President’s Message: Happy November to Our Members


Here we are moving into the time of fall schedules, a new school year, and of course, curiosity about what we can explore to bring us joy as the days grows shorter.

Connecting with Community

We hope you have found value in the workshops and online learning that we have offered. Whether it is in strengthening your online Linked In profile to attract new clients, examining the Code of Ethics to stay current with the standards, or signing up to join the inspirational coach conversations taking place in person up and down the island, it’s an exciting time for growing our skills. Many of you have expressed your keen desire to remain connected to the coaching community, indeed that is one of the many benefits of an ICF membership. May your exploration of virtual and in-person events bring you much joy.

For the Ravenous Learner in You

We kicked off the Cross-Canada Coaching Webinar Series in late September, with Lily Seto and Mary PreFontaine facilitating a nation-wide workshop on ethics. It was exciting to work in virtual break out groups with colleagues from Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. Our sister chapters across Canada will take turns hosting online workshops on emerging coaching trends and topics. Don’t forget to check out the full line up of fall events hosted by the Vancouver Island Chapter (see table below).

We also responded to member requests for a workshop designed to assist us with our Linked In profiles – after all, it’s a great way to promote our coaching business! James Amarelo hosted a webinar and walked us through everything from customizing our URL, to developing snappy summaries, and choosing images and information to align our Linked In presence with the brand we showcase on our coaching business websites.

We build our chapter events schedule trying to reach as many members as possible through a mix of online and face to face sessions. With an intentional focus on continuing education credits for coaches, we offer a mix of topics, based on member feedback and speaker availability. If you are interested in either offering or attending something specific, please drop our Events Director, James Amarelo, a note at

What You’ve Been Waiting For…

And I am thrilled to announce that we have once again been able to book Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University for our Annual General Meeting and Holiday Brunch! This beautiful setting is a perfect place to reconnect with experienced members and welcome new ones over a lovely meal. As a portion of the time is dedicated to our annual general meeting, not only will we review our finances and elect a new board, but we will also celebrate our membership and how we continue, together, to advance the coaching profession (check out the sidebar invite and call for nominations).

Our Upcoming Events

The Chapter website’s Events calendar is updated regularly and is a great place to check in on upcoming events.  To date, we have events taking us into March of 2019!

November 5th:  Inspiring Coaches to Connect in Ladysmith and in Victoria. Connect with your colleagues at these face-to-face social events and enjoy rich conversations with your Chapter community – non-members are encouraged to join us.

November 15th:  Cross Canadian Coaching Series Webinar – Topic: Powerful Questioning.  Presented by the Calgary Chapter’s Jamie Davidoff, PCC.

November 24th:  ICF Vancouver Island Presents: Metaphor Magic in Coaching.  Facilitated by Lily Seto, PCC who will demonstrate the Metaphor Magic Box as a powerful tool for working with clients.

December 8th:  ICF Vancouver Island Chapter’s Annual General Meeting & Holiday Brunch.  Once again we celebrate our year, welcome our new Board of Directors and enjoy a delicious seasonal brunch at the beautiful Hatley Castle.  Watch you inbox for a call for nominations, your AGM package with agenda including slate of nominees and resolutions, and the registration details.

February 12, 2019: Cross Canadian Coaching Series Webinar – Topic: Managing Progress and Accountability. Presented by Toronto Chapter’s Sue Sheldon, MCC.

March 18, 2019:  Cross Canadian Coaching Series Webinar – Topic: Coaching Presence. Presented by Quebec Chapter’s Dr. James Gavin, MCC.

I really hope you mark your calendar and join us!



For details and registration for these events visit:

Photo credit:  Photo by Char Beck on Unsplash

Announcing: Cross Canada Coaching Series

Mark your calendars! The Cross Canada pilot project, created by ICF chapters Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Quebec is ready to take flight.

ICF Vancouver Island members will have exclusive free access to five webinars offered across Canada during the Fall of 2018 and Winter 2019.

