President’s Corner – message for February 2018


Hello Members – Happy 2018;

I love this time of new beginnings.  It feels like a time of renewal.  The start of a new year brings opportunity for pausing and setting intention for the coming 12 months.  What is it that you are looking for in terms of your coaching practice?  What learning awaits that will expand your professional skills?  How would you like to get connected to your coaching colleagues or your local ICF chapter?

I can hear a former dance teacher, right after he had given a particularly challenging dance sequence and we were all at the sidelines, a little nervous about our ability to execute, he would look over with a confident grin and say “This could be good!”  We believed him and we danced with whole hearts.  It just dawned on me that he was holding us capable.

This Could Be Good!

Your new board is very excited to find creative ways to serve you.  We are also looking for ways to expand the profile of professional coaching in the community.  We came together on January 14th to onboard six new board members and discover how this eight member board (so far) can work as an integrated team to better serve you.

Looking at the member input from late fall 2017 and the many possibilities that we see for the coming year, a single theme emerged: Creating Connections. Just imagine what good things could emerge out of connection in 2018. 

Walk With Us

Our planning day included a review of our vision, mission and strategic goals and we wanted to try a new approach to our planning; something that would get us into the left side of our brain where intuition and creativity thrive. Our Vice President Cheryl Joslin led us through several segments where we created characters, actions and ultimately visions for the various portfolios as well as an overall vision for the chapter – using lego.  Yes, you read that correctly. We busted open the lego and capitalized on metaphor and story to hone in in what we feel is important – the future we want to create for our chapter.

We’re pleased to be walking this journey of coaching with our members over the coming year.  We want to share our work in progress, to give you a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on.  So check out our DRAFT document on the Strategic Priorities for 2018 .  Have questions?  Want to share some feedback?  Please drop a note to me at or give me a call at 250-658-3063.

And So It Begins…

A connection is a relationship between two things, people, or groups. We have set our intention and already things are happening.  I had the pleasure of meeting a member for coffee last week and we delighted in learning about one another, exchanging ideas, and brainstorming possible ways she can get involved.  I also reached out to another long standing member who has deep coaching experience and he has offered to design and deliver a webinar.  I am reminded that it is this personal connection that I value.

I hope to meet you at one of our upcoming webinars or our first face-to-face workshop for this year (check out the other sections in the newsletter for details). In addition to connecting with local chapter members, in mid-March I will be attending the ICF Global Leaders Forum (held in Vancouver this year), where I will have the opportunity to connect with chapter leaders from around the world, learn about the latest coaching trends, share best practices, and celebrate the advancements we are making in the coaching profession.

With whom will you connect in 2018?



ICF Web Portal and Member Resource Webinar

You are invited to hear Kristin Kelly, Regional Development Manager for North America, ICF Global, provide our chapter with an overview of the brand new ICF Portal and all the wonderful member resources available. Please join us to hear and see what’s new and available to you! There is no charge for this event and you can register here.  A Zoom link will be sent to registered attendees a couple of days before the webinar.

Kristin has been a part of the ICF Global staff since 2007, first serving in the Marketing Department and now as Regional Development Manager for North America since 2014. On the ICF Regional Support Team, she plays a key customer service role, assisting in Chapter creation, regional activities, and servicing the day-to-day needs of the North American membership at large. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Kristin lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter.

We look forward to you joining us!

Vancouver Island Coaches Association

Tracy’s presentation at the 2017 AGM

In case you missed it, you can take a peek at Tracy’s presentation at the AGM (with apologies, the entire presentation was rich and full of images.  This is a slightly edited version).


Unleashing Possibility: Member Voices

Many of you took the time to come out and talk to members of your local Chapter Board in Victoria and Nanaimo at two evenings at the beginning of November.

Our intention was to engage with you, our members, to ask some questions and to hear what you’re looking for from your local ICF Chapter.

We appreciate that the dialogue was rich and energetic.  From the initial introductions to the wrap-up with hugs and promises to be in touch, both personally and professionally, it was clear that our chapter is blessed with many talented and enthusiastic coaches.

The questions posed ranged from professional designation, CCEU’s (Continuing Coach Education Units), ways to connect with other coaches in your community through to specifics on the best way to connect with you all.  The questions were approached in true collaborative style with sticky notes, coloured pens on whiteboards and lots of conversation to reach consensus.

