Creative Coach Salons

The first in a series of  “Creative Coach Salons” was held in Victoria on April 2nd. Approximately 16 coaches showed up to network with fellow coaches and to hear members of the Chapter’s Leadership Team report on the ICF Global Leaders Conference in Atlanta (Lily Seto) and explain the results of the last membership survey and its implications for the 2015 Strategic Plan (Shyrl Kennedy). There was an overwhelming display of support for the plan and an acknowledgement of the effort and involvement of Chapter Members it would take to bring the plan to fruition.  Many attendees offered their time and energy but it was acknowledged more support was needed.
Lily and Shyrl duplicated this session in Nanaimo on June 6th  so that up-island members would also be provided the opportunity to network, gain understanding of our current year’s strategic plan and hopefully provide insights and tangible support. Here is the presentation for you to view:
The Strategic Plan was represented by this pyramid….Questions/Comments?
Please email Lily Seto or Shyrl Kennedy