Be A Thought Leader! Publish An Article!

Be a Thought Leader!

Highlight your expertise while helping to advance the profile of professional coaching and our Chapter in our community.

The VI Coaches website has several blank webpages just waiting for content from our Chapter Members. Our intention with these pages is to support our members in their marketing efforts by publishing their articles under specific categories:

  1. Tools for Your Life
  2. Tools for Internal Coaching
  3. Tools for Your Career
  4. Tools for Business
  5. Organizational Coaching
  6. Tools for Leaders
  7. Tools for the Organization
  8. Tools for Coaches

Articles are being marketed via our website, our eNews, our various social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) and to our professional alliances and target audience.  Our audience is growing monthly and it includes your target market.

Members, do you have articles you would like us to publish on this website? Have you always wanted to write an article, but haven’t yet? This is your opportunity!

Submit your article to our Director of Communications.  We will let you know when your article has been posted.

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles should be informative on the subject matter, offering tips, coaching enquiries, new approaches, case studies (mindful of confidentiality) or summarizing research. Aim to expand the reader’s perspective and/or inspire them.
  • We invite you to be authentic and let your personality shine through.
  • Please use clear language and an active, direct voice. Avoid using the passive, indirect voice.  Shorter more direct sentences are more powerful.
  • Avoid any sales pitches – this will be edited out.
  • Articles should respect confidentiality, copyright laws and honour the ICF Codes of Ethics.
  • Aim for 500-1500 words.
  • You may repurpose an article you’ve already posted to your own website – just include a note in your byline “article also appears….”, but please do not submit an article you’ve already published in another publication.  Keep in mind, though, that unique articles offering fresh perspectives will be more appealing to your audience and will help you expand your reach.
  • Provide a ~25 word byline along with your website URL and include any links to pages you wish to promote – this is where you may promote yourself.
  • Provide your head-shot (optional, but preferred).
  • If you have a banner image you would like to include, please include this, as well (respecting copyright, of course. Try for images).
  • VI Coaches reserves the right to edit content or to not publish articles.

Our aim is to provide educational and professional content for the target market of coaches (or for coaches in the case of the “Tools for Coaches” category). Our goal is to market the expertise of our Chapter members.