We heard that professional designation was important because it provided credibility and a standardized body of knowledge.  We found that the chapter role is important for learning opportunities and continuing education credits.  You told us that the CCE topics that covered business development, mindfulness and culture were of the most interest.  Connecting with other coaches serves you with shared experiences, inspiration and learning and growing together.  You described how you want to be involved in your chapter by attending events and meetings, creating the possibility of cooperation and collaboration and having events live in your community and online.  Communication was discussed and having more chances to get to know other members in REAL conversations, empowering greater coaching in the community and sharing ideas through personal phone calls, face to face socials and emails works for you.

Hosting meet ups and informal gatherings for coaches to connect was a topic we heard from both venues.

The recent phone calls to members were welcomed and this led on to conversations about the value of face-to-face connections, and the importance of widening our exposure in the broader community.

Your 2018 Board will take the key findings from the two events and develop their strategic plan around this feedback.

Watch this space… we loved what was unleashed in these two meetings and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Helen Wale, Director of Membership


President’s Corner as the year winds down

Happy December,

I love this time of year.  I walked home last night and marveled at the coloured lights that brightened my path. I found myself humming quietly and smiling at the reflection on the water.

Midwinter Magic

This is a magical time of year when winter solstice is approaching, also known as midwinter.  It is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.  It is a time of festivals, spending time with loved ones, feasting, singing and dancing – a time celebrated by many different cultures.

And our recent AGM was definitely a time of celebration and feasting!  Thanks to everyone who joined us at Royal Roads’ Hatley Castle – it was a sold out event.  The energy in the room was buzzing, the conversations rich, and the connections strong.


We shared a year in review, highlighting the wide variety of activities and events and honouring the many volunteers who helped to make it happen (including a BIG thank you to my Board colleagues for the previous year of learning, service and joy).  We held the official portion of the day with acceptance of minutes, reports and of course an election.

And we launched our ICF Vancouver Island History Project. Gathering the details and stories from our inception to this moment was heart work. The 2017 Board of Directors offers this as our gift to the chapter – intended to be a living document, to be updated by the Board as they wrap up each year.

Just in case you missed the event – check out our Year End Chapter Celebration Deck for visual highlights.

Standing Still

“The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the seasonal movement of the Sun’s path comes to a stop before reversing direction” (Wikipedia).

And that leads me to the coaching question, inspired by Alan Seale, “What wants to happen next?”  I look forward to building new friendships with the incoming board.  I am certain your passion and commitment will help to design and deliver another year of amazing growth for the coaching profession.  Can’t wait!

Grateful Heart

So in the spirit of spending time with loved ones, feasting, and standing still, I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to reflect on this past year.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to this amazing profession, to your local ICF chapter, and to the coaching conversations that make a difference.

From my heart to yours,


Connecting with your community – ICF Vancouver Island Chapter AGM – December 9, 2017

The ICF Vancouver Island Charter Chapter Board is a body of up to nine elected members who govern local affairs and clearly define its goals and measures of success based on information and input from the membership. There is the expectation for the Board to be very proactive in seeking the membership support and feedback.  We take the opportunity to elect our Board at our Annual General Meeting.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Where: Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University, Victoria B.C.
What: Our Annual General Meeting, Election of Board of Directors and Brunch.
Active Members: We need you! Your attendance or vote by proxy will help us reach the required quorum for a) voting in the new board b) approval of minutes from the previous AGM c) approval of reports (financials and President) and d) any special motions. The following motions are proposed:
Motion: To approve minutes from the AGM meeting of December 2016 (read here).
Motion: To approve financial statement from 2017
Motion: To approve proposed changes to by-laws arising from BC Societies Act (read here).
RSVP: Further event and RSVP details are outlined on our Eventbrite page.

Can’t attend but would like to vote?

Download a proxy form here. Simply complete this proxy form and give it to another Vancouver Island Charter Chapter Member who is attending the AGM.
In the spirit of giving, you may also make a donation to the Mustard Seed online or bring a donation to the AGM itself.

