Community Relations and the Search for the Holy Grail?

What is Going On?

On July 5th, 2013, a team of coaches,including Scott Moon Mitchell, Yvonne Mann, Kim Renee Cote, and Shigenori Murata, interested in Community Relations met in Duncan. The purpose of our meeting was to clarify, expand and formalize terms of reference for a committee responsible for supporting the role of the Community Relations Director. It is my distinct honour to communicate, on behalf of our committee, what we discussed around the table

while having lunch.

You are likely aware that there is limited understanding about what we mean by coaching even here on Vancouver Island where we generally feel there are lots of opportunities to learn about coaching. Last year, the Board morphed the Marketing/PR Director position into a Community Relations Director. The new position will focus on building relationships within the larger community by assigning three specific accountability areas – strategic alliances/partnerships, marketing, and sponsorship. As a new Director, Yvonne suggested enlisting help from others and so the search for the coaching Holy Grail began with the help of a small team.

We discussed, in some detail, the mandate of the Director role as well as the next steps in establishing a clear vision and goals to make a significant difference in raising the profile of the ICF Vancouver Island.

One of our key conclusions was that it would be crucial to include in our work a “web“ of coaches throughout the entire island, in order to harmonize and strengthen the bonds between coaches. We are confident this will raise the profile of the ICF Vancouver Island and all of its members so that individuals, communities and business leaders on the island will have easy access to highly trained professional coaches.

How Can You Help?

You can help us find the Holy Grail!! If you would like to be a part of this exciting process to raise the profile of the coaching on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands, please contact Yvonne at or myself at

Thanks for taking the time to find out what your local ICF Chapter is doing!!

Article by Scott Moon Mitchell, BSF, CEC, ACC
Principal, Professional Insights

Member, Community Relations Committee

ICF to Add Written Credentialing Exam in April 2014

Effective April 1, 2014, all applicants for an ICF Credential, including graduates of ACTPs, will be required to complete the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. Both Portfolio and ACTP applicants at all three Credentialing levels (ACC, PCC and MCC) will be required to pass the assessment in order to earn an ICF Credential.

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Social Media Training

November 12th 2013
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location:  Victoria Executive Centre – 3rd Floor
CCE:  3 – Resource Development
Do you want to learn more about social media and how to make it work for you in your business?  Then we have the workshop for you!  Join us for a three hour interactive workshop with social media expert Juhli Selby. 
  • Social media and internet marketing
  • How and where to spend your social media time
  • An overview of the most popular channels – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram just to name a few.

From Assessments to Action

When: Tuesday October 8th
Time: 7 PM
How: Webinar

Did you know there are more than 4,000 different assessments available today, many of them online and free? Assessments are one of the most recommended places to begin developing a leader and yet everyone seems to be using a different assessment tool. Does it matter which assessment you use? Join us as we explore how assessments can lead your clients to action.

This webinar will:

  • help you identify the questions to ask when selecting an assessment
  • increase your effectiveness in using an assessment, and
  • provide tips on coaching with an assessment you have not been trained to deliver

CCE Pending

ICF Vancouver Island Charter Chapter Presents Yvonne Mann

We are thrilled to present Yvonne Mann, an experienced professional in the field of leadership and organizational development. Yvonne has been working with assessments for as long as she can remember….“It began as a general curiosity and grew as assessments became more sophisticated and as I understood how to make them work for others. Eventually I became trained to deliver many assessments myself”.

Yvonne is a qualified facilitator of Myers Briggs (MBTI), Parker Team Survey, DISC, Leadership Practices Inventory (360), Prepare Enrich and other personal and team development tools. She works with leaders in private, government and non-profit sectors. Yvonne holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training (MA), is a Certified

Executive Coach (CEC) with Associate Coaching Certification (ACC) from the International Coach Federation.

In 2012, Yvonne started her own Company, LeaderShifts which focuses on working with leaders to affect organization and employee change. In addition, Yvonne teaches Organizational Behaviour to international business students at Acsenda Management School.

Bring your favourite free online assessment link to share with others!

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President’s Message: Breaking Boundaries

AutumnWith the transition to fall and ‘back to school’, my thoughts have been on learning and growth. ICF President Damian Goldvarg’s recent message nudged my thinking to consider breaking boundaries. He asked an evocative question: “What are the boundaries you need to break to have a life you love and a successful coaching practice?”

He went on to say that we are seeing unprecedented growth and development in the coaching industry, and that it is “the best time ever to be in the coaching profession.” I agree! Yet, I also know this growth does not necessarily equate to our own experiences. It can be challenging on so many different levels. In these times, it is important to remember that we are not alone – that we can draw on the strength and support of our coaching community. I witnessed this in action at our recent Coaches Café, where we came together to not only share favourite tools from our toolboxes, but to engage in conversation about that which truly matters to us.

As you reflect on what is next on your path of personal and professional mastery, I invite you to consider Dr. Goldvarg’s questions: “Do you need to break any boundaries to reach out to your coaching colleagues to share your needs and challenges? How can you be connected and committed to the profession you so

love in a more tangible and real way?”

