Another Impactful Workshop on Salt Spring Island!

An early Saturday morning ferry with coaching colleagues is always a great way to start the weekend. The sharing, laughter, curious questions and learning vibe filled our car as we left thoughts of the week behind and moved toward a coaching workshop that beckoned us on Salt Spring Island.

The beautiful space was warm and welcoming (thanks to the magic of members Emma-Louise Elsey and Lynda Monk).  The room was awash in positive energy. Old friends reunited and new colleagues were welcomed.  We introduced facilitator Marlena Field and she grounded us into our bodies with an opening meditation.  When I heard the invitation to “breathe from the heart,” I knew it was where I was supposed to be that day.

For the next three hours we explored Body Centered Coaching in this workshop called Using the Wisdom of the Body in Decision-Making. Marlena offered that this approach is adding to what we already do (being present, listening deeply, building relationship).  She encouraged us to embrace “not knowing” and guided us to be comfortable in our own skin as coaches, not needing to know what’s going to happen.

Knowing the power of words, she enticed us to consider “an experimental attitude” and like a child, to “wonder what would happen if…”  And so, we were introduced to coaching people to listen to what their body knows. And as the session progressed, not only did we experience a demo, we were invited to apply the learning right then and there.

We partnered up to be a coach using this approach or to be a coachee, experiencing this approach personally. We found ourselves “standing in the decision,” acting as if we had made a decision and then paying attention to what was going on in our body and our hearts. We then stepped into another space in the room representing a different decision. And we were reminded that it takes time and space for the body work to unfold.

It felt like the tip of an iceberg, or the opening of a treasure box where you only get a peek of the gems – yet what a start! Thank you Marlena for creating and holding the space for us to explore. It reminded me of a famous quote:

“The body never lies.”   ~Martha Graham