ICF Vancouver Island Coaches Nominees for the 2016 Leadership Team

Hello Members,

The ICF Vancouver Island Coaches Association is pleased to announce the following slate of Nominees for our 2016 Leadership Team:

Slate of Nominees

President, Tracey Burns

Brief Bio
Tracey is looking forward to the opportunity to contribute & carry forward the momentum built by this year’s Leadership Team. She would like to make a huge difference & continue to contribute her energy & enthusiasm for our initiatives. Her intention is to continue along the trajectory already set by the strategic plan that is currently in place & to be a driving force in bringing useful, educational & engaging events to our local membership. Tracey sees a spirit of collaboration, inclusion & connection as outcomes of her tenure. She would like to recapture members that have drifted away from our Chapter & to fully serve our existing membership. Tracey would like to create our Chapter as a valuable resource for our existing coaches & those considering coaching as a profession. She would also like to continue to educate the public regarding Coaching as a profession & to create alliances & inclusiveness with existing associations & other professions. Tracey hopes to take away growth in her leadership & ability to work collaboratively with other associations & their members from her experience on our Leadership Team.

Tracey is a driven, dedicated individual who brings a spirit of fun & play to the committees that she plays on. She is reliable to take responsibility for the areas of leadership that she is still developing & to be proactive about resourcing herself when she is stuck &/or stopped. She loves playing on teams & is an inclusive leader always looking for ways to draw people in. She is passionate about the ICF, its goals, ethics & standards.

President Elect , Cammie Peterman

Brief Bio
Cammi is excited about being in the coaching community here in Victoria as well as contributing, learning & growing others as well as herself. Cammie hopes to contribute team, expansion, growing more coaches, insight & a ton of vision to our Leadership Team. Her vision for this role is to grow with the team, support in all ways as she can as well as bring what she offers to the table. She would like to help grow the chapter to great heights & make a difference with whomever is willing to play. Cammie hopes to take away community, collaboration & a ton of wins from her experience on our Leadership Team.

Cammie is lots of fun, creative, powerful, a straight shooter & has a ton of insight.

Treasurer, Teri Brigden

Brief Bio
Teri is a new resident of Vancouver Island & a new member of our chapter. She is excited to be involved in what appears to be such an enthusiastic & collaborative leadership team. She feels the insight & knowledge she will gain from the team will be insurmountable as she grows her own coaching practice locally. As a senior HR Consultant & current Canadian wide board member, she feels that she has the insight & expertise to offer to the team. In addition, as she also has a technical (BSc Honours) & business background, she feels that she has the aptitude to take on the role of Treasurer. Teri’s vision for this position is to oversee the finances of this organization & with that to assist with the overall management of the boards finances; including maintaining accurate records & supporting documentation for all transactions. By maintaining detailed financial information, the board will have a full understanding at all times of financial status & where/when we have the ability to ‘spend’ and/or have a requirement to obtain further funding. Teri feels that the insight & knowledge she would gain from the other board members along with the networking & meeting of new ‘like minded’ individuals will be incredibly beneficial as she moves forth to develop her business locally.

Secretary, Gina Ross

Brief Bio
Gina is excited about building a community & creating opportunities to create impact. Gina hopes to contribute a creative voice, ideas & leadership to the team. Her vision is that she get to add & contribute to our chapter in ways that impacts lives. Gina hopes to take away leadership skills/experience & a new found community of friends, colleagues & coaches from her experience on our leadership team.

Gina is eager to share what she knows & who she is!

Director of Communications, Tammy Dewar

Brief Bio
The feeling of a “team” excites Tammy! Working alongside people who hold a desire to grow together, while creating impact…this enlivens her. She holds respect for the International Coach Federation & welcomes an opportunity to engage, connect & support other members in a meaningful way. One of her strengths is to listen to a variety of ideas, a bounty of stories or a cluster of information & find ways to synthesize them into appealing, engaging & “shareable” sound bites. Tammy’s vision for this position is to honour, listen and learn by encouraging contributions & submissions from members for the newsletter & other communications (an outlet for “Chapter Voices” and highlighting different parts of the Island). Tammy hopes to take away deeper connections & regular interaction with people who share a passion for coaching.

Tammy continuously finds joy in creating all kinds of resources from newsletters, infographics, reflection action sheets, presentation materials, activities & curriculum. She finds equal joy in fostering conversations that promote personal growth & relational wisdom.

Director of Community Relations, Claire Rettie

Brief Bio
Claire is excited about the opportunity to move coaching into the wider community & to learn from & engage with colleagues. She hopes to contribute strategic thinking & communications, cross-sectoral experience in values based decision making & governance development & capacity building to our Leadership Team. Claire’s vision for this position is building relationships with professional organizations, framing the ICF brand as a decision making credential & mainstreaming coaching as a road to personal & professional transformation. She would like to take away new colleagues, connections, broader coaching insight & new tools from her experience on our Leadership Team. Claire loves to design & facilitate workshops & learning opportunities where people are able to riff off the energy in the room & discover new ideas & ways of being.

Director of Events, Kerry James

Brief Bio
Kerry is excited to collaborate with a group of like minded leaders on our Leadership Team. She hopes to contribute her long time passion for business development & bringing people together. Kerry’s vision is through relevant & interesting events for our membership increase as we build on our brand. She would like to have experienced a ‘dream team’ collaboration to be able to encourage others to want to get involved.

Director of Membership, Darrin Bridge

Brief Bio
Darrin is excited for the opportunity to practice leadership & influence coaching in her community. She hopes to contribute partnership, connection, authenticity & love to our Leadership Team. Darrin’s vision is to reach out & connect with members & potential members to strengthen our community & profession. She hopes to access a different style of leadership & community connection.

If you cannot be in attendance at the meeting, please send this Proxy Form to the meeting with someone who will be in attendance to ensure that your vote can be counted. You may also submit your completed proxy to our Past President, Annette Siewertsen.