Notice of Special General Meeting March 12, 2013

Notice of a Call for a Special General Meeting of the Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Berwick Royal Oak, 4680 Elk Lake Drive

 As the International Coach Federation operates on calendar year cycle (Jan to Dec), it has been suggested that we adjust our current fiscal year (Apr to Mar) and conduct business henceforth on a calendar year. In keeping with the exigencies of the BC Societies Registry, the AGM will be held following the year end, that is to say in January of each year. This will take effect in January 2014 and the AGM scheduled for May 2013 will proceed as planned.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, the current board is prepared to stay in position for a short fiscal and program year from Apr to Dec 2013 and then remain in service (advisory) to the new board for a period to be mutually decided.

SGM Resolution 1
It is resolved that the annual cycle for VI Coaches operations be changed from a “Apr 1 – Mar 31 Year” to a “Jan 1 – Dec 31 Year”. This is an ordinary resolution and requires a 50% majority vote. Votes can be provided in person or by proxy.

SGM Resolution 2
It is resolved that the VI Coaches Bylaw Section C, 2.1.” The term of office is one year” be waived for the current Board between May 2013 to Jan 2014 in order to accommodate the transition period to the new annual cycle. This is a special resolution and requires a 75% majority vote. Votes can be provided in person or by proxy.

If you are unable to attend the SGM, Click Here to Download the Proxy Form

Proxy instructions: The proxy form is posted separately and can be downloaded for use locally. Please complete according to the Proxy Form instructions. Once completed, e-mail either the form or the name of the person hand carrying the form to the SGM to the Secretary. Thank you for your participation and support in making your Association a successful and robust organization.