Coaches – how will you choose to engage this year?

Dear colleagues;

How do you derive benefits from your ICF membership? What value does it offer you? How will you choose to engage this year???

I’ve been thinking a lot about my membership with ICF and what value I derive from it. I have learned that the more I get involved, the more value my membership has for me.

Here are just some of the ways I have chosen to engage as a means to derive value from my ICF membership:

I have the benefit of participating with ICF global peer coaching .

This year I have been coached by another ICF coach from Britain, and I have coached someone in Ireland. As a direct result I am heading to Ireland next week to meet up with five different coaches…the butterfly effect in action!

  • I have benefited by demonstrating and enhancing my leadership competencies.

Being involved at the Leadership Team offers me a keen perspective of how important it is to me to be connected in a larger way. Little did I know that when I set my goal two years ago to become more active in ICF, that it meant taking on a leadership role.

  • I have the benefit of using ICF Global and other Chapter resources in order to become a masterful coach.

I am able to remain current with emerging trends such as neuroscience in coaching, diversity in coaching, and coaching supervision.

  • I have the benefit of direct access to members and leadership teams across the world.

I have been able to find answers to questions from our Leadership Team and Chapter Members. The leadership team also has great and direct access to support through our Regional Manager at ICF Global.

  • I have the benefit of registering with the ICF Mentor Coach Registry.

This year I did register in the Mentor Coach registry.

  • I am able to attend other chapters events for CCEUs via webinar, or in person if I am in the area…this affords me a larger variety of choices.

I have taken advantage of this on numerous occasions. We also have others from around the world who are able to access our events for revenue generation and diversity of offerings.

  • I have the benefit of participating in ICF global panels and initiatives thereby broadening my reach and reputation.

I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the job analysis panel and the Global Leaders forum and have added to my contacts around the world.

  • AND that reminds me……..I still need to register for our local Chapter coach registry!!

As our Chapter engages with the Business Community and reaches out externally through social media and our Chapter website, I will increase my reach and ability to solicit the right clients for me.

I am also appreciating how ICF Global is branding itself and stepping up and aspiring to be the coach association of choice across the world. I can only imagine how challenging this goal is, being one voice for such a diverse population! I have noticed how coaching and coach development is different in the various parts of the world.

Locally, our incredibly engaged and active leadership team is shifting the kinds of events we offer, the times we offer them, and the locations we offer them in. We heard that our members want opportunities to network with each other, with local businesses and with events on the Gulf Islands and up island. So we hear you and we will be offering an event on Salt Spring Island, and at least two events up island this year.

We are also building in time before or after our sessions to allow some time for coaches to informally network with each other.  Shyrl Kennedy, our Community Relations Director and her team, is also hard at work identifying business associations that we can partner with or present at, to heighten the awareness of coaching into our local businesses.


Here are some events that you might want to consider:


An event with the business community in Nanaimo – stay tuned for more information

A repeat of our successful Coaches Salon on June 6 in Nanaimo for up island coaches…although all Chapter members are welcome!! This event is free for members.

Coaching Supervision Forum – July 4/5 – participants and speakers from London, US, Singapore, and Canada. For more information and to register: Forum on Coaching

Business Development series using a group coaching approach coming this fall

An event on Salt Spring Island September 26 – combine this event with a visit to the Salt Spring Island Saturday morning market.

These are just a few of the exciting and ambitious initiatives that our Leadership team is planning. There are also “behind the scenes” work happening around Chapter handbooks, job descriptions, and all those exciting governance pieces…so if you find these interesting, we want to engage you!

If you are interested in volunteering or hearing more, please attend the June 6 event in Nanaimo (some of us are also planning to stay over at a spa if anyone is interested) or drop us a line. We would love to chat with you about what is happening and how you can become more involved!

And more importantly, we are seeking a Director of Events. If anyone is interested in stepping this position to the end of the year, please let myself or Annette Siewertsen know. We would be happy to let you know what the duties involve.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events…


Lily Seto, President, ICF Vancouver Island Chapter