President’s Summer Message

Hello again;

I’ve been thinking a lot about some of Margaret Wheatley’s work on “Willing to be Disturbed”. What she says is “…No one person or perspective can give us the answers we need to the problems of today. Paradoxically, we can only find those answers by admitting we don’t know. We have to be willing to let go of our certainty and expect ourselves to be confused for a time.”

I find this interesting and stimulating, given that I am currently reading “Willful Blindness” by Margaret Heffernan, who explores how some of our blind spots and biases are human nature and sometimes, we ignore them in our quest to maintain the status quo and how wedded we can be to our ideas and opinions.

I bring this up because our Chapter recently hosted the first ever North American forum on Coaching SuperVision. We had guests from all over North America and parts of Europe. We also had a virtual panelist from Singapore join us to explore what this trending topic is all about.

People came not knowing very much about Coaching SuperVision, some in the process of studying what it is, and some with some real reservations about the whole concept. In the end, we were all willing to be curious and intellectually disturbed about the topic. Not everyone changed their view, but that’s not what our leadership team’s objective was. We wanted to increase understanding of Coaching SuperVision. There is so much “noise” about it at the global level we wanted to explore what it is and then, as individuals and groups be able to make an informed decision whether or not to engage in this type of professional and personal development.

Some things that made the forum a resounding success included:

  • The Forum was a “no marketing, no sales” event
  • The event was just about deep dialogue and exploration – even our international guests turned off their i-phones for the duration of the event without even being asked to
  • Everyone was there to learn and were willing to be intellectually disturbed…we talked, we laughed, we learned, and we talked some more
  • Through demonstrations with international coaches and coach supervisors, we were able to witness and experience what coach supervision is all about
  • We connected and reconnected with coaching colleagues and friends.

Click here for more details on this event.

Also, since I last wrote back in May, as part of my professional development, I attended a Coaching Supervision event in Oxfordshire, England. I also attended a Chapter event at ICF Lithuania to engage the group in a conversation on how to collaborate as a chapter, as well as to conduct a coaching demonstration. And, finally, as part of that same trip, I visited lovely Ireland, where I met up with some coaches I had met through various events in the past. It was a month of connecting globally!

Here is a photo of the group in Lithuania (you need to click on it to make it bigger):


Our Chapter hosted a number of events during the International Coach Week May 20. For more details on this and next years event, please Contact our Vice President.

On June 6, a number of coaches from Victoria and a number of coaches from up island met for our second “Creative Coaches Salon” in Nanaimo at the Kwumut Lelum Child and Family Services. The event was well tended by folks from Courtney to Port Alberni, Victoria, and the Nanaimo area. For more information on this event, please click here. 

Tracey Burns, our newly appointed Director of Events, will be reviewing events to the end of the calendar year and linking them directly to our Strategic goals. She is drafting a policy and procedure document on how events will be decided upon in the future. If you are interested in this topic, please contact Tracey Burns directly. Stay tuned for more information on events coming up. We typically alternate a virtual event with a face-to-face event on a monthly basis.

Our Community Relations team is also in conversation with a number of organizations to see if we can present about coaching and expose our chapter to the business community…exciting things coming up.

I would like to highlight another few things:

  • We will be going into nomination season for our leadership positions in September. If you would like to serve on the nomination committee, please contact our past president, Annette Siewertsen.
  • A thank you to John Burr for agreeing to work on a draft policy on Sponsorship for our chapter events and website…this work will happen late summer, or early fall.

That’s it fellow coaches! Have a wonderful summer and “see you in September”…

PS – for our members – don’t forget to complete your profiles on the website…it’s part of the benefits of being a member!