Meet the 2020 ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors Team


The Chapter is kicking off 2020 with an incredible team of volunteers!

Meet your 2020 Board of Directors who are excited to make this a year of dynamic expansion.


Cheryl Joslin

Vision for the Chapter: That the chapter continue to encourage inclusion of all members at all levels and provide engaging opportunities for members to connect.



Kieran Harrop, ACC
Vice President

Vision for the Chapter:  That our Chapter support, connect, and inspire both coaches and coachees in our community. That we increase the visibility and impact of the ICF Vancouver Island, bringing together coaches, coachees and organizations to flourish and become future-fit in dynamic co-creation within our social, political and ecological systems.


Fern Schultz, PCC

Vision for the Chapter:  A vibrant community of professional coaches supporting each other and contributing to the larger communities, which we serve.



Adele Fraser, ACC

Vision for the Chapter: Offering a valuable contribution to the profession of coaching and provide connection and growth opportunities for members.



Tamara Wichniewicz, ACC
Director of Membership

Vision for the Chapter: That the Chapter dynamically expand, that we efficiently and playfully collaborate, and that our Chapter and its members be seen and valued in the community.



Alison Dunatov
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter:



Olga Netchaeva, ACC
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter: That we continue to co-create a strong sense of community within the chapter and beyond, and support each other in furthering the coaching profession.



Johanna Stiver, ACC
Director of Communications

Vision for the Chapter:  To connect members across Vancouver Island and to make the coaching community more visible and accessible to coaches in rural communities.



Lynn Wark, ACC
Director of Community Relations North Island

Vision for the Chapter:  My vision is to engage with, and listen to, our members to ensure that we deliver the opportunities and services that our chapter is looking for.

Beth Page, PCC
Director of Community Relations Mid Island

Vision for the Chapter: To offer opportunities for mid island coaches to connect, share, and learn from each other as we come together in service of our clients and our practice.


Eva Van Krugel, ACC
Director of Community Relations South Island

Vision for the Chapter: To deepen connection with our growing ecosystem with integrity, support and inspiration.