Self-Leadership and Values

By Tania Walter Gardiner

To effectively lead yourself, you need to be clear who you are and what your core values are.

What matters to you?

Your values are your filter to identify and choose what fits for you in business and life.

If you were to identify your top three to five core values, what are they?

Values alignment can create a ripple effect.

Values connect you to your authentic self. They reveal who you are and what you stand for. Self-leadership begins from a place of connectedness with your authentic self. If you were truly aligned with your decisions from the inside out, what would that mean for you? What would be the ripple effect to others? When you act and behave in alignment with your values, you achieve the outcomes you want with ease, a calm centredness and resourcefulness. When you have this deep awareness of who you are, you can readily act in your own best interest while respecting others.

Are you crystal clear on who you are?

How clear are you about who you are? Being crystal clear on who you are, having a values-based vision aligned with a strategic action plan is essential to your definition of success in business and life.


Contributing Member: Tania Walter Gardiner, MA, BA, ACC

Tania is a certified professional solutions and values focused coach and consultant who works with individuals and teams helping them to gain clarity, focus and direction, enabling them to live their definition of success in business and life. To explore coaching with Tania, visit her website, Integral Connections.


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