Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Chapter Events and Workshops – March 2019

Connect with your colleagues or immerse yourself in professional development – The 2019 Board of Directors is kicking off the winter season with a packed calendar of events.

March 4th: Mid-Island Coaches Connect – Conversations with Coaches, Duncan BC 
Join ICF-VI Coaches’ Beth and Jenna at the networking event for Mid-Island coaches where we’ll explore understanding our moment-to-moment experience to promote presence and gratitude.

March 12th: ICF-Vancouver Island Presents: South Island Coaches Meet-Up, Victoria, BC 
Join your fellow ICF Vancouver Island Chapter members (and non-members) at the Bard and Banker in Downtown Victoria for an informal coaches meet up. Connect in robust, meaningful conversations about coaching.

March 16th: Pro-D Workshop – Resilience for Coaches: Building Your Capacity, Victoria, BC 
Join Beth and Sarah in this experiential half-day session in Victoria, BC, which offers an opportunity to learn and ‘play’ with seven interrelated components of resilience to support building personal resilience at work, capacity to adapt to change and uncertainty, and maintain personal wellbeing.

March 18th:  Pro-D Webinar – Cross Canada Coaching Series – Part 5 0f 5 – Coaching Presence 
The fifth session in the Cross Canada pilot project* created by ICF chapters Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Quebec features Quebec’s own Dr. James Gavin MCC discussing the competency of Coaching Presence. Deepen your learning and understanding of this ICF Core Competency during this interactive and engaging webinar.

Be sure to visit the ICF – Vancouver Island Chapter’s Events Calendar for more upcoming opportunities to connect and advance your professional development.

Stay tuned for exciting news about the Chapter’s plans for International Coaching Week (April 29th to May 5th).

Creative Coach Salons

The first in a series of  “Creative Coach Salons” was held in Victoria on April 2nd. Approximately 16 coaches showed up to network with fellow coaches and to hear members of the Chapter’s Leadership Team report on the ICF Global Leaders Conference in Atlanta (Lily Seto) and explain the results of the last membership survey and its implications for the 2015 Strategic Plan (Shyrl Kennedy). There was an overwhelming display of support for the plan and an acknowledgement of the effort and involvement of Chapter Members it would take to bring the plan to fruition.  Many attendees offered their time and energy but it was acknowledged more support was needed.
Lily and Shyrl duplicated this session in Nanaimo on June 6th  so that up-island members would also be provided the opportunity to network, gain understanding of our current year’s strategic plan and hopefully provide insights and tangible support. Here is the presentation for you to view:
The Strategic Plan was represented by this pyramid….Questions/Comments?
Please email Lily Seto or Shyrl Kennedy


Coaches – how will you choose to engage this year?

Dear colleagues;

How do you derive benefits from your ICF membership? What value does it offer you? How will you choose to engage this year???

I’ve been thinking a lot about my membership with ICF and what value I derive from it. I have learned that the more I get involved, the more value my membership has for me.

Here are just some of the ways I have chosen to engage as a means to derive value from my ICF membership:

I have the benefit of participating with ICF global peer coaching .

This year I have been coached by another ICF coach from Britain, and I have coached someone in Ireland. As a direct result I am heading to Ireland next week to meet up with five different coaches…the butterfly effect in action!

  • I have benefited by demonstrating and enhancing my leadership competencies.

Being involved at the Leadership Team offers me a keen perspective of how important it is to me to be connected in a larger way. Little did I know that when I set my goal two years ago to become more active in ICF, that it meant taking on a leadership role.

  • I have the benefit of using ICF Global and other Chapter resources in order to become a masterful coach.

I am able to remain current with emerging trends such as neuroscience in coaching, diversity in coaching, and coaching supervision.

  • I have the benefit of direct access to members and leadership teams across the world.

I have been able to find answers to questions from our Leadership Team and Chapter Members. The leadership team also has great and direct access to support through our Regional Manager at ICF Global.

  • I have the benefit of registering with the ICF Mentor Coach Registry.

This year I did register in the Mentor Coach registry.

  • I am able to attend other chapters events for CCEUs via webinar, or in person if I am in the area…this affords me a larger variety of choices.

