Kevin Cottam Speaks at VI Coaches AGM

Kevin Cottam speaking at VI Coaches AGMMembers of the VI Coaches Chapter enjoyed uncovering their own Aha moments during an inspiring presentation by author and coach, Kevin Cottam, at the AGM in May. Kevin’s enthusiasm is infectious and he had us all laughing and even brought tears to some of our members’ eyes as he wove personal stories into a presentation that encouraged us, as coaches, to help our clients draw out their Aha moments and use these to recognize who they are and what their path is all about.

The key point of Kevin’s presentation is that we tend to ignore the meaning behind the events of our lives, but could be using these as informative tools to inspire and guide meaningful action. A big Thank You to Kevin from all of us for dropping in from afar and delighting us with his wisdom.

Curious to learn more, but missed the AGM? Check out his book, Mother’s Pearls, 27 Aha Moments of Realization.