Nominees for the 2018 ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors

Claire Rettie, Director of Community Relations, has been responsible for recruiting nominees for the ICF Vancouver Island (and Gulf Islands) Charter Chapter.  She has reviewed the Nomination Papers for all candidates and is pleased to present, on behalf of the Board, a List of Nominees for the 2018 Board:
The following candidate has been nominated for a second, one year term (per By-law 2.2)
President:                               Tracy Houser
In addition, the following candidates have been nominated for additional positions:
Vice President:                      Cheryl Joslin
Secretary:                               Kim Arsenault
Director:                                 Varek Boettcher
Director:                                  Gina Ross
Director:                                  Janet Sheppard
Director:                                  Michael Atkins

To discover who these individuals are and how they will potentially serve you, read more about each nominee by visiting the Chapter website. Please take some time to review the candidates in preparation for the vote at our AGM on Saturday, December 9, 2017.  Nominations will also be open to the floor at the AGM, so there is still the potential of additional nominees being added to the vote.

Special note: The position of Treasurer needs to be filled. We are actively seeking a candidate for this position and two additional Director roles.  If you, or anyone you know is interested in learning more about the Director positions, please be in touch with Claire Rettie by emailing  This is an amazing chance to be engaged with this dynamic group of coaches, for a year of growth and fun.
Please join us in thanking the outgoing Board: Maeve O’Byrne, David Crumpton, John Burr, Kathleen Asher, Helen Wale, Claire Rettie and Carol Vickers.
We look forward to sharing brunch with you at the Castle and welcoming the 2018 Board!

Proxy form for December 9, 2017 AGM


International Coach Federation Vancouver Island Charter Chapter

Annual General Meeting – December 9, 2017 

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please consider assigning a proxy to another member who will be in attendance.




I hereby appoint ____________________________________________________ 

to vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting held on December 9, 2017.

Name of Member (print):


Signature of Member: 





Proposed changes to by-laws, arising from BC Societies Act


The Board is proposing changes to the Bylaws for the Vancouver Island Coaches Association to bring the Bylaws in line with the new Societies Act.

The following changes are intended to revise the current version of the Bylaws (revised January 2104):

  • Replace “The following are the bylaws that provide for the matters referred to in section 6(1) of the Society Act and any other bylaws.” with “The following are the bylaws that provide for the matters referred to in the BC Societies Act.”
  • Section 1.1.3 – remove “Leadership Team or
  • Section 1.1.10 – replace “Society Act” with “Societies Act.”
  • Section 1.2 – replace “Society Act” with “Societies Act.”
  • Add s. 5.1:

“The Board of Directors may by Directors’ resolution restrict access to Directors’ meeting records and financial records by members.”

  • Replace “Leadership Team” with “Board of Directors”
  • Renumber section 2 to:

“2. Qualifications

2.1. All Directors must be members in good standing for at least 30 days before their election or appointment.

2.2. A Director must meet the qualifications as set out in section 44 of BC Societies Act as amended from time to time.

2.3. An individual must consent in writing to be a Director or must not refuse their election or appointment when present at a meeting for that purpose.

2.4. Prior to assuming the position as a Director, the Director will sign a form confirming they are not in a position of conflict of interest in relation to VI Coaches as set out in section 56 of BC Societies Act as amended from time to time.  Persons serving consecutive terms on the Board of Directors must sign this form annually.”

