Applying for an ICF Credential is Now More Streamlined

Image of Credential News ThumbnailIf you plan to apply for an ICF Credential anytime soon, you will notice a more streamlined experience through the online application. The new system was created in partnership with Integral 7, an industry leader in credential application processes.

Exciting features in the new online system include the ability to keep a history of all previously completed forms and past interactions—this information is now stored and easily accessible by the user at any time—and the simplified process of searching and finding credential requirements.

Not only will these features make applying for or renewing a credential simpler, but it will also cut down on the service time it takes ICF to process member information, meaning less time before members receive their earned credential.

The ICF plans to unveil several additional changes to the credentialing system through Integral 7. Users can look forward to seeing online renewal applications for credentials, and a new and improved CCE calendar. Eventually, ICF hopes to use Integral 7 to eliminate the need for users to keep paper copies of CCE information.

Integral 7 was highlighted in a September 21 ICF press release. Read the release in its entirety. Watch and read Coaching World to stay on top of credential updates.