Presidents Message – Sustainability and Coaching

2014 has certainly started and has been full of wonderful new beginnings to a hopeful new year! As I start my term as President of our Chapter for this year – I am reminded how much happens in such a short time and how quickly time passes if we allow it to.

As we embark on this year as a Chapter and develop a year of fun and learning – I invite you as coaches and colleagues to participate in Chapter activities, contribute to our blogs, reach out to us with ideas and/or questions to continue to shape the future of our chapter. One contribution makes a difference.

What would you like to see as a member of this growing coaching community? How can our Chapter’s Leadership Team contribute to this vision? How can you contribute to this vision?

What I envision for this year is involving our coaching community and the local community as a whole while still valuing our health, wellbeing, relationship and contributions.

This brings me to one of my all time favourite stories and one of the reasons why I believe in coaching and being in service to others. As coaches we do make a difference…one conversation at a time.


a chapter…we will make a difference one contribution at a time.

Looking forward to connecting and making a difference this year with you all.