Spring and New Beginnings

A message from our president: Hello, everyone; Spring is my favourite time of year, signalling new beginnings; some regrowth and some new growth. And, it seems like an appropriate metaphor for where our Chapter is heading this year. Here’s a sampling of what the new board has planned for the year: Our Leadership Team met on February 27 for an all day strategic planning session and we have a three year plan that is aligned closely with ICF Global’s recently announced Strategic plan and will put more focus on professional development opportunities and interface with the business community. The strategic plan is also in response to the recent survey that was conducted, that indicated that this what our membership is looking for. We also want to be more mindful of the geographic spread of our membership (all of Vancouver Island plus the Gulf Islands). We are planning five (5) Armchair Discussion events (over and above our regular events)…one will be on the value of your ICF membership (all the resources and free marketing tools available); one will be on a debrief on the learnings from the recent Business Development Series (anyone who participated and who would like to sit on a panel discussion, please let me know), one Armchair Discussion on Ethics in Coaching, one on Credentialling, and one on Using LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook to market yourself. These are hot topics these days. In addition, Annette and I are happy to share our learnings from the Global Conference as well as the job analysis panel that I participated in. We are looking for committee members in the following areas – Communications, Events, Community Relations and Membership. …for more information, please contact the Directors listed…I encourage everyone to get involved in your Chapter…it’s only as good as we make it to be!

  It’s exciting to know that ICF is celebrating our 20th year anniversary … stay tuned for events happening this year by visiting http://www.coachfederation.org/ ICF Job Analysis- DACUM meeting I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a panel discussion on a job analysis on the role of a coach. I participated in the internal coach role panel and learned much about the various models of internal coaching across the world. Most organizations have internal coaches who are operational people, coaching a percentage of their time. Fewer organizations have full time coach roles…here’s further information on what I was involved in…and then next stage will be to conduct a global survey to validate the work that we undertook last month. Keeping up with trends and changes in the world of professional coaching is an important aspect of the International Coach Federation’s (ICF’s) work. This is why ICF invited 19 coach practitioners representing different countries, diverse backgrounds and varying experience levels to a two-day meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to discuss the duties and tasks associated with running a successful coaching practice. With the help of two seasoned facilitators, the coaches used a DACUM process to structure their conversations. The group was divided into two clusters: One discussed the general duties of a coach practitioner, while the other focused on the responsibilities of internal coach practitioners (professional coach practitioners employed within an organization who have specific coaching responsibilities identified in their job descriptions). The clusters identified specific roles that coaches play in building and maintaining a sustainable practice and also categorized the skills, behaviors, tools and knowledge that allows them to be current, relevant and effective. This work provides vital information that may influence future coaching practice. It will form the basis for a validation survey that will allow for input from ICF Members and Credential-holders—as well as, potentially, from non-ICF coaches. The results of this survey will be made public and used to create robust guidelines, inform curriculum design and influence assessment processes. ICF Global Leaders Forum On March 5-7, Annette Siewertsen (Past President and Steering Committee Member on Western Regional Advisory Committee) and I attended the first ICF Global Leaders forum in Atlanta, where the chapter leaders discussed challenges and opportunities to look at alignment to the global brand. We met Chapter Presidents from all over the world, learning about their successes and challenges in their Chapters. I will offer a briefing at an upcoming armchair session. Looking forward This year promises to be an exciting year. The Leadership team is strong and committed to ensuring that our membership is well served. I encourage you to reach out to any or all of us to have a conversation. We have our regular events scheduled, as well as our annual International Coaching Week. The Leadership team now meets virtually (on the Zoom platform) to even the playing field for those who are from outside the Victoria area. Consider volunteering for a Committee or to stand for a nomination to next year’s Board. Lily  

Lily Seto

President, VI Coaches