ICW A Week of Connection and Inspiration

Thanks to everyone involved for making International Coaching Week a great week of learning, connection and inspiration.  There were over 40 attendees at the various events from Victoria and beyond. We were thrilled to attract community members who are keen to get into the coaching profession!

I personally had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of sessions.  The Wholehearted Resilient Coach facilitated by Laurie Hillis was a powerful and insightful morning session.  Laurie’s engaging and authentic presence invited all of us to open up and explore some key concepts around bringing more of ourselves to our work.

Something I continue to go back to is the idea of the arena … picture Russell Crowe entering the arena in Gladiator but put yourself in his shoes facing any situation that involves risk and courage.  The people in the cheap seats are those who take shots at us without ever having entered the arena themselves. Brene Brown calls these folks “twitter thugs” and as she in fact did tweet,” If you’re not in the arena getting your butt kicked too, I’m not interested in your feedback.” Touche. I have spent way too much time listening to people who have never put themselves out there!

I also participated in Diane Lloyd’s webinar, 4 Key Ingredients to a Sustainable Coaching Business, and was equally inspired and energized.  Diane suggested there are 4 relationships we need to nurture in order to grow our business sustainably – relationship to self, business, prospects and clients.

Diane started with the powerful message of “clear intention vs perfect action” which was a wonderful connection back to Brene Brown’s work. As a recovering perfectionist, I loved this idea and will use it as my mantra going into some of my own “arena” work.  I was struck by the idea of efforting … that is what part of my business takes up a lot of “effort” but doesn’t necessarily provide ease or flow.  Getting rid of these efforting parts of our business frees us up to build the business we really DO want.

I also loved her idea of know your story and share it. I was encouraged by this to put more of “me” into our business website.  Diane also provided a ton of suggestions for how to automate your businesss … highlighting several online tools that allow coaches to free up their time to do what they love most – coach!

Thanks again to all of our other presenters – Carolyn Crow, Tracey Gibson, Jennifer Britton, Francois Viquesnel and the Co-Active Coaching Community – and the participants who made it all happen! Unfortunately, we did have to cancel a couple of sessions due to low numbers but I appreciate the time and energy that these presenters put it up front.

Tammy Dewar

VP Vancouver Island Coaches