Meet Our Chapter’s New Board of Directors for 2021!


The Chapter is kicking off 2021 with an incredible team of volunteers!

Meet your 2021 Board of Directors who are excited to make this a year of inspiring connections.


Kieran Harrop, ACC

Vision for the Chapter: Supporting, connecting, and inspiring coaches and coachees in our community. To increase the visibility and impact of the ICF Vancouver Is-land. To bring together coaches, coachees and organizations to flourish and become future fit in dynamic co-creation within our social, political and ecological systems.


Johanna Stiver, ACC
Vice President

To connect members across Vancouver Island making the coaching community more visible and at the same time centering other voices to be more representative of coaches and clients with diverse experiences and perspectives.




Adele Fraser, ACC

Vision for the Chapter: To continue the good work from this past year – offering a valuable contribution to the profession of coaching and provide connection and growth opportunities for members.




Fern Schultz, PCC

Vision for the Chapter:  A vibrant community of professional coaches supporting each other and contributing to the larger communities, which we serve.




Tamara Wichniewicz, ACC
Director of Membership

Vision for the Chapter: That the Chapter dynamically expand, that we efficiently and playfully collaborate, and that our Chapter and its members be seen and valued in the community.



Jilly Hyndman, ACC
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter: Collaboration and community, uphold professional integrity, inclusivity and participation by all members.




Valerie Thackray
Director of Community Relations – South Island

Vision for the Chapter: To have a brand for a well-known and highly regarded coaching community of highly skilled, ethical and authentic coaches where learning from one another and continuous improvement are cultural cornerstones and coaching expertise and support are sought out by business and coaches alike.


Natasha Music-Laketic, ACC
Director of Events

Vision for the Chapter: Our Chapter promotes the power of coaching and is making coaching accessible to people who are curious about coaching and interested in their personal and professional growth. Our Chapter connects local coaches and provides them with opportunities to collaborate, contribute to new programs and transform.


Annette Siewertsen
Director of Communications

Vision for the Chapter: To support and inspire our members with innovative education opportunities while creating an inclusive and sustainable coaching community.