Community Relation Directors Holly Grail: Strategic Direction

DSC_8699 (2)I want to convey to the team how humbled yet excited I am to assume
the Community Relations Director position for 2014. I want to extend
my support to the work of last years Board, Yvonne Mann (past
Community Relations Director), Barbara Thomas, Shigenori Murata, Maeve
O’Byrne and Kim Renee Cotes, as well as anyone I have missed, your
contributions however small or large have helped in coming up with a
Strategic Plan and actionable phases of work that are tangible and
clear. I ask all of you to continue helping out in whatever ways you
can or are passionate about. If you would like a copy of the Strategic Plan, please contact me at

I distinctly remember ICF representatives saying, as I was still at
RRU training to become a professional coach over two years ago now
,that the ICF will only have value if I put time into it. Besides
Annette encouraging me initially in taking my coach training from RRU,
she was instrumental in encouraging me now to take an active part in
the ICF. I am profoundly grateful for her leadership and I am
honoured to serve shoulder to shoulder with her…

There are a few thoughts I have around leading in my capacity as
Community Relations Director.

Firstly, I am approachable. Please find the time to talk to me, no
matter what part of the Vancouver Island Chapter you belong. The most
important part of my role is building relationships. It is hard to do
this without conversations I find. Seek me out in whatever way is
comfortable for you.

Secondly, I subscribe to the Toltec Wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz, and his
book on the 4 Agreements. I have worked on these for many years and
still have not mastered them.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Do not take ANYTHING personally
3. Do not make assumptions
4. Do the best you can

I will lead with these four agreements in mind.

Finally, I am a thoughtful leader and many who have known me understand that I am inspiring, empathetic and compassionate in my mindfully cultivated approaches.

Help me move from the impossible to the possible, one thoughtful
conversation at a time.. Whatever has held us back in the past will
no longer, yet it will take a concerted effort and action… I
believe we can do this, especially as we work together in synergistic



Contact Scott directly at: Director of Community Relations