Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Creating Connections

November 20, 2016 was a crisp and sunny fall day, and magic was in the air. Today, Roy Group was convening a very special global conversation. Ten Pearson College students (, nine CEOs from an Albertan group of the Young President’s Organization – YPO (, and ten Feedback Coaches (also known as Super Coaches), were about to converge on the Pearson College campus in Metchosin BC. I was lucky enough to have been invited to participate as one of the Super Coaches. I felt anticipation on what would happen when a Pearson student coached a CEO and then the CEO coached the student. And as Super Coach, whether I would be up to the task of offering meaningful and impactful feedback to these two individuals as they completed their rounds of coaching. Each group had been prepared in advance by taking a course in coaching skills by the Roy Group and as we all entered the main room, the energy in the room felt electric and I anticipated some great coaching moments.

After a short introduction and welcome, each trio of a CEO, a student, and a Super Coach moved to their respective rooms for the coaching rounds. Nothing else was on my mind but what was happening in that small room between two leaders; a current one and an upcoming global leader. I became aware of how, while this was a moment in time, the whole event could spark something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

I worked with a young lady from Greece, who had never travelled outside of Europe until she arrived at Pearson College. I thought about how courageous she was to leave her family and familiarity so that she can have an experience that will move her towards her big life goals. I was reminded of my son leaving home at an early age to pursue his dream, but that was only to Los Angeles, which is 3 hours away. And how courageous she was to step up to trying her newly acquired coaching skills. And grateful to the CEO for being willing to take time to practice his newly acquired skills with this international student. It occurred to me that it took some vulnerability and commitment.

What I took away from this experience was multi-faceted.
· I remember the warm feeling of excitement and anticipation about this experiment as I walked into the room.
· It was all voluntary and so I am reminded of the generosity of spirit.
· The spirit of collaboration was in the room on many levels, from the individuals, through to the College.
· The creativity and willingness to make this happen, again, on all the different levels.
· I acknowledge how this conversation and moment in time has the potential to spark other conversations well into the future.

After a conversation like this one, you are forever changed. I know that I am. And I have much gratitude for Roy Group (, Pearson College, the students, the CEOs, and the Super Coaches, for showing up and being present to participate on this international stage right in our back yard.

What other interesting and great things are happening that involve our Chapter members? Please blog about them and showcase our great talents!!

Addendum: Congratulations to one of our newest Chapter member, Ian Chisholm, of Roy Group, who just received his PCC designation this week!!!


Lily Seto

Vancouver Island ICF President