The presenters are outstanding ICF credentialed coaches. These experts will deepen your learning and understanding of select ICF Core Competencies during these interactive and engaging webinars.

Please visit our events calendar page for further information.

Looking Ahead As We Plan Chapter Events For Autumn 2018

The Board met in mid-June to reflect on activities, services, celebrations and learnings of the first half of this 2018 term.  And we did some thoughtful planning around how we may serve you for remainder of the year.  In keeping with our 2018 theme of Inspired Connections, we are excited to share some of the ideas we have in development:

September 20: Cross Canadian Coaching Series – Vancouver Island Chapter Webinar – Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

September 25: ICF Vancouver Island Chapter Webinar – LinkedIn-Aligning Brand with Impressions

October TBD: ICF Vancouver Island Webinar – Effective Networking

October 14: ICF Vancouver Island Chapter Event – Comox – Inspiring Coaches to Connect

October 17: Cross Canadian Coaching Series – Edmonton Chapter Webinar – Creating Awareness

October TBD: Potential Joint Event with ICF Vancouver Island Chapter & Mid-Island Coaches Assoc. – Inspiring Coaches to Connect

November 15: Cross Canadian Coaching Series – Calgary Chapter – Powerful Questioning

November TBD: ICF Vancouver Island Chapter Event – Magic Metaphors Workshop

December 8: ICF Vancouver Island Chapter Event – Annual General Meeting & Brunch

Want to share some feedback? Please drop a note. Or better yet, join the board (we have an opening) and help us make a positive impact.

~Tracy Houser, President

Webinar Events – Life Coaching isn’t Just for Grownups AND More Clients, Less Marketing

Thursday, February 15th – Webinar: Life Coaching Isn’t Just for Grownups
Life Coaching Isn’t Just for Grownups – Three Skills All Kids Should Learn Before the Age of 10 (and they work for grownups too)!
When faced with challenges or disappointments, most kids don’t have the tools to handle them. As a result, they often get down on themselves or give up on themselves – developing belief systems that can hold them back for the rest of their lives. As coaches, we’ve seen the impact of childhood events on adult clients over-and-over again!

Coaching isn’t just for grownups. It’s a game changer for our youth when they learn how to break through limiting beliefs and proactively create supportive beliefs to help them thrive. Life coaching can help kids learn how to use the power of their thoughts to handle the ups and downs of growing up and to develop a mindset for creating happiness, confidence, and success in life.

There is still time to register for this amazing webinar.  Click here!
Tuesday, March 6th –  Webinar: More Clients, Less Marketing
More Clients, Less Marketing: How to Create More Leads and Income by Doing LESS
If you love coaching and want it to be easier to attract more clients consistently, join us!

This highly interactive class gives you the simplest, most effective way to generate a steady stream of high-end clients without giving up your nights and weekends. In a no-hype environment, we’ll create immediately implementable client generation tools, customized to your strengths and values.

Facilitator, Mary Cravets works with purpose-driven coaches to significantly grow their businesses without working nights and weekends. Her career focused on answering one question: “How do I make a living, making a difference?”

Relationship Systems Coaching – a webinar with Marita Fridjhon


Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 – from 11 am to 12 pm PDT

Team Coaching is one of the most rapidly growing specializations within the coaching profession. And while we value the basic coaching skills of life/individual or executive coaching, it does require a different skill set in order for it to be effective. Many situations described as Team Coaching, from a systems perspective, actually is closer to what might be known as Group Coaching. In this webinar we will work on developing awareness for the difference between holding focus on the individuals within a team, vs making the Holonic shift to focusing on the collective entity of the entire team. In coaching intelligent teams, we hold the team entity to be the client instead of the individual players within the team. As we coach and engage with managers and leaders, it is important to bring modern Systems Thinking to bear on the vertical – personal – development as leader. In this webinar Marita will work on developing awareness for the difference between holding focus on the individual and/or the entire team.

The session will focus briefly on the 5 Principles of RSI, followed by a demonstration of operationalizing at least one of these principles to reveal the intelligent team that is available to the individual, partnership or team.