  • Sections 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7.2, 4.8, 4.9.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.2.1, 5.2.3,, 5.3, 5.3.1, 6.1.1, 6.5.1, 6.5.5, 6.5.8 – replace “Leadership Team” with “Directors”
  • Section 3.1.1 – replace “BC Society Act” with “BC Societies Act
  • Section 4 – replace “Leadership Team Meetings” with “Board Meetings”
  • Section 6 – replace “Leadership Team & Their Responsibilities Executive” with “Executive & Their Responsibilities”
  • Section 6.1 – replace “team member” with “Team Member”. Replace “S/he aligns” with “They align”
  • Section 6.1.2 – replace “the organization” with “VI Coaches”
  • Section 6.1.4 – replace with “Approves the formation of committees to assist with VI Coaches business.”
  • Section 6.1.7 – add “at the President’s discretion.”
  • Section 6.2 – replace “President Elect-Vice-President” with “Vice-President”. Replace “the Vice-President will become President in the next term” with “the Vice-President will become President following the President’s elected term.”
  • Section 6.2.3 – replace “Approves expenditures” with “Approves expenditures in accordance with VI Coaches policies and procedures.”
  • Section 6.2.5 – REMOVE
  • Section 6.2.6 – replace “leadership” with “the initiative”. Replace “program” with “program/project”
  • Section 6.5.6 – REMOVE
  • Section 6.5.9 – replace “Societies Registrar” with “BC Corporate Registry”
  • Sections D1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.3, 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.2- replace “Leadership Team” with “Directors”
  • Section 2.1 – replace “The term of office is one year.” with “The term of office is two years. Current Team Members who have completed one year are eligible to serve an additional one year.”
  • Section 2.2 – replace “for more than two consecutive terms” with “for more than four consecutive years”
  • Section 3.2.2 – replace “goods or services to the VI Coaches” with “goods or services from VI Coaches”
  • Add section 3.4 – “A member of the Executive may nominate a non-member of good standing to the Board of Directors for a one-year term when there is a special skill set that is required (e.g. financial).”
  • Section 8.1.3 – REMOVE
  • Sections 2, 4.2.2, 4.4, 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 6.1, 6.1.1,,, 7, 7.1, 8.1.1, – replace “Leadership Team” with “Directors”
  • Section 6.1 – replace “S/he aligns” with “They align”

Special General Meetings (SGM)

  • Section 6.3 – REMOVE
  • Add section 6.4:

“Special resolution requires passage by two-thirds of voting members present at the meeting.”

Meetings of the Leadership Team

  • Section 7 – REMOVE

Regular program meetings

  • Section 8 – REMOVE
  • Sections 1.1, 1.3, 2.3, 4.2.3 – replace “Leadership Team” with “Directors”
  • Section 1.3 – replace “at the AGM/SGM” with “at the next AGM/SGM”
  • Replace section 2.3 with the following: “A Director may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses necessarily incurred by the Director in performing their duties as a Director. Such expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the current approved copy of VI Coaches Financial Policies and Procedures.”
  • Current sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 are renumbered sections 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 respectively
  • Section 1 – replace “Leadership Team” with “Directors”
  1. Number all pages in Bylaws.


Minutes for the December 10, 2016 AGM (to be approved)

Tracey Burns welcomed the 33 members to the meeting at 11:10


Tracey Burns acknowledged that quorum had been met in accordance with the By-laws.

She presented the AGM agenda, highlights from 2016 and financial statements/proposed budget on Powerpoint.


1 Proposed wording to change quorum for Special Resolution and confirmed that we had now transitioned to the new Societies Act (the “Act”)
  Tracey Burns explained the wording of the Special Resolution and acknowledged that the complete wording for the Special Resolution was not sent to members in accordance with the notice requirements under the Act. The membership was asked if there were any objections to proceeding to a vote to change quorum.


Motion proposed by:

John Burr


Motion seconded by:

Mary Prefontaine


Motion carried.

2 Quorum change vote  
Tracey Burns provided an overview of the need to change the quorum wording.


MOTION – that Special Resolution be accepted as follows:


”At AGM/SGM, quorum is set at 16 people or 15% of the

voting members in-good standing, which ever is less, including members present by proxy, with a minimum of ten members physically present.”





Motion proposed by:

John Burr


Motion seconded by:

David Crumpton


Motion carried.


MOTION – “Given the diverse location of the International Coach Federation, Vancouver Island Charter Chapter’s membership and the diverse location of that membership, I move that ICF-VICC amend the existing bylaw “quorum” from 20% to 15% of the membership.” Motion proposed by:


Motion seconded by:


Motion carried.

3 Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes  
MOTION – that the minutes from the January 26, 2016 AGM as circulated to the membership by E-blast and posted on the ICF Vancouver Chapter website be approved. Motion proposed by:

Wade Smith


Motion seconded by:

John Burr


Motion carried.

4 Report from the President  
Tracey Burns acknowledged and thanked the outgoing board members:

·         Lily Seto, Past President

·         Cammie Peterman, President-elect

·         Tammy Dewar, Director, Communications

·         Mary Prefontaine, Director, Events

·         Darrin Bridge, Director, Membership

·         Gina Ross, Secretary

·         Teri Brigden, Treasurer


And also acknowledged and thanked the ongoing board members:

·         Tracey Burns, Past President

·         Claire Rettie, Community Relations

Tracey provided a summary of the highlights from the 2016 year which included:

·         Membership increased from 141 to 145

·         ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter Communications, Community Relations & Events strategic plan improvement and implementation

·         Coach Activism project – success

·         Program sessions had 244 registered attendees for 12 scheduled events (this included approximately 10% non-members).  There was an increase in attendance from 2015


Tracey thanked the Directors for their dedication and establishing new relationships for the ongoing success of the Chapter.






