I have taken advantage of this on numerous occasions. We also have others from around the world who are able to access our events for revenue generation and diversity of offerings.

  • I have the benefit of participating in ICF global panels and initiatives thereby broadening my reach and reputation.

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the job analysis panel and the Global Leaders forum and have added to my contacts around the world.

  • AND that reminds me……..I still need to register for our local Chapter coach registry!!

As our Chapter engages with the Business Community and reaches out externally through social media and our Chapter website, I will increase my reach and ability to solicit the right clients for me.

I am also appreciating how ICF Global is branding itself and stepping up and aspiring to be the coach association of choice across the world. I can only imagine how challenging this goal is, being one voice for such a diverse population! I have noticed how coaching and coach development is different in the various parts of the world.

Locally, our incredibly engaged and active leadership team is shifting the kinds of events we offer, the times we offer them, and the locations we offer them in. We heard that our members want opportunities to network with each other, with local businesses and with events on the Gulf Islands and up island. So we hear you and we will be offering an event on Salt Spring Island, and at least two events up island this year.

We are also building in time before or after our sessions to allow some time for coaches to informally network with each other.  Shyrl Kennedy, our Community Relations Director and her team, is also hard at work identifying business associations that we can partner with or present at, to heighten the awareness of coaching into our local businesses.


Here are some events that you might want to consider:


An event with the business community in Nanaimo – stay tuned for more information

A repeat of our successful Coaches Salon on June 6 in Nanaimo for up island coaches…although all Chapter members are welcome!! This event is free for members.

Coaching Supervision Forum – July 4/5 – participants and speakers from London, US, Singapore, and Canada. For more information and to register: Forum on Coaching

Business Development series using a group coaching approach coming this fall

An event on Salt Spring Island September 26 – combine this event with a visit to the Salt Spring Island Saturday morning market.

These are just a few of the exciting and ambitious initiatives that our Leadership team is planning. There are also “behind the scenes” work happening around Chapter handbooks, job descriptions, and all those exciting governance pieces…so if you find these interesting, we want to engage you!

If you are interested in volunteering or hearing more, please attend the June 6 event in Nanaimo (some of us are also planning to stay over at a spa if anyone is interested) or drop us a line. We would love to chat with you about what is happening and how you can become more involved!

And more importantly, we are seeking a Director of Events. If anyone is interested in stepping this position to the end of the year, please let myself or Annette Siewertsen know. We would be happy to let you know what the duties involve.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events…


Lily Seto, President, ICF Vancouver Island Chapter




Spring and New Beginnings

A message from our president: Hello, everyone; Spring is my favourite time of year, signalling new beginnings; some regrowth and some new growth. And, it seems like an appropriate metaphor for where our Chapter is heading this year. Here’s a sampling of what the new board has planned for the year: Our Leadership Team met on February 27 for an all day strategic planning session and we have a three year plan that is aligned closely with ICF Global’s recently announced Strategic plan and will put more focus on professional development opportunities and interface with the business community. The strategic plan is also in response to the recent survey that was conducted, that indicated that this what our membership is looking for. We also want to be more mindful of the geographic spread of our membership (all of Vancouver Island plus the Gulf Islands). We are planning five (5) Armchair Discussion events (over and above our regular events)…one will be on the value of your ICF membership (all the resources and free marketing tools available); one will be on a debrief on the learnings from the recent Business Development Series (anyone who participated and who would like to sit on a panel discussion, please let me know), one Armchair Discussion on Ethics in Coaching, one on Credentialling, and one on Using LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook to market yourself. These are hot topics these days. In addition, Annette and I are happy to share our learnings from the Global Conference as well as the job analysis panel that I participated in. We are looking for committee members in the following areas – Communications, Events, Community Relations and Membership. …for more information, please contact the Directors listed…I encourage everyone to get involved in your Chapter…it’s only as good as we make it to be!

