President’s Message

Welcome to 2017 and all the possibilities the New Year offers us!  I am thrilled to be standing side by side with an extraordinary group of people who are committed to the Vancouver Island Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Strategic Visioning Session

Eager to leverage the momentum of the previous board’s work this new leadership team came together on January 14th to launch into a year of amazing and infinite possibilities of advancing the coaching profession.

Our Vice President, Maeve O’Byrne opened the day by thanking the traditional peoples on whose land we gathered for our strategic session.  Our focus moved to getting orientated to the global ICF perspective (vision and strategy), thanks to Past President, Tracey Burns.  The day moved quickly as we explored roles and responsibilities, a high level overview of our mandate, good governance, and a review of the VI-ICF 5 year strategic plan.


Because the team wanted to ensure solid grounding to guide us as we created a vision and plan for 2017.  As coaches, it was our curiosity that led the way: How can we best serve our membership? What previous successes can we build on? What learning moments will help us take coaching to the next level? How can we listen more deeply, involve the membership more meaningfully, hold the space for more creativity, and share our gifts effectively while remaining healthy and whole?


We wanted to ensure our hearts were engaged in the work; that this team of relative strangers could form a shared vision and learn enough about one another’s gifts and strengths to then bring that vision alive.  And so we bounced ideas and created a nine-panel vision board (see photo).

While there are many pieces of technology available to support us, it was the old-fashioned calendars on the wall, colour-coded sticky notes and conversation that spurred us to action. We drafted a high-level plan that includes learning, connection, exploration, communication and engagement.


Webinar and face-to-face Learning Sessions, face-to-face social events, regular newsletters, coach activism projects and International Coaching Week are but a few of the highlights.  Next step is to refine our plan with details so we can share it early – you’ll want to mark your calendars with all of the awesome coaching related goodies we are lining up for you.

So What?

So stay tuned for a high-level calendar for 2017 (due to you in early March).  In the meantime, this team knows there is much work to be done. So how do we get there from here? Each person was invited to choose one of the nine vision panels to take away and build the vision for their specific role on the flip side – always remaining connected to the bigger picture.

And the day wrapped up with each of us offering a single word:










Falling in Love….

I am honoured to be part of this amazing leadership team. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the coaching journey with us this year.


Tracy Houser



Welcome Aboard 2017 Board of Directors + AGM Recap

We brunched.
We voted. 
We rallied holiday cheer! 
The AGM + Holiday Brunch held on Saturday, December 10 was full of celebration for the contributions of the past year while welcoming in the possibilities that reside in the coming year.
We are pleased to announce the elected 2017 Board of Directors for our Vancouver Island ICF Charter Chapter:
President: Tracy Houser
Vice President: Maeve O’Byrne
Director, Communications: Carol Vickers
Director, Events: Kathleen Asher
Director, Secretary: David Crumpton
Director, Membership: Helen Wale
Director, Community Relations: Claire Rettie
Director, Treasurer: John Burr
Past President: Tracey Burns
Once again our gratitude to the outgoing Board: Lily Seto, Cammie Peterman, Darrin Bridge, Mary Prefontaine, Gina Ross, Teri Brigden and Tammy-Rose Dewar.
 Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University was the perfect location to embody the holiday spirit and the regal feeling that comes with rich coaching connections. The food was plentiful as was a community presence that resulted in donations for the Mustard Seed. The generosity continued with the offering of door prizes from many of the outgoing Board of Directors in the way of coaching sessions.
Our warm gratitude extends to Royal Roads University for helping us to make the AGM + Holiday Brunch a connective success! In particular, we appreciate the special efforts of Annette Siewertsen, of Royal Roads, who continuously goes above and beyond to support our local ICF Charter Chapter. Thank you, Annette.
More gratitude to share (because we can never be too thankful).
You will see from the photographs that the outgoing Events Director, Mary Prefontaine, has a gift for planning and an eye for details that results in creating magical convening spaces! Thank you, Mary. Tracey Burns, outgoing President, added to the day by facilitating the AGM with ease, leadership and grace. All the outgoing Board of Directors (see names above) contributed in making the day a success (from making proxy calls, reviewing policies and supporting the behind the scenes work). We offer a fond thank you to Lily Seto, outgoing Past President, who has served on the VI ICF Board of Directors for many years. Your wisdom and dedication are deeply appreciated and have made a lasting impact on our Chapter.
Finally, we extend our thanks to YOU! We are grateful for all the Vancouver Island Coaches who continue to enrich and co-create our vibrant and engaged coaching community.
We look forward to cheering on the new Board of Directors as they blaze their path over the coming year!