  • Learn with Marita how to coach clients to work with all their different parts, which is the first system and relationship set to work with.
  • Create a coaching agreement around how relationship matters and that it starts with being with the self, all of the self.
  • Build trust and intimacy with clients discovering their internal interdependence between different selves all playing a role in the client’s individual expression.
  • With powerful questions, coach clients how to leverage the strengths of different aspects of self.
  • Create a bridge between the systemic approaches in coaching teams, to the systemic approach in working with individuals.

About the Facilitator:

Marita Fridjhon MSW, PCC, CPCC, ORSC Certified

Marita is a coach and co-author of the ICF-accredited Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) program, and CEO of CRR Global Inc. CRR Global currently has partners delivering programs through a global faculty of trainers in 15 different countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Turkey, Israel and United Arab Emirates.

Raised in South Africa during the Apartheid era, Marita has dedicated her career to systemic evolution and operationalizing complex theories into user-friendly tools and strategies. With degrees and training in Clinical Social Work, Community Development, Process Work, Family Systems Therapy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, she brings not only considerable knowledge but also a deep understanding of Systemic Evolution.

Marita combined her professional practice and global experience (spanning Africa, Brazil, West Indies, London and currently the US) to create a groundbreaking team coaching model leveraging the power of relationship systems.

The practice of Relationship Systems Coaching, as trained in the ORSC model, is currently one of the most powerful models affecting large-scale, impactful community and organizational change. Team coaches trained in ORSC are active in dozens of countries, including: South Africa, Japan, China, France, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Britain, North America and Spain, to name only some.

Marita is a popular public speaker, business consultant, master curriculum designer, and continues to hold a small practice of coaching teams and partnerships.

There is no cost for this fabulous webinar!

You can register through Eventbrite by clicking here

Coaching for engagement and connection – a special learning and development opportunity

Coaching for engagement and connection

A learning and development opportunity to expand your front-of-the-room coaching skills and your network of coaching colleagues, and to help your communities experience the impact of professional coaching.


We know that coaching is not about telling – it is about demonstrating impact. Through face-to-face workshops, webinars and practical experiences this program will expand the skills needed to coach at the front of the room and to open the coaching conversation with businesses or organizations.  And, as part of the program you’ll create demonstration opportunities by connecting with community businesses and organizations so they can experience the impact of professional coaching.  We’ll celebrate the learning and the impact with a week of coaching-at the-front-of-the-room during International Coaching Week – May 7th – 13th, 2018.


Developed, in collaboration with Lily Seto, PCC, the program is open to accredited ICF Vancouver Island chapter members who have at least an ACC designation. You’ll also need to be an effective communicator, flexible and have some experience in group and team coaching.


Running from September 2017 to May 2018, the program starts with a face-to-face workshop on September 23, 2017, followed by two 90-minute webinars in October and January.

From October through March you’ll engage with local organizations and businesses and do two, community practice sessions. The program ends during International Coaching Week, May 7 to 13 with you completing at least two coaching-at the-front-of-the-room demonstrations in local businesses or organizations.



Lily Seto, MA, PCC, AOCS

Lily is an experienced Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant who has been coaching professionally for over 12 years. Her practice focusses on coaching to develop leaders and mentoring and coaching supervision of coaches who want to “up their game”.  She has also designed and trained trainers in various courses and workshops.

She also works closely with leadership teams, coaching and mentoring them to take a coaching approach to their leadership style. She is also a certified Fierce Conversations facilitator and one of six trained coaching supervisors in Canada.

Lily works internationally and is the past president of the ICF Vancouver Island Chapter, where she devoted her volunteer time to engaging the Chapter coaches in connection and development. She is the 2016 recipient of the Royal Roads University Coaching Award through Leadership Victoria and has been appointed an Independent Review Board member for the International Coach Federation Ethics committee.



