ICF Changes Date for International Coaching Week 2013

Traditionally, International Coaching Week has been held the first full week each February. After reviewing all received input, ICF Global has decided that ICW will be held during the week of May 20-26 in 2013.

We invite ideas from our members on how you would like our Chapter to celebrate International Coaching Week. The planning starts in September, so let us know!

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  1. Emma-Louise Elsey
    Emma-Louise Elsey says:

    Interesting news! I always though Coaching Week should have a “meet your coach” event, where the general public can meet coaches – and ask questions/check them out in person. It’s so hard to do over the internet and phone, and much better to MEET people. Still, that’s probably a LOT of work and more than you have volunteers to organize. But I thought I would mention the idea in case it sparked other ideas or was something to do in 2014 or beyond!nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1

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