  It’s exciting to know that ICF is celebrating our 20th year anniversary … stay tuned for events happening this year by visiting ICF Job Analysis- DACUM meeting I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a panel discussion on a job analysis on the role of a coach. I participated in the internal coach role panel and learned much about the various models of internal coaching across the world. Most organizations have internal coaches who are operational people, coaching a percentage of their time. Fewer organizations have full time coach roles…here’s further information on what I was involved in…and then next stage will be to conduct a global survey to validate the work that we undertook last month. Keeping up with trends and changes in the world of professional coaching is an important aspect of the International Coach Federation’s (ICF’s) work. This is why ICF invited 19 coach practitioners representing different countries, diverse backgrounds and varying experience levels to a two-day meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to discuss the duties and tasks associated with running a successful coaching practice. With the help of two seasoned facilitators, the coaches used a DACUM process to structure their conversations. The group was divided into two clusters: One discussed the general duties of a coach practitioner, while the other focused on the responsibilities of internal coach practitioners (professional coach practitioners employed within an organization who have specific coaching responsibilities identified in their job descriptions). The clusters identified specific roles that coaches play in building and maintaining a sustainable practice and also categorized the skills, behaviors, tools and knowledge that allows them to be current, relevant and effective. This work provides vital information that may influence future coaching practice. It will form the basis for a validation survey that will allow for input from ICF Members and Credential-holders—as well as, potentially, from non-ICF coaches. The results of this survey will be made public and used to create robust guidelines, inform curriculum design and influence assessment processes. ICF Global Leaders Forum On March 5-7, Annette Siewertsen (Past President and Steering Committee Member on Western Regional Advisory Committee) and I attended the first ICF Global Leaders forum in Atlanta, where the chapter leaders discussed challenges and opportunities to look at alignment to the global brand. We met Chapter Presidents from all over the world, learning about their successes and challenges in their Chapters. I will offer a briefing at an upcoming armchair session. Looking forward This year promises to be an exciting year. The Leadership team is strong and committed to ensuring that our membership is well served. I encourage you to reach out to any or all of us to have a conversation. We have our regular events scheduled, as well as our annual International Coaching Week. The Leadership team now meets virtually (on the Zoom platform) to even the playing field for those who are from outside the Victoria area. Consider volunteering for a Committee or to stand for a nomination to next year’s Board. Lily  

Lily Seto

President, VI Coaches

Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Supportive Community

Vancouver Island Coaches AssociationA supportive community can be critical to help you through the stress of tough times, whether you’ve had a bad day at work or a year filled with loss or illness. Since your family, friends, and colleagues are such an important part of your life, it’s never too soon to cultivate these important relationships.

People who surround themselves with support not only reach their goals quicker and with more gusto but they also experience more fulfillment while having fun getting there.

A perfect way to support each other in the coaching community is our September Coaches Café – Share Your Favourite Coaching Resources on Tuesday, September 9th. We hope you will be joining us. Even if you don’t have a resource to share come learn about what other coaches are using in their practices. Always lots of sharing, laughter and support!

Register Here

Don’t be shy to bring your favourite resource or tool. The more we help and support each other the more we gain help and support ourselves. You never know if what you are using with your coaching clients could have a major impact on someone else or their client.

To start us off, one of our Chapter Members, Anneli Driessen shared the following website that she though may be of interest to our membership: Thank you Anneli.

In the spirit of sharing – If you find this website useful, we would love to hear your comments below.

“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” William Arthur Ward

This year we have been focusing on the larger community of coaching. We have travelled to Saltspring Island to play, share and support our Gulf Island members and colleagues. In November we will be travelling up island to play, share and support our members who can’t always travel to Victoria to attend our events. These pockets of communities help to make ICF Vancouver Island Coaching Association what it is. A sharing, caring, supportive community of coaches. Thank you for being part of this journey and for supporting myself and our Leadership Team along the way.

On that note, I invite you to join me in welcoming our two newest members to our Leadership Team. Lily Seto is stepping in as Vice President and will be taking over my role as President next year. Maria Lironi has stepped in as our Director of Events so you will be hearing more from her very shortly. We are thrilled to be working with the curious, creative minds of Lily and Maria and are looking forward to what unfolds next.

Here’s to caring and sharing with a wonderful community of coaches!

Coaching Happenings in our Broader Community

heartinhandsVancouver Island Coaches Association has so many exciting things happening that involve our broader coaching community.