5 Report from the Treasurer  
Tracey Burns (on behalf of Teri Brigden) provided a brief overview of the interim financial reports (as of October 31, 2016) and the proposed Budget for 2017.  She advised that the financial statements as of December 31, 2016 would be available to the members in January 2017.


MOTION – that the interim financial statements be accepted as circulated and presented to the membership.




MOTION – that the proposed budget for 2017 be accepted as circulated and presented to the membership.





Motion proposed by:

Eva Gaudet


Motion seconded by:

Shryl Kennedy


Motion carried.


Motion proposed by:

Fern Schultz


Motion seconded by:

Tracy Houser


Motion carried.

7 Election of 2017 Board of Directors  
Election Chairperson was: Lily Seto, Past President.


Nominations were solicited from the membership through our newsletter, e-blasts and website.


Tracey Burns called for nominations from the floor three times. John Burr agreed to put forth his name for nomination for Treasurer for the 2017 slate.


2017 slate for ICF Vancouver Island Board of Directors presented to the membership:

  • Tracy Houser, President
  • Maeve O’Byrne President-elect
  • Tracey Burns, Past President
  • David Crumpton, Secretary
  • John Burr, Treasurer
  • Helen Wale, Director, Membership
  • Kathleen Asher, Director, Events
  • Carol Vickers, Director, Communications
  • Claire Rettie, Director, Community Relations
Motion proposed by:

Lily Seto


Motion seconded by:

Tracy Houser


Motion carried.



Motion proposed by:

Mary Prefontaine


Motion seconded by:

Wade Smith


Motion carried.

8 New Business  
Meeting was turned over to Tracy Houser, President who welcomed the new Board.


MOTION – that the 2016 AGM be adjourned.





Motion proposed by:

John Burr


Motion carried.

9 Adjournment  

Meeting adjourned at 12:16 pm.


Nominees for the 2018 Board of Directors for the ICF Vancouver Island Charter Chapter




Please meet your ICF chapter members who have been nominated, are qualified as directors according to the BC Societies Act and have agreed to stand for nomination to the 2018 Board of Directors.



President: Tracy Houser – Victoria: second, one-year term

Tracy Houser is a strong, thoughtful communicator who is passionate about coaching and growth and development. She focuses her energy on bringing out the best in people. Ever curious and open to new possibilities, she fuels her passion through her own constant learning and leadership development.

Tracy holds a Masters in Fine Arts and several certifications in coaching, mentoring and change management. She is credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ICF. Her career experience ranges from small business to consulting, university teaching to international touring, and private industry to public service.

Although she is currently the Director of the Change Management Office at the Natural Resource Transformation Secretariat in the BC Public Service, she believes that “leader” is not a title you are given, it is how you choose to show up.  So, despite her official title, her self-caption on her imaginary business card is “Possibility Artist”.

I see the Vancouver Island Chapter as a vibrant organization that connects members around the island to advance the coaching profession.  We gather to learn together, share insights and best practices, develop awareness in the community of the value and impact of coaching, and to be part of global coaching trends. 

We do what we can to advance coaching, with what we have, from where we are – holding space to honour and advance coaching here on Vancouver Island.


Vice President: Cheryl Joslin – Metchosin

Cheryl is a strategic thinker with a passion for helping business leaders from all levels transform cultures, improve communication, and inspire their businesses to thrive.  She has 35 years’ experience working in the service industry with corporations and business owners, and has held leadership position at multiple companies including McDonald’s, Cobs Bread, and KFC/Taco Bell.

Cheryl is an ICF credentialed coach, a Certified Executive Coach and a trained facilitator with extensive experience developing executing training programs for McDonald’s Restaurants.  She is fiercely committed to her clients’ success and provides the support they need to exceed their goals and foster growth within their companies.

