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Date(s) - 29/04/2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am


ICF Vancouver Island is pleased to present A Field Guide to Emotions as a part of International Coaching Week 2019!

ICF CCEUs: 0.5 Resource Development & 0.5 Core Competency

The value of emotional literacy is increasingly gaining recognition as a critical area of learning for leaders, educators, coaches, parents, and individuals. In reality, though, there are few dedicated resources available to assist people in growing this essential skill.

We are, therefore, delighted to present Dan Newby and Curtis Watkins, who have recently published “The Field Guide to Emotions: A Practical Orientation to 150 Essential Emotions“.

Curtis and Dan bring a wealth of knowledge to the field of coaching. Each have over 20 years of experience as coaches and as coach trainers.

During this webinar they will explore with us the connection of emotions, language and the body and how they all interrelate.

Through experiential exercises and in depth debriefs, you will learn various ways of working with clients in these domains.

This event will offer 1 CCEU to participants who attend the call.

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About Our Speakers

Curtis Watkins
Curtis is passionate about having people live the lives that they want to live. Having worked with hundreds of people within corporations and in the public sector he has seen first-hand the quiet desperation that pervades so many people’s lives.

In his coaching he has trained to incorporate more of the person into the process than is usually done. By working with the physical, emotional, energetic as well as the mental bodies of his clients, they are able to produce profound changes in a shorter period of time than one would accomplish only addressing the mental body.

In his career over the last 30 years, Curtis has worked with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, energy companies, government agencies, unions, teachers, students, and parents. The common theme running through almost all of his work with groups and individuals is a longing for greater self-connection, self-understanding, a deep desire for meaningful and purposeful work, and for a greater sense of fulfilment in life. This, to him, is one of the great tragedies of the post-modern world, and is why he does the work he does.

His vision is for people to be living lives that are meaningful, creative, and fulfilling, and that includes his own. In his individual and team coaching and his Organizational Development work he engages his clients on a very personal and professional level. He is known as someone who asks the hard questions in a way that has people hear and respond to them.

Dan Newby
Dan is an author, teacher, and coach working with educators, coaches, and leaders. The focus of his work is Emotional Literacy and designing ways it can be learned and practiced to enhance education, leadership, and coaching.

He works with organizations in the U.S. and throughout Europe. His clients include businesses of all sizes, school systems, and NGOs. Individual clients are located worldwide. He mentors coaches through his online training programs and virtual or in-person masterclasses.

Prior to his work as a coach and teacher he worked 20 years in roles ranging from production to CEO. From 2006 to 2012 he was COO, CEO and Senior Course Leader for Newfield Network Coach Training School in Boulder, Colorado. He led coaching programs in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Since 2012 he has worked independently and recently founded The School of Emotions ( to bring the many strands of his work under one umbrella organization.

Learning Materials:

-The Field Guide to Emotions: A Practical Orientation to 150 Essential Emotions co-authored with Curtis Watkins, available on Amazon and Kindle.

-The Unopened Gift: A Primer in Emotional Literacy co-authored with Lucy Nunez, available on Amazon and Kindle in English and Spanish.

-21 Days to Emotional Literacy: Companion Workbook to The Unopened Gift co-authored with Lucy Nunez, available on Amazon and Kindle in English and Spanish.

-Emoli™ Emotion Cards available at

-“Emotions and Coaching”online training course offering 30 CCEUs available at