Spring 2016 Education + Events Recap

Below you will find a very quick summary of our Spring 2016 Events and Educational opportunities which include links to free tools and resources to help grow your practice and connect you to the global coaching picture!

  • April 2nd, Marcia Reynolds. Breakthrough Coaching. Marcia’s website has free exercises to help mind-growing for leaders. Yes, mind-growng. Visit here.
  • April 30th, Emma-Louise Elsey of the Coaching Tools Company: So many creative ideas, engaging activities and helpful templates were shared during this Saltspring Island workshop. Check out the free resources and coaching tools here.  
  • May 16th, International Coaching week kicked off with a Wine + Cheese with purpose. Visit ICF global to learn about how to host ICW events in your community for following years and to see what’s new on a global level!
  • May 18th, Ethical Maturity. This free webinar offered during International Coaching Week by Past President Lily Seto was such a huge success, on such a HOT topic, that people were left asking for more! Watch to see if a part 2 happens (our fingers are crossed). Read more and anchor your practice with the global ICF ethics. 
  • May 30th, Coaching Mastery with Mentoring & Supervision. We were over the moon thankful for the courageous coaching demo’s that took place via webinar. There is nothing like experiencing and witnessing masterful coaching to really “get it”! Check out Towards Coaching Mastery and discover how Lily Seto, Scott Richardson, and Daiana Stoicescu are helping to rapidly elevate coaching skills!
  • June 17th, Daring to Rise Strong. Don’t miss Laurie Hillis and the magic of Brene Brown’s research around emotions + stories and how they impact our actions. Come write a daring new ending and learn how to use the technique to benefit your clients. (JUST a few days left to register! click here to learn more or sign up today).

Contact Events Director, Mary Prefontaine, at events@vicoaches.org with any questions or ideas on how we can create events and educational opportunities that will help you sharpen your saw + create new connections for you!