Known for asking questions that get to the heart of the matter, Cheryl’s style supports her clients to make choices that decide their success.  When applied to an entire workforce or organization, this can have an amazing effect on the quality of work and overall company performance.

My vision is to be an integral part of inspiring the members and the chapter to thrive by attracting and developing the highest quality of professional coaches.


Secretary: Kim Arsenault – Nanaimo

Kim has a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University. She holds a ACC designation with ICF. Kim has a caring and engaging presence. She coaches and assists leaders in attaining the best re­sults from themselves and their people. Kim is an experienced consultant and coach who continuously receives excellent reviews from clients.

My vision is that our Vancouver Island chapter be accessible to all members and provide support and education for coaches at all levels. I have seen a very successful chapter grow and really address members needs in the last few years and have been interested in contributing to that.

Treasurer – VACANT 


Varek Boettcher –  Victoria

I have always been curious. I was that kid that took things apart to see how they worked. As I grew older that curiosity developed into a passion for technology and I turned it into an IT career working in the public and private sectors for more than twenty-six years.

My wife recently completed her M.A. in Leadership at RRU. As she was graduating, our discussions turned to where I wanted to take my career. As soon as she showed me the coaching program it seemed like such a natural fit for me.  I graduated in May of 2017.

As a newly minted executive coach, I’m very interested in the experiences of new graduates and addressing some of the issues they experience.  How does one start a coaching practice?  What are the steps?  Where are the pitfalls?  How can one leverage the experience of veteran coaches in support of new graduates?

My vision is of a group of passionate coaches that look for opportunities to support our local community in developing themselves, their skills and their businesses.


Gina Ross –  Nanaimo as of Jan 2018

Gina Ross is a professional life coach, event leader and speaker committed to freedom through authentic expression. She leads and coaches aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to ‘find their voice’, so they can begin their soul’s work. In a world inundated with messages that we have to be something other than who we truly are. These messages often creep into how we build our businesses. Or they prevent us from ever beginning to live the lives we deeply want.

Gina’s coaching supports aspiring entrepreneurs to find, heal and share their voice – the authentic expression that wants to have impact with the people they serve. Gina graduated from and is affiliated with accomplishment coaching and has been in business for three years. In her past life she was a certified counsellor, and brings a playful and spiritual intuition along for the ride in all her work.

My vision is that we have over 200 members who are engaged, connected and contributing to the Chapter by the end of 2018. This chapter can be an inspired and powerful conduit for all coaches in our catchment and I believe we can truly be an organization that supports all coaches to thrive in their businesses.


Janet Sheppard – Cobble Hill

As a coach with a background in psychology and education, I am passionate about supporting people as they challenge themselves to learn, grow, and change in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.  My previous career in higher education has also fuelled my own desire to learn continuously. As I move into this new phase of my own professional development, I am excited to meet and learn from my coaching colleagues too. I find this emerging profession stimulating and rewarding and I see belonging to the local chapter of the ICF as an opportunity to be part of contributing to its development too.

One thing I loved most of all in my previous career was supporting people who were open to learning, growing, and changing in an integrated way, transforming their sense of self as they challenged themselves to navigate their academic learning and their personal and life/work paths.

It’s that transformative possibility that continues to fuel my passion for learning as a coach.

My vision is for the Vancouver Island Chapter to grow and flourish by building relationships with new and emerging coaches through local and, eventually, distance coaching programs. I see the coaching community as a ‘learning community’, or a series of linked communities of practice.

I have had some of my richest and most rewarding experiences participating in a community of practice with other professionals – social learning is an important part of professional identity development. To engage new coaches early in their careers and provide opportunities to participate in social and situated learning is a way to contribute to their professional learning, but also to the emerging profession of coaching.

Michael Atkins – Victoria

Michael Atkins is a Certified Executive Coach, who specializes in leadership development. A scholar and practitioner of leadership, he holds a Masters of Arts in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching; moreover, he has also completed Royal Military College of Canada’s Intermediate Leadership Program, a program only offered to select military leaders. With over 17 years of military experience, he has become extremely proficient in developing high performance teams capable of dealing with high-stake situations. Should he be elected as a member of the board, Michael is extremely motivated to work hard in support of the VI ICF constituency at large.

I would like to become engaged with supporting the local coaching community. In that, I would like to use my time as a board member to promote the needs of the VI ICF constituency at large.