Coaching Tools That Make a Difference – April 30th, 2016

Ramp Up Your Success: Coaching Tools & Exercises That Make a Difference

What better way to get revved up for May’s International Coach Week…then to attend a workshop that will give you some FRESH new tools!
 In this interactive workshop, work through 3 coaching exercises to help build self-awareness and self-confidence, clarity and focus – and how you can add these and other similar coaching tools to your toolbox and practice.
We live in a world where people have more than ever before, but seem less happy. There are opportunities galore, and yet so many people procrastinate and avoid doing what is necessary to achieve their goals. Organizations want leaders, but leadership is so much more than a title and simply telling people what to do.
What do these have in common?
To be successful and (perhaps more importantly) truly happy, we must get to know – and be – ourselves in the world. We achieve when we connect our goals to our deepest values, when we become aware of where we sabotage ourselves, when we develop a strong, kind and wise inner self – and trust ourselves. In short when we are authentic and self-aware, and when we are clear and focused. These tools will help you create this awareness with your clients.
We will discuss, experience and explore together:
  • How, when and why to use coaching tools and exercises in your practice.
  • How coaching exercises and worksheets can be used to help clients build self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • How a form or worksheet can be used to share knowledge and concepts that increase a client’s effectiveness.
  • Key aspects of what makes a standalone coaching exercise effective
  • Where to find inspiration – and tips – for creating your own Coaching Tools & Exercises


PRESENTER:  Emma-Louse Elsey, BSc (Hons), PracNLP

Emma-Louise Elsey, founder of The Coaching Tools and Life Coach on the Go! is a vibrant and successful coach and entrepreneur.  Having coached for more than a decade, Emma-Louise was previously a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies.  At The Coaching Tools she has combined her practical mind with her passion for coaching and creativity, creating a place for coaches to go for tools, resources and inspiration. Launched in 2009, she now offers over 100 coaching forms and exercises, all customizable for branding, including 25+ free coaching tools.  With a vast following, she has 10,000 coaches from 124 different countries signed up for her weekly newsletter

Additionally, she + her husband, run Cosy Woodpecker Cottage on Salt Spring Island and recently bought and revamped the tourism website – with everything you need to know about Salt Spring Island!

Update: ICF Coaching Educational Credits are now applied to this workshop.  1.25 Core competency and .25 resource development!