President’s Message, June 2016

Hello Everyone,

I was sifting through my file capturing the high points of everything we have undertaken since my last letter. I was in awe of how much time has passed already and all that we have accomplished so far. Serving on this board is truly an honour and I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent you. It is also inspiring to work with such a powerhouse team of board members who are so full of ideas, passion and commitment.

Speaking of a powerhouse team… you may have noticed an increase in posts, tweets and emails from ICF Global, I know I sure have and it’s wonderful to have well researched, relevant material to retweet, repost and to gain ideas and insight from. I’ve personally passed on a lot of this information to my clients who have appreciated the quality of the information and the opportunity to better understand the complexity of the work we do.

And… we’ve stepped up our game too and hope that you’ve noticed an increase in our communication that we’ve been intentional about creating across many social media platforms.


In addition, because our Chapter is located in a province that achieved more than 100 survey responses, in July we will have exclusive access to the Pricewaterhousecoopers’ online data reporting platform that will allow us immediate access to the research study. I’ve had a sneak peek already and there are some really interesting findings with regard to coaching trends and facts to support us to understand our marketplace better. Once we’ve had a chance to digest the study we will create an opportunity to present the information to you via a meet and greet and for those of our members geographically challenged, via webinar. The findings will be great conversation stimulants!


This week was certainly a lot of fun, the kickoff we held at the VEC – Think Space was well attended. Special thank you to Ian Chisholm of Roy Group our keynote speaker who created the perfect container for a lively discussion on coaching. Noun or Verb? What do you think? The conversation was stimulating, expansive and deliciously uncomfortable, the kind of space from which breakthroughs are born!

In addition, a special thank you to our local Chapter Members, Lily Seto (Past President) for her webinar on Ethics and also her participation with Scott Richardson and ICF Romania’s Vice President, Daiana Stoicescu for their presentation on Mentoring vs. Coaching Supervision. Both webinars were outstanding, full of information, connection and what seems to be an emerging theme, lively conversation.

Thank you to all that attended, we’d still love to hear how you celebrated International Coaching Week so please continue to send in your stories and/or post on Facebook.


This project is now well underway, the orientation complete and the training begun for the volunteer coaches.  As I participated in the orientation webinar and saw all the faces pop up from all over the world my heart expanded and I was filled with gratitude. When I realized the extent of the ICF Chapters from all around the globe that have come together to support this project I got really present to the potential that exists for our planet through our coaches. We truly can be a model for what is possible when we collaborate as one. If you haven’t had a chance to check the project out please do so, there are still ways you can participate.


“had me a blast….” (Name the musical!) I know, I know, it’s an easy one. Summer is the perfect time to love you up and pay particular attention to self-care. When I say self-care I mean from every aspect of the word. Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual – the whole you. That unique, magical space that we create with our clients takes a special kind of coach-care. I’ve been paying particular attention to my own coach-care recently ensuring that I’m doing my own work.

I was listening to a podcast the other day that debunked the fact that we can have work/life balance and instead introduced the notion of “integration” which also happens to be one of my favourite words. My takeaway was that by embracing the notion of integration we create consistency and constancy in our lives.

For example, in Summer consider how you might integrate the great outdoors into your coach-care regime. What would be possible for you and your clients if you were to shift your coaching environment to one of our beautiful beaches, or out on one of our incredible provincial trails?

When I connect with nature my heart fills with gratitude and my creativity flourishes. Recently content has poured onto paper and I’ve been writing and creating beautiful projects from the ahas and ideas that are flooding my brain.

I’ve also given myself permission to play like the three year old that I once was, taking time to roll in long grass with my dog, gaze at the stars by night and the clear blue sky by day.

What are your coach-care plans this Summer? 

Tracey Burns, President VI ICF Chapter