President’s Message – November 2015 – Traditions


As we move into mid-fall, I’ve been thinking a lot about how important traditions are for maintaining status quo, which the dictionary defines as “the general state of things”. And, how important it is to continually question our traditions to determine if they still work for us, or whether they are keeping us stuck and no longer serve us. And if not, what do we want to create in their place?

So, I’ve been taking stock of what traditions we have in our Chapter and in our organization at large. And, what traditions might we want to continue, stop and create, for our Chapter. Some of the ones that I am appreciating include:

  • Giving back to our community through our “Coaching in Community” program,
  • Our December “Jingle and Mingle” event, where we collect for the Mustard Seed Back, and
  • Our tradition of taking an event to Salt Spring (although we didn’t quite make it work this year).

Some things that I hope that become tradition include:

  • An increase in our blogging section which I hope will connect our members and Chapter friends more (check it out; some nice blogging happening),
  • The use of virtual meetings for the Board and Leadership team meetings so that the our members from outside of the Victoria area can participate more easily,
  • Showcasing some of the great things that our members are doing, and
  • That we continue to welcome international guests into our community on a regular basis.

On November 6, our Chapter welcomed Matt Varney (Director of Chapter Development), Kristen Kelly (Manager, North American Regional Service Centre) and Emily Williams (Program Accreditation Manager). We had a very robust conversation about:

  • The value of membership,
  • Credentialling,
  • Coaching standards and what is happening around the world,
  • The new research portal,
  • The updating of the referral system, and
  • The reciprocal peer coaching program.

We also heard that the ICF Global Conferences will resume in 2017, and happen every two years….stay tuned! The first one is anticipated to be somewhere in North America.

I’ve also heard that one of our members, Dr. Tammy Dewar, has just published a book “How to Forgive Your Boss”. It’s a practical how-to book to guide the reader to improve workplace relationships. There’s a blog on this topic of anyone wants to know more about it. And, if anyone else would like to offer a blog about the wonderful things you are doing, please send it to our Director, Communications  at for approval and posting (we ensure that the blog is not a heavy marketing tool, although adding a link to more information is acceptable). Let’s continue and make a tradition of showcasing our members’ work through our blog. If you want to write about an event that you participated in that you think would be of interest to our members, please blog away.

And a heads up that our Chapter is in conversations to hold a minimum of two events in the business community, one in Victoria, and one up island, to showcase our members and what coaching is. Stay tuned for more information, and, if you would like to be involved, please contact our Director, Community Relations at

Hope to see you at our “Jingle and Mingle”. We have a special guest, Laurie Hillis, from the Calgary Chapter, who has graciously agreed to introduce one of the hottest books on the market “Rising Strong”, by Brenee Brown. For more information and to register, please go to the events page.

And, finally…voting is under way for a new Global Board…make your vote count. Our own nominations are to be announced shortly..stay tuned!

What traditions will you stop, continue, or introduce?