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Date(s) - 23/03/2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Online webinar
CCEUs: 3 (1 Core Competency; 2 Resource Development)

Feel angst when it’s time to “get clients?” Sales make you feel icky?
Maybe your approach needs to shift to something more sacred.

About This Workshop

Most coach training provides coaches with a bunch of tools, and then sends them out the door to create clients. Even when there is training provided, it often provides tactics, rather than a shift in our way of relating to sales.

As a result, coaches tend to find themselves in one of two camps: either frustrated because they have to learn a set of tactics they don’t particularly enjoy, in order to do the thing they love, or, avoiding sales altogether because it feels slimy and gross.

In truth, the process of creating a client is one of the most sacred ways to model the being of coaching and serve the people we are in connection with.

In this 3-hour session, you will learn the six steps to creating a client as a natural expression of yourself, and simply by finding the joy in building relationship with people.


On the other side of this conversation, you will:

– Learn how to create an abundance in your pipeline and your coaching practice

– Experience far less anxiety around the process of creating clients

– Discover the joy and possibility in connecting with people, and how this is the wellspring for a full practice

– Understand why traditional sales approaches are backwards, and why what you’ve been trying feels so difficult

– Get why your resistance to client creation makes complete sense, and what to do about it

– Experience genuine excitement about the opportunity available in serving people before they are your clients

– See that creating a client is no different than the process of coaching someone — it’s simply our relationship to it that has it feel different

Learning Outcomes

CCEUs for this professional development workshop:

  • Core Competencies: 1
  • Resource Development: 2

Competency 3: Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client (Learning that the purest way of creating a client is actually continually serving the client, and trusting them in their process)

Competency 4: Coaching Presence: Truly being spontaneous and flexibly with the client, with exactly what will show up in the hiring conversation, so as to support them in making an empowered decision one way or the other

Competency 7: Learning how your fears about being “pushy” or “sales-y” are actually in the way of you being direct and clean with your client, and truly serving them.

About the Facilitator

Adam Quiney, J.D., PCC

Adam is an executive leadership coach specializing in working with the Smartest People in the Room. A former software developer and attorney, Adam’s learned the hard way about the costs that come from keeping your heart safe and chasing after external rewards to feel whole and complete.

From love, Adam is connection, passion, presence, wit and brilliance. From fear, he is awkward, robotic, apathetic, irrelevant and arrogant. He’s learned to embrace all these parts of himself, and works with others to do the same in their own lives. Living with his beautiful wife and their two dogs (one of which is a cat) in Victoria, B.C., he is a man on a mission to bring the world to a more inspired and fully-expressed place.