Starting with the International Coaching Events this month from May 20 – 23:

We are pleased to welcome Laurie Hillis who will be presenting ‘The Wholehearted Resilient Coach’ based on Brene Brown’s inspirational The Daring Way™ program on Tuesday, May 20th from 8:00 – 12:00 at the Victoria Executive Centre.

We invite people to experience the power of coaching with Coaching Demonstrations in the Square daily from May 20 – 22 from 12:00 – 1:30 in Centennial Square. Do you know anyone who would like to benefit the experience of coaching to help them understand how coaching can contribute to a vibrant community? Why not send them down Centennial Square to give it a try?

We have a series of webinars from May 21 – 23:

  • Coaching as an Essential Tool for Organizational Development
  • Happiness Works Best
  • Create Your Inspired Life
  • The 4 Key Ingredients of a Sustainable Coaching Business
  • How to Integrate Coaching into International Change Programs

Which events will we see you at? To sign up for any of these events please go to:

CCE’s are available for each event.


We are taking our June Member Event to Saltspring Island where we will explore the differences between Group Coaching and Team Coaching with Lynda Monk. What a wonderful way to meet and learn from our

fellow neighbour coaches on Saltspring Island who may not have had an opportunity to join us in Victoria for our events. Plus for those who don’t have an opportunity to explore the Saltspring Market here is your opportunity to combine fun and coach learning. Complete details tbd.


On July 14th we will be welcoming Damian Goldvarg, President of the International Coach Federation to our beautiful city where we invite you all to come and hear him speak about Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision. This is your opportunity to meet your ICF President and ask him questions about what is happening in the ICF Global community. Complete details tbd.

We thought these events would be a perfect way to help our members to get to know each other and the broader coaching community.

Which events will we see you at?

The Value of Membership – Co-Creating a Community of Practice

Support and ConnectionPresident’s Message

One of the greatest values of membership in VI Coaches, from my perspective, is the opportunity of co-creating a vibrant and dynamic community of practice.

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. – Etienne Wenger-Trayner

According to Wenger-Trayner, who coined the phrase with Jean Lave, three characteristics are critical in cultivating a community of practice.

  1. The domain: A community of practice is not merely a club of friends or a network of connections between people. It has an identity defined by a shared domain of interest – in our case that of standing in services as coaches and advancing the coaching profession. Membership implies a commitment to this domain, and therefore a shared competence that distinguishes members.
  2. The community: In pursuing their interest in their domain, members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information. They build relationships that enable them to learn from each other. Having the same job or the same title does not make for a community of practice unless members interact and learn together. An example that Wenger-Trayner uses is that of the Impressionists, who used to meet in cafes and studios to discuss the style of painting they were inventing together. These interactions were essential to making them a community of practice even though they often painted alone.
  3. The practice: Members of a community of practice are practitioners. They develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems – in short a shared practice. This takes time and sustained interaction.

We encourage you to engage with us in developing and contributing to these elements. As we do this together, our VI Coaches community of practice will flourish.

A heartfelt thank you for who you are and what you do in our community!

Sarah Evans, President, VI Coaches

PS Please remember to renew your ICF membership

Share Your “Go-To” Workshop Activities – Here Are Two to Get You Started


Submitted by Delaney Tosh & Tracy McMicking

At our Coaches Café events this year, we have featured either activities to stimulate thoughtful conversation or presented tools for your coaching toolkits. The value of this is clear to us by the continuing conversations and by the requests we receive to share more workshop activity and coaching tool ideas.

So, here is a resource article that we invite you to participate in. To kick-start this dialogue, we feature two activities that could be used in group workshop settings. Please join the dialogue on this blog using the comments section and share your “go-to” workshop activities that have served you well.

Going forward we will feature your shared workshop activities ideas in upcoming eNews editions and we’ll gather the comments together into one big resource to make available to our members on our website as a download.

Team Building Activity: Your Land – Guided Visualization Exercise

Objective: To have each member of the team form a visualization of their land for the purpose of understanding themselves, their values and their challenges on a deeper level. Each member shares what their land is like and what they learned so that others can gain a greater understanding of them and begin to create common ground.

Participants will need paper and pen to make notes during short breaks during the visualization so they can capture important aspects of their land for later.

