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Continuing Coaching Education: Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Conflict Management Coaching Workshop – South San Francisco
March 5-8, 2013
8:30 am – 4:30 pm all 4 days (~32 hours) 
CCEU: 28 (23 hours ICF Core Competencies, 5 hours Resource Development)

Details & Registration

Description: Interested in learning how to better coach people through conflict? Looking for a unique and dynamic training opportunity to earn CEU’s? 

Share Your “Go-To” Workshop Activities – Here Are Two to Get You Started

At our Coaches Café events this year, we have featured either activities to stimulate thoughtful conversation or presented tools for your coaching toolkits.  And members have been asking for more! 

So, here is a blog article that we invite you to participate in. To kick-start this dialogue, we feature two activities that could be used in group workshop settings. Please join the dialogue on this blog using the comments section and share your “go-to” workshop activities that have served you well.

Making Resolutions Stick

By Tania Walter Gardiner

New years’ resolutions fizzle because change is challenging. To be successful in following through on your intentions, be clear on what it is you truly want to create for yourself and determine why that resolution is important to you. Read more to find out how…

Insightful Focus

By Tania Walter Gardiner

Where are you choosing to focus? Where you put your attention is where you will create results. When we shift our attention, putting focus on what we want and the way we want to produce results, we become more inspired.