As part of the program you’ll be asked to:

  • secure opportunities to demonstrate coaching ‘at the front of the room’ in organizations or businesses;
  • invest a minimum of 3 hours per month from September 2017 to May 2018 in either training on how to coach from the front of the room or in coaching demos within organizations;
  • share coaching-at the-front-of-the-room with local organizations and businesses in celebration of International Coaching Week in May 2018, and
  • debrief and improve the program.


$250.00 for the workshop and webinars. Potential rebate of $100 when you secure two community demos during 2018 International Coaching Week.WHAT NEXT

We have room for 12 coaches in this program.  Please copy and paste and complete the Application below and return to by September 9, 2017.

We’ll let you know by September 12, 2017 if you’ll be part of this program.


Coaching for engagement and connection: Application

Name and ICF accreditation: ______________________________________, _________

ICF Vancouver Island member:  Yes ____  No ______

In 200 words tell us about:

  • Why you want to be part of this program
  • Your ideas for organizations you’ll approach for coaching-at the-front-of-the-room demonstrations
  • Previous group or team coaching experiences

Are you available to attend September 23 face-to-face session?  Yes ____  No ____

How Walking the Talk of Core Competencies Helps To Grow Your Business

Sales & Marketing for Your Coaching Business – Walking the Talk of Core Competencies

Presented by Halli MacNab, PCC

The ICF’s Core Competencies are more than just a theoretical framework used to evaluate coaching students. They are an excellent guide for living and conducting ourselves as coaches, and as business people, out in the world. In this presentation and interactive workshop we will examine how living our lives and running our businesses using the framework for Core Competencies will create:

  • More ease
  • Improve communication
  • Evolve our relationships
  • Better + more powerful results in our businesses

Don’t you LOVE the sound of having ALL that ramped up in  your coaching practice?  

Register Here!

Plus the small group interactions and exercises, will provide an excellent review of the Core Competencies for attendees.  Halli will also provide new and unique interpretations of the Competencies and the opportunity to practice utilizing this framework as a useful and powerful tool for building our coaching businesses.

NOTE:  We are waiting to hear what the ICF Continuing Educational Credits will be – but we will keep you posted!

Our Presenter + Facilitator

Halli MacNab is a Certified Professional Coach in private practice and holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She is Past President of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the ICF.

Halli practiced professional engineering in the building design and construction industry for 15 years before embarking on her second career in professional coaching in 2009.

Halli currently coaches personal and business clients and is also an established Coach Trainer and Program Leader for the rigorous and acclaimed Accomplishment Coaching, Coaches Training Program based in San Diego, CA.  She has trained coaches in New York, San Diego and Seattle, as well as at the UNFPA in New York City.  She is also the Certification Chair for Accomplishment Coaching, and self-proclaimed Core Competency geek.

She is the Vice President and Education Chair for the global Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) which is an education and advocacy group active in maintaining the standards for high quality coach training around the world.

She recently formed the Canadian subsidiary of Accomplishment Coaching: Accomplishment Coaching Canada, and is excited to be launching their first Canadian program here in her home town of Victoria, British Columbia in 2017.

NOTE:  Parking is available on site and free when ticket is validated at front desk.

Daring to Rise Strong!

On June 17th we will gather at Tigh-na-Mara Lodge for a workshop presented by Laurie Hillis, MA, PCC – a dynamic educator + coach, steeped in the research of Dr. Brené Brown, New York Times bestselling author. We’ll explore vulnerability and the three elements of the Rising Strong™ process: The Reckoning, The Rumble and The Revolution. Through this process we examine the power of the stories that we tell ourselves and learn how to write daring new endings. All coaches, educators, business leaders, and entrepreneurs welcome!

Coaching Through the Discomfort Zone – April 02nd 2016

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION and Registration Link:

Create Breakthrough Moments!

What do you do when a client is stuck and you are not sure what to say? This session will look at the power of disruption in coaching, and how you can develop both the skills and the courage to spark the uncomfortable yet amazing mental shifts needed for change. When you become good at using the discomfort zone in coaching, your clients will not only see new possibilities for action, they will remember these mind-stretching moments forever.

