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VI Coaches Announces ICW 2013 Virtual Conference Schedule

Bridging Communities - ICW 2013International Coaching Week is just around the corner and the VI Coaches ICW 2013 Committee has been busy behind the scenes organizing events to celebrate our profession of coaching in our region.
We thought we’d provide a sneak peek at the schedule of webinars we’ll be hosting at our Virtual Conference.  Stay tuned for further details and links to registration.

Coaching Tools: 10 Fresh Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice



By Emma-Louise Elsey

Sometimes I think we coaches get so used to seeing “The Wheel of Life” that we forget it’s still new for most of our clients. Not only that, but the “Wheel of Life” may just be the most powerful and flexible coaching exercise in our coaching toolbox! So, as it’s one of my favourite tools I’m excited to share some new ideas below for how you can use “The Wheel of Life” in your coaching practices.


Kindness in Your Coaching: The Art of Being in Service for Your Clients

What is it to bring kindness into the practice of coaching?

At the heart of this question is the concept of coming from a place of service for our clients. Being kind to your clients can mean a number of things relating to how you self-manage and support yourself in maintaining your attitude of service. 

How do you support clients to be kind to themselves when you hear them beating themselves up?