First VI Coaches Cafe a Success…and a Do Again!

After a

nice summer hiatus the VI Coaches Association had a successful launch of our new Coaches Café. With twenty-five of our coaching colleagues in attendance, the event was vibrant with conversation and the sharing of perspectives on the coaching tool that was featured during the evening’s program. At our venue, the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, we were nestled in breathtaking beauty! If you haven’t been to the Sanctuary lately, you may want to take a visit and experience the magic of the seasonal changes.

Sherry LeBlanc and Ingrid Abma facilitated the evening’s dialogue with an introduction to a dialogic technique that they called “Reflective Practice”. They shared a tool coaches could use to engage clients at a deeper level through the process of a Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic exercise.

The group in attendance experienced a process in which each person was given a word and asked to reflect on what it meant to them in a specific context. Then Sherry and Ingrid led everyone through the exercise of writing and expressing the thoughts they had come up with whilst observing the written thoughts and inspirations of others.

What followed was an interesting discussion on the impact of this simple yet profound exercise and brainstorming on how we could use the “Reflective Practice” with clients, groups or teams.


What Attendees Had to Say:

“That was fun!”

“A nice tool to use with a mastermind group we are creating!”

“A challenge to stay silent and focus when you wanted to ask questions about what others were writing.”