Register Here 


At Royal Roads University: Centre for Dialogue – 4th floor of the Learning and Innovation Centre Building


1. Using recent brain research, learn how the process of “breakthrough” actually works in the brain and how you can best facilitate this process when coaching.
2. Practice listening from the three major processing centers in your body so you know what questions to ask that will trigger the brain to formulate a new awareness.
3. Explore practices to manage your discomfort in uncomfortable conversations.

Both new and experienced coaches will benefit from the workshop. Coaches will discover how to deepen their connections and enhance their listening so they can share reflections and ask even more powerful questions that spark changes in how clients see themselves and the world around them.



(Attendees receive credit for 3.0 Core Competencies)

Co-Creating the Relationship

Establishing Trust and Intimacy

Communicating Effectively and

Active Listening


Powerful Questions

Direct Communications

Facilitating Learning and Results

Creating Awareness

PRESENTER:  Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC is considered an expert on the brain and emotional intelligence. Her clients include executives and emerging leaders in multinational corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. She also speaks at coaching and leadership conferences around the world. To date, she has presented in 35 countries.

Marcia is also a true pioneer in the coaching profession. She was the 5th global president of the International Coach Federation and one of the first 25 people in the world to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is the Training Director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute and president for the Association for Coach Training Organizations. Her doctorate is in organizational psychology and she holds two masters degrees in communication and adult learning.
Interviews and excerpts from her books Outsmart Your Brain, Wander Woman, and her latest, The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs have appeared in many places including Fast Company, The Globe and Mail,,, Psychology Today, and The Wall Street Journal and she has appeared in business magazines in Europe, Asia and on ABC World News. You can learn more about her work at


Royal Roads University for their generous sponsorship of this event. 

Daring to Work Strong Workshop – January 26, 2016

This workshop presented by Laurie Hillis, MA, PCC is based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, New York Times bestselling author. We’ll explore the three elements of the Rising Strong™ process: The Reckoning, The Rumble and The Revolution. Through this process we examine the power of the stories that we tell ourselves and learn how to write daring new endings.

Target Audience:

The session has been designed for coaches, leaders and people who are interested in awakening their own and other’s curiosity about emotions and how emotion is connected to our behavior and thoughts.

Learning Outcomes:

The session will use the Rising Strong process at both the micro and macro levels to increase wholeheartedness in living, loving, and leading. It is an interactive session with a combination of pre-session reading and other learning methods. Using metaphor, story-telling, and experiential exercises you will share in meaningful partner discussions and learn practical tools to incorporate into your life. You will receive your own copy of The Rising Strong inspiring workbook and other rich resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the physics of vulnerability and the ten rules of engagement for rising strong.
  • Identify the values that are most important in our life and learn why values clarification is essential to the development of resiliency.
  • Explore the critical role emotion plays in behavior change and the connections between emotion, thought and behavior.
  • Understand how offloading emotion moves us away from our values and corrodes culture.
  • Develop actionable strategies for getting back up after a fall or setback so that we can live, love, and lead with greater courage.

More About Our Presenter:

Laurie Hillis is a Certified Daring Way™ and Rising Strong Facilitator and Consultant (CDWF-C) and an Accredited Coaching Supervisor. Laurie is a former faculty member of The Banff Centre, Leadership Division, where she lead the design and delivery of customized leadership development and performance management programs for over thirteen years. In 2001, she was awarded the Faculty of the Year Award from The Banff Centre. Laurie is currently a senior faculty member at the University of Alberta, in the School of Business, Executive Education, and formerly a faculty member at Royal Roads University, Victoria, teaching and coaching in the Master of Arts in Leadership Program and customized leadership programs.

Thank You Laurie:

ICF Vancouver Island Chapter is grateful to Laurie for the donation of this workshop to our Chapter!


Registration will also include a workbook, light snacks and refreshments.

Please Note:

This course is not a part of the certification process to become a Daring Way™ certified candidate or facilitator. For more information on that certification process visit

Victoria Executive Centre – 915 Fort Street. 3rd Floor – Meares Room. Victoria, British Columbia CA – View Map