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Abundance and the Happiness Advantage

happiness-2As we are in the season of thanksgiving, I’ve been reflecting on gratitude, abundance, and happiness. I recently watched a program on PBS entitled, “The Happiness Advantage”.  Shawn Achor, a researcher on the science of positive psychology, spoke about his findings regarding the ability to experience more happiness in our lives.

Community Relations and the Search for the Holy Grail?

What is Going On?

On July 5th, 2013, a team of coaches,including Scott Moon Mitchell, Yvonne Mann, Kim Renee Cote, and Shigenori Murata, interested in Community Relations met in Duncan.  The purpose of our meeting was to clarify, expand and formalize terms of reference for a committee responsible for supporting the role of the Community Relations Director.  It is my distinct honour to communicate, on behalf of our committee, what we discussed around the table while having lunch.