2017 Nominees for the ICF Vancouver Island Charter Chapter Board of Directors

As ICF global continues to evolve, it requires governance with an expanded set of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes to continue leading the organization and the profession of coaching in the future. We are looking for people to support this same level of growth on the Island.

The Vancouver Island Charter Chapter ICF Board is a body of nine elected members who govern local affairs and clearly define its goals and measures of success based on information and input from the membership. There is the expectation for the Board to be very proactive in seeking the membership support and feedback.

The voting for the 2017 ICF Board of Directors will take place at the AGM and Holiday Brunch on December, 10 2016.  To RSVP (or to read more details) visit here.  If you are unable to attend the AGM, your vote can also be placed by proxy. Active Members can download here: proxy-for-december-10-2016-agm

As per our By-Law 2.4.1,  President will serve in the Past-President role. That means Tracey Burns will now be Past President. The following candidate will serve a second term as outlined (By-law 2,2) Director, Community Relations: Claire Rettie.

In addition, the ICF Nominating Committee has completed a thorough review of the candidates and has nominated the following roster of coaches.

2017 ICF Global Board Chair Nominees

President nominee: Tracy Houser

Vice President nominee: Maeve O’Byrne

Director of Events nominee: Kathleen Asher

Director of Communications nominee: Carol Vickers

Director, Secretary nominee: David Crumpton

Director of Membership nominee: Helen Wale

Director, Treasurer nominee: Newly Open! Will this be you?

Put faces to these names and read more about the nominees-for-the-2017-board-elections- including their powerful commitment statements. We feel grateful to have such enthusiastic and skilled coaches offering to step into leadership roles. There is still time for others to step forward as additional nominations can be made on the floor of the AGM.

We are actively seeking a candidate for the Treasurer position. Please be in touch with Lily Seto at if you are interested in learning more about this position or if you know of anyone else who might be. It’s shaping up to be a fresh year of possibilities and connection!

Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM and Holiday Brunch, where together we will thank the outgoing board and welcome in the new board.


Annual General Meeting + Holiday Brunch

‘Tis the Season To Gather Together! RSVP Now.

We are delighted to invite our members and friends to our Annual General Meeting and Holiday Brunch on December 10, 2016. Thanks to our partners at Royal Roads University for allowing us to host this special occasion on campus, located on Hatley Park National Historic Site in Colwood.  We will dine in the iconic Hatley Castle which is the centrepiece of the estate overlooking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean.

As a member of the International Coaches Federation Vancouver Island Charter Chapter your presence and your vote is important.  This is your opportunity to vote in the 2017 Board of Directors and to celebrate the accomplishments of the out going 2016 Board of Directors.  Watch for information on our website + newsletter.

Giving + Gratitude for the Mustard Seed.

In the spirit of the season, we invite you to make a difference in the lives of many in our community by making a financial contribution to the Mustard Seed by using the donation button on our Eventbrite page.  Or if you wish, please bring a  non-perishable food item to the AGM and we will be happy to deliver it to the Mustard Seed on behalf of our community of coaches.

Please note the business portion of our meeting will begin sharply at 11:00am so please arrive a few minutes early.

11:00am  Annual General Meeting

Details of the AGM will include:  2016 President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and the election of the 2017 Board of Directors.  You must be a member of the Vancouver Island Chapter to vote, however, everyone is welcome.

12:00pm – 1:30pm  Buffet Brunch and Mingle Time

Thank the outgoing board and meet your board of 2017!

Register online


Note: Parking is in P3 which is the lower parking lot behind the Castle.

President’s Message, November 2016

Hello Everyone,

I know we often remark, “my how time flies”, but I can tell you, no truer words were spoken at the writing of this my last President’s Message. Truly… the year has been remarkable and has absolutely flown by. We have accomplished so much and yet I still see things to be completed and things to change. I’ve been hungry to meet every need, every suggestion and to harness your great ideas. I’m grateful for the conversations I’ve engaged in about the future of our profession and for the stretch of my leadership as I juggled all the balls that go along with being President.

