  • How to Integrate Coaching into International Change Programs

Which events will we see you at? To sign up for any of these events please go to:

CCE’s are available for each event.


We are taking our June Member Event to Saltspring Island where we will explore the differences between Group Coaching and Team Coaching with Lynda Monk. What a wonderful way to meet and learn from our

fellow neighbour coaches on Saltspring Island who may not have had an opportunity to join us in Victoria for our events. Plus for those who don’t have an opportunity to explore the Saltspring Market here is your opportunity to combine fun and coach learning. Complete details tbd.


On July 14th we will be welcoming Damian Goldvarg, President of the International Coach Federation to our beautiful city where we invite you all to come and hear him speak about Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision. This is your opportunity to meet your ICF President and ask him questions about what is happening in the ICF Global community. Complete details tbd.

We thought these events would be a perfect way to help our members to get to know each other and the broader coaching community.

Which events will we see you at?

Leveraging Social Media for your Coaching Business

Image_of_Social Media_ConceptsA few short years ago, social media seemed to be a fad, but it is clear today that social media tools are growing in significance, especially for business use. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs and many other channels of social media are changing the way we communicate and certainly have changed the way business communicates with customers, opening the door to more engaged dialogue between customers and businesses. For coaches, social media has expanded how we can relate with our clients and our potential clients and many coaches have jumped in with both feet

and leveraged social media to expand their businesses, while others have held back.

When you consider the statistics, it seems worthwhile to consider adding a well thought out social media strategy to your marketing mix.

Facebook: 727 million daily active users on average in September 2013. 23% of Facebook users check their account more than 5 times per day; 80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook; 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook (2012).

LinkedIn: 259 million users as at October: 92 million in the U.S. and 8 million in Canada.

Pinterest: more than 25 million members, over half a million business accounts and gets 2.5 billion page views per month and ‘pins’ and ‘pin-boards’ have a longer shelf life than posts on Facebook or Twitter. Young, well-educated women with disposable incomes make up 82% of active users on Pinterest.

You Tube: 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

Twitter: 500 million tweets sent everyday and 75% access via a mobile device. In 2012, one million accounts were added to Twitter every day. 230 million monthly active users and 100 million daily active users as at October 2013. Estimate daily active users in 22.9 million US and 2.8 million in Canada.

In this interview with JUHLi SELBy, Social Media consultant and trainer, we explore a few of the top questions coaches have about social media in anticipation of JUHLi’s VI Coaches workshop in Victoria on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 where she will provide an in-depth overview of how coaches can leverage social media.

Delaney: Many coaches are independent small business owners. With all the choices of social media channels, what advice do you have for coaches on choosing the most appropriate media to leverage social media to their advantage?

JUHli: If you don’t have the budget to hire someone to manage your social media marketing for you, when you are doing it yourself, you need to choose wisely where you are going to spend your time. You need to consider several factors: Where you are comfortable, what social media you already use, where your target market is spending time, how much time you have available in your schedule to manage your social media strategy, and what your talents and resources are (e.g. writing articles and producing videos). Considering these factors will help determine what the best fit is for you and your business. The answer to your question is really a different answer for each person and their business.

DT: A common complaint is, “I don’t have the time”. Launching and managing a social media strategy can be overwhelming at first. What advice to you have as a getting started strategy for coaches?

JS: A big tip is to make sure you are creating the right channels for you and your talents which includes getting good advice and making sure your audience is there.

Another tip is to consider time management and setting up the tools to support your time management. For example, I use a reader (such as Feedly which works great on most devices and most browsers) to help me find and create good content to share. I also designate a specific time for my social media management.

I log into my reader, look at the dashboard with my flow of content and then I curate content to share across social channels staggering the time it goes out using a scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck or Social Oomph, which allows you to include several

different media and cross post to them all.

Two other time management tips:

Manage the email notifications – anytime you sign up for a social media, you will get email notifications so it is wise to change the settings so that your inbox doesn’t bog down.

Organize by list or by folder where possible. – Facebook and Twitter allow you to organize by lists, so you can make a custom newsfeed.

Take some time to map it out and set up the tools and it doesn’t have to be this big overwhelming thing.

DT: What’s possible in terms of ROI with a well-managed social media strategy?

JS: What is possible with social media? It is a wonderful way to remain top of mind with contacts and it is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships with potential customers, strategic alliances, the press. An example of the benefit of developing relationships is that you could then create opportunities to write an article that a strategic alliance would post, thereby expanding your reach.

Social media can also be used to create increased awareness of your business, it can complement your email marketing, but unlike with email marketing, you can leverage your contacts’ networks through social media – your content can go forward into the newsfeeds of their contacts.

Social media can provide a good way to get referral business through the building of relationships in many ways. It does bring in leads and sales, but it really is about building relationships, which then can lead to increased leads and sales. It is two-way marketing, which takes a bit of work, so strategically you want to look at who you want to build relationship with, be it journalists, possible clients, or strategic alliances.


This is just a taste of the knowledge JUHLi SELBy has on creating a social media strategy. Learn more about how to put a social media strategy to work for your coaching business at the VI Coaches social media workshop featuring JUHLi SELBy on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013. Registration and course outline can be found here.

For more on leveraging social media tools visit these articles from the ICF Blog:

Get LinkedIn! Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your coaching Practice.

How I Got 1000 Facebook Fans in three Months

Social Networking: Stress to Success

Or read the entire Leveraging Technology issue in the ICF’s Coaching World.