Like our ICF President, I believe that we are powerful together and can affect the world in positive ways. And, I challenge

you to reflect on what do you desire most from coaching and your ICF chapter? What are you giving that supports this possibility?

I am honoured to engage with such a wonderful group of people who do the work I love most in the world.

In appreciation,


President’s Message: It’s Been a Big Year for Our Chapter

Support and ConnectionHappy Summer! I hope everyone is enjoying the beauty and bounty of this land and season, and taking some time for relaxation, rejuvenation, reflection as well as play.

Your VI Coaches Board was hard at work this past year. I thought I would update you on where we’ve been and where we are going. Your insightful comments and candid suggestions were instrumental in the shaping of our four overarching strategic themes in September 2012 as well as how we worked to deliver on these priorities during the past term. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished on behalf of our membership:

1. Create a value-adding membership

We grew the VI Coaches membership from 110 to 135 this past year. We worked to enhance our communication in a variety of ways, starting with the new member “Welcome” package, the website, E-News, and Twitter. A “members only” page has been developed on the website. And, of course, we offered fabulous Pro-D opportunities (3 Cafes, 3 Webinars, and 2 Workshops – 8.5 CCEU credits, 203 attendees). If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to join the newly created LinkedIn Community of Practice Group.

2. Establish strategic alliances and create collaborative partnerships

In this area we continued to strengthen our relationships with professional strategic partner associations as well as increased our subscriber list. Through the efforts of the 2012 ICW, we presented education and a cheque to Heart & Stroke Foundation. We also established ‘Legacy’ roles for Community Coach Giving (Past P), ICW (VP) & Western Region Advisory Council (P).

3. Enhance the image and awareness of both coaching and this Chapter

We successfully met the ICF Global brand compliance requirements. Member profiles on the website continued to be promoted. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to add a profile, we would invite you to do so. One of our biggest wins this year was in establishing our Pro Bono Community Coach Giving Initiative. The pilot project for this initiative is currently underway with Bridges for Women – Coaching for Mentors.

4. Build a high performance Chapter, and specifically a high performing Board

Through the SGM resolution, the annual cycle for operations was changed to a calendar year to align with ICF Global, and the term for current board extended until December 31. We continued to develop board succession and sustainability processes including developing policies (Event Submission, Social Media, and Volunteer) and revising bookkeeping processes & yearend financial reporting. We also took the opportunity to review the Association Constitution & Bylaws and prepared resolutions for the AGM.

It has been a busy and rewarding year! We as a Board have committed to continue everything we’ve undertaken for the “short year” term until December. We will be looking to you, our membership, for involvement in various committees, and an enhanced focus on community relations. We will also continue our work on sustainability processes and practices.

I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you for the dedication of the board members. It is truly an honour to work with amazing individuals who are committed to this Chapter and to the coaching profession. We’ve had a few members move on to other pursuits – a special thank you to Delaney Tosh, Tracey Gibson, and Maureen Clarke for their incredible work and service.

A warm welcome to our newest board members who have been appointed to serve until the end of the current term – Yvonne Mann is serving as the Director of Community Relations; Ricardo Manmohan is the new Director of Membership; Tracy McMicking is now the Director of Communications; and Heather Beaton is the new Director of Events. They each bring a fantastic energy and vision to their roles.

As a Board, we share a unified purpose to stand in service of our membership. Our key priorities are to engage our fabulous members, explore new ideas, expand conversations, and contribute to our community. This Chapter belongs to you – we depend on your feedback and active participation. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our events and activities.

Mark your calendars for our fall Coaches Café on Tuesday, September 10th – further details coming soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer,


Continuing Coaching Education: NLP Practitioner

June 5-10 & June 13-18 (96 hours)
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Erickson College, Vancouver, BC
CCEU: 84 (24 of which are core competencies)

Description: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the systemic study of human communication and how we create our reality. It is an integration of several disciplines such as neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory. The name was chosen by the co-developers of NLP to reflect that unique synthesis. More about NLP.

Details & Registration

Notice of VI Coaches AGM May 22, 2013


Notice is given of the VI Coaches Annual General Meeting to be on:

May 22, 2013
12:30 pm
Kinsmen Fieldhouse at Westshore Parks and Recreation Centre
1767 Island Hwy, Victoria, BC (next to the Bear Mountain Arena)

Your attendance or Proxy is required for the purpose of approving the minutes of the previous AGM, approving the previous SGM, and to receive the President’s report, the financial report and the motions, which are fully described on the Agenda.

Members of VI Coaches will have received an email containing all the above mentioned documents. Should you have missed this email, please contact your Membership Director or Secretary to request copies of the AGM documents.

Mid Island Coaches Network April Meeting

If you are a professional coach in the Nanaimo/Mid-Island region, join colleagues at the MICN Monthly Meeting

April 8, 2013
4:30pm – 6:00pm
Nanaimo, BC

Location to be announced.

Details & RSVP on the Mid-Island Coaches Network

for men would leave.

Facebook Group (use the search groups feature to find them if you are not a group member). If you are not a Facebook user you can RSVP by email to Tania Walter Gardiner.