At the beginning of the year I set the intention of being an ICF Brand Ambassador everywhere, all the time. My theory was that if I educated everywhere I went, I was laying a seed of understanding for our membership to step into as you looked for ways to connect with our community.  At every opportunity, client meetings, public speaking events, visiting other associations, I looked for ways to educate the public on the difference ICF credentialed coaches make in the world.  It is my sincere hope that you are feeling the positive impact of that. In addition, driven by my passion for coaches thriving, I’ve constantly looked for ways to refine our Membership’s resources, events and happenings to continue to promote education and create connection amongst our vast and diverse membership base. That work will continue as I move into the role of Past President.


ICF has been doing a great job on its own spreading the word and educating the public.  Another result is the steady increase in the number of coaches seeking credentialing.   You may have read that on September 28, 2016, the ICF reached an incredible milestone. More than 20,000 professional coaches worldwide now hold an ICF Credential.

Here is an excerpt from ICF Global on the matter:

“Increasingly, individual and organizational consumers of coaching are demanding practitioners who hold professional credentials. Among coach practitioners who responded to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, 77 percent agreed that people and organizations who receive or use coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed. Consumers agree: Among 2014 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study respondents who’d participated in a coaching relationship, 83 percent agreed that it was important for coaches to hold a credential. Among consumers who had partnered with a credentialed coach, 93 percent expressed satisfaction with the coaching experience.”

It can be frustrating at times distinguishing yourself in the marketplace, it’s nice to have some facts and stats to support the notion that things are indeed changing in our industry.


Speaking of change… It is now time to turn over the reigns to our incoming board and to allow their fresh eyes and vibrant energy to fill the space left by our amazing, completing board members. We welcome them with a spirit of gratitude.  As the outgoing board, we know the commitment that it takes to stay the course and fill our roles and we’ll be by their sides as they transition in.


As John F. Kennedy stated, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” I’ve certainly learned a lot about my leadership from this team of brilliant powerhearts and am grateful for them and the profound opportunity this year afforded me.

A heart felt thank you to each of our board members for the unique and amazing ways in which they contributed. The synergy was palpable and our meetings were full of laughter and accomplishment.

Tracey Burns, President VI ICF Chapter

CoachActivism: A Personal Story of Impact

This month the CoachActivism update takes a personal lens. We are honoured that Maeve O’Byrne, committee member for the CoachActivism project, agreed share her story with us. Maeve’s insights are uplifting and serve as a poignant reminder of the connection coaching has to deep humanitarian work.

  • What drew you into the CoachActivism project? Why participate?

I grew up in the Middle East, and members of my family continue to live there, on and off, over the years. I was a small child when the 7 day war took place but I remember coming home from boarding school and a young couple were living with my parents – they had been on their honeymoon and were unable to return to Gaza.  They remained friends of the family for years until my father’s death in the eighties, somewhere in the Middle East is a Palestinian woman named Maeve, as they named their only daughter after me!  I spent time in the Lebanon in the 1978 just as the war started in Beyrouth and I still have memories of staying in a war zone.

My family continues its ties with the Middle East, I have a brother currently living in Dubai and another who spent over 10 years in Tehran.  Dear friends of mine are Iraqi, who sponsored refugee families during the Iraq invasion and have done the same for Syrian refugees. I was able to work with them at the beginning of the year.  Too, as an immigrant to Canada I can remember how confusing it was in a new country, how much more difficult it must be for people displaced, and maybe having had to live in a refugee camp between leaving their own country and being accepted into Canada.  I felt it was an important project to be involved in.

  • What is the impact this experience has had on you as coach?

 As a coach this project reminds me to listen with intent, or as Doug Silsbee puts it, further develop my capability to be present with my coachees.  The experience has allowed me to practice being present in the moment, and has really exercised my coaching muscles as the challenges faced by my coachees in this project are very different to those I work with everyday.

  • What has the impact been on others?  

 I hope that the project has provided tools to our coachees that enable them to provide the support their clients need while at the same time provided themselves with deeper self knowledge of their own needs during this time of intense work.

  • Any other highlights or “gems” that you are taking away and want to share?

 I think the project has been a wonderful experience, it has highlighted the extraordinary difference coaching can make in a person’s life.  For me it emphasizes the opportunities for providing coaching as a humanitarian activity and it has also reminded me how lucky we are in Canada.


To read more about the CoachActivism project visit our volunteer page or click here.

A warm gratitude filled thank you to Maeve for sharing her insights with us.



October 26 Vancouver Island ICF Social

October 26 7:30-9:30pm at the Bard and Banker 

Get out of the rainy grey days and be uplifted by our next coaches social!