The facilitator guides the group to close their eyes and begin to visualize arriving at their land.

Guide the individuals to notice the following: how they arrive (by what mode of transport), how they are greeted or not, what the smell is like, the geography and terrain, what the temperature and weather is like.

Have them make their way from their point of arrival to the central town or city and notice what it is like, taking in the atmosphere, how people are moving around, what the pace is like. Ask them to begin to notice how people are getting along and what the politics are, the policies and the principles that guide the way their land functions.

They walk around their land visiting a variety of areas, like their home, the streets or trails and a market place noticing what it is like, why they like it and why it works so well.

Take a short break after visiting each area for the purpose of making notes.

They also imagine that there is an area in their land that they don’t want to visit and they describe what it is like and why they don’t want to go there.

Then have each member of the group share briefly what their land was like, what stood out for them and what insights the exercise revealed about what is important for them in a well functioning environment.

After each member shared what they wanted to about their land each other member of the team offered what they learned about that person in a positive way and the new insights they had about the person’s ability to contribute.

The facilitator can then open a discussion of what positive outcomes were gained that supports them becoming a more cohesive team.

Workshop or Team Building Activity: “What I Like About Your Idea is…AND…”

Technically this is an ideation exercise – for helping groups create creative ideas. However, it is great for helping teams learn to plan more co–creatively and helps train team members how to avoid the ‘shutting down’ behaviours that can make meetings or planning frustrating. I received the idea for this activity from Vince Gowmon of Remembering to Play and have modified it and been using it very successfully since.

You can also use this exercise as a fun workshop opener. It provides a fun way to stimulate creative thinking. In this case you would tailor the de-brief questions towards the purpose of your workshop.

Recommended Group Size: Best with groups under 20 people. However, you could split up larger groups into smaller groups.
Total run time: 10 to 20 minutes depending on size of team and whether you proceed with part 2.

Objective & Instructions:

Put the phrase up for all to see: “What I Like About Your Idea is…AND…”

Provide group with something to plan, something neutral and fun – such as a circus, or a new way of presenting the Academy Awards event.

The goal is to ideate only — not to resolve or plan logistics.

How to Begin:
First person shares an idea. For example, “so, we’re going to host a circus, here is an idea – we could have it at the beach”.
Second person says, “What I like about your idea is…(and say something you like)…AND…(give your idea)”.
Third person continues, “what I like about your idea is…AND…”
Note: it can be suggested that ideas build off of the previous ideas, but it is not wholly necessary.

It is important not to evaluate the idea – just present what you like about it …AND…then add an idea to the previous person’s idea.

Let the activity go around the team enough times so that each person has at least four opportunities to participate – about 5 minutes.


  • What did you notice as you did this activity?
  • When did the team loosen up and come alive?
  • What was the sense of connection? When was this most noticeable?
  • What did you notice when an idea didn’t resonate? What was that like for you?
  • How did you keep the flow of the connection going when you didn’t resonate with an idea? How did that impact the activity overall, impact the team?
  • What skills did you have to call on?
  • What was it like to always look for something positive to acknowledge?
  • When was it hard to be creative? When easy?
  • What kind of adjustments did you personally need to make for the group to be successful with the activity?

Key learning points:

  1. Awareness – of others and of what is possible when you are truly building your awareness of the other and the shared purpose.
  2. Connection
  3. Learning what moves the play forward – this is a new tool to use in team meetings and planning sessions.
  4. Listening – you can’t share what you like about an idea if you are not listening; you can’t look for shared interest towards shaping a common goal when you are not listening.

Part 2:

You either stop here having captured and summarized the key learning points, or you can run through this exercise again, but this time in the context of their work, using a real work example.


  • What did you notice?
  • What was different this time?
  • What were you trusting from the group? From yourself?
  • Where do you notice you stop listening?
  • What do you think is possible if, as a team, you bring the energy and skills you used in this activity into your day to day planning? How would coming to the plan be different?

Key Point to sum up: The purpose of this exercise is to bring your own awareness to how/when you support the connection and energy and flow of the team and how/when you shut it down.


Now, using the comments section…please share with us your favourite workshop activities and when and how you use them. Or, share with us other ways you might use the two activities above.