Community Relations and the Search for the Holy Grail?

What is Going On?

On July 5th, 2013, a team of coaches,including Scott Moon Mitchell, Yvonne Mann, Kim Renee Cote, and Shigenori Murata, interested in Community Relations met in Duncan. The purpose of our meeting was to clarify, expand and formalize terms of reference for a committee responsible for supporting the role of the Community Relations Director. It is my distinct honour to communicate, on behalf of our committee, what we discussed around the table

while having lunch.

You are likely aware that there is limited understanding about what we mean by coaching even here on Vancouver Island where we generally feel there are lots of opportunities to learn about coaching. Last year, the Board morphed the Marketing/PR Director position into a Community Relations Director. The new position will focus on building relationships within the larger community by assigning three specific accountability areas – strategic alliances/partnerships, marketing, and sponsorship. As a new Director, Yvonne suggested enlisting help from others and so the search for the coaching Holy Grail began with the help of a small team.

We discussed, in some detail, the mandate of the Director role as well as the next steps in establishing a clear vision and goals to make a significant difference in raising the profile of the ICF Vancouver Island.

One of our key conclusions was that it would be crucial to include in our work a “web“ of coaches throughout the entire island, in order to harmonize and strengthen the bonds between coaches. We are confident this will raise the profile of the ICF Vancouver Island and all of its members so that individuals, communities and business leaders on the island will have easy access to highly trained professional coaches.

How Can You Help?

You can help us find the Holy Grail!! If you would like to be a part of this exciting process to raise the profile of the coaching on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands, please contact Yvonne at or myself at

Thanks for taking the time to find out what your local ICF Chapter is doing!!

Article by Scott Moon Mitchell, BSF, CEC, ACC
Principal, Professional Insights

Member, Community Relations Committee