Not only can you reconnect with our coaching community, on hand will be our Past President, Lily Seto and 2016 President, Tracey Burns, who will share with us the “ins + outs” of how our 2017 board of directors will be elected on December 10.

We look forward to being with you!

Grab further details or RSVP here. 

How Walking the Talk of Core Competencies Helps To Grow Your Business

Sales & Marketing for Your Coaching Business – Walking the Talk of Core Competencies

Presented by Halli MacNab, PCC

The ICF’s Core Competencies are more than just a theoretical framework used to evaluate coaching students. They are an excellent guide for living and conducting ourselves as coaches, and as business people, out in the world. In this presentation and interactive workshop we will examine how living our lives and running our businesses using the framework for Core Competencies will create:

  • More ease
  • Improve communication
  • Evolve our relationships
  • Better + more powerful results in our businesses

Don’t you LOVE the sound of having ALL that ramped up in  your coaching practice?  

Register Here!

Plus the small group interactions and exercises, will provide an excellent review of the Core Competencies for attendees.  Halli will also provide new and unique interpretations of the Competencies and the opportunity to practice utilizing this framework as a useful and powerful tool for building our coaching businesses.

NOTE:  We are waiting to hear what the ICF Continuing Educational Credits will be – but we will keep you posted!

Our Presenter + Facilitator

Halli MacNab is a Certified Professional Coach in private practice and holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She is Past President of the Vancouver Island Chapter of the ICF.

Halli practiced professional engineering in the building design and construction industry for 15 years before embarking on her second career in professional coaching in 2009.

Halli currently coaches personal and business clients and is also an established Coach Trainer and Program Leader for the rigorous and acclaimed Accomplishment Coaching, Coaches Training Program based in San Diego, CA.  She has trained coaches in New York, San Diego and Seattle, as well as at the UNFPA in New York City.  She is also the Certification Chair for Accomplishment Coaching, and self-proclaimed Core Competency geek.

She is the Vice President and Education Chair for the global Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) which is an education and advocacy group active in maintaining the standards for high quality coach training around the world.

She recently formed the Canadian subsidiary of Accomplishment Coaching: Accomplishment Coaching Canada, and is excited to be launching their first Canadian program here in her home town of Victoria, British Columbia in 2017.

NOTE:  Parking is available on site and free when ticket is validated at front desk.

Nominations for the 2017 Board is Open!

Board Nominations for 2017 ICF Vancouver Island, Board of Directors: Now open!

Closing November 8, 2016

Our Nominations Committee (Lily Seto, Past President, and Annette Siewertsen) is on the search for volunteers who are looking to invest their time and energy as a representative of the Vancouver Island coaching community.

This is an open call for ICF Vancouver Island board nominations for members to serve on the 2017 ICF Vancouver Island – Board of Directors.

To be a member of the Board, one must be a member in good standing and must complete a nomination application that has been endorsed by two other society members.  Nomination applications are submitted to the Nominating Committee Chair (Lily Seto, Past President) and voted into office by a vote of the organization members at our AGM on December 10, 2016. (Save the date)!

All officers and directors must adhere to the ethical standards established by the International Coach Federation, as published on the ICF website.

If you are a member in good standing, please consider nominating one of the many dedicated coaching colleagues in our region to serve on the 2017 ICF Vancouver Island – Board of Directors. We are looking for members who are interested in:

  • Building community
  • Supporting the growth of the coaching profession and
  • Sharing in some laughs

Currently, we have the following positions open:

  • Vice President
  •  President
  • Director, Events
  • Director, Communications
  • Director, Membership
  • Secretary

Please follow this link to the Volunteer Page  where you can download the 2017 Nominations Form and contact Lily Seto, Past President:  for more information and a conversation.

We look forward to your support!

September 29th: Social to Re-Connect with Island Coaches


Vancouver Island Coaching Social

Come share how your summer was, what you have in store for the Fall and re-connect with your coaching community!

WHEN: Thursday, September 29th.

TIME: 6:30-8:30 p.m. (though we have the space all night).

WHERE: The beautiful upstairs room and patio at Bard & Banker Public House. 1022 Government Street, Victoria, BC.

HOW: No registration required. Just show up.

WHAT: An informal coaching social with a few light appetizers on us!

Questions? Contact Mary Prefontaine at

p.s. Please note, for those members who travel from Up-Island, we appreciate you! We are working hard on creating a 2016-2017 education + events calendar that includes socials and events Up-